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Have you ever wondered that technology will be placed in the form of a Ring on your finger? Yes, we present you a Smart Ring that performs operations similar to a Smart Watch and serves to be a good companion to your smartphone. Started about one month ago, Indiegogo has surpassed its funding goal to produce a Ring like smart device that comes with a LED screen and helps you transfer information to and fro from your smartphone.

The Smart Ring will show an incoming caller ID, text messages along with updates from social networking websites. You can sync the Smart Ring with a companion that comes on iOS and Android. The Smart Ring also sports some of the physical buttons on the sides with which you can control apps on your smartphone including the phone’s camera app. Some of its settings lets you turn the anti-theft feature alerting the users when he/she is away from their smartphone. With the smart ring you can also share Digital Business Cards just with a handshake.


The Smart Ring is believed to perform all the functions through Bluetooth LE. However, creators have promised a robust battery life of nearly a day or 24 hours with the Smart Ring. Arguably, we are surely anxious to know how this LED flashing smart gadget would look on our fingers making tasks much simpler and easier.

The creators have planned to launch this device at 275$ in the market. If many users together bundle up their order with minimum four to ten rings, you can get it at a discounted rate of 175$.

So love buds, show your love to your partners in a smart techy way! It would be no surprise if Smart Rings are really the next thing that we could see in ring ceremonies or weddings. Take a look at the ring in the video below: