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Along with unveiling the new Pebble Time, the company has also went out announcing some trendy new customizable smartstraps in addition to an open SDK along with the possibility for adding new sensors. The major challenge for smartwatch makers these days is its design and optimize sizing of the dial which could satisfy both the needs of  traditional watch as well as offer the screen space to navigate through various smart settings. Putting up the sensors on strap is really a very good idea from Pebble.

The smartstrap has got a dedicated connection that enables both sending and receiving of data and power to the device. The smartbands could be easily replaceable like any other normal band.

The few sensor that would be seen in the smartbands are heart-rate monitor, NFC, GPS and additional battery. Moreover, as it being an open SDK, developers can try their hands and program the bands as per the needs. For more details click the source link below.


source: Pebble