Samsung Galaxy Gear Tricks/Tips

After 1 week of use, there are some tips we can show you with what we’ve been discovering with the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Make sure you read this one before you start using your Gear, or else, you may lose some time trying to figure out some very basic features of this smartwatch.

1. There is a right position to charge the Gear

The Samsung Galaxy Gear has to be charged from time to time but you need to insert it into a dock station and only then you’ll be able to connect it to a USB Charger. This is the way Samsung found to make the Galaxy Gear light and with less holes.


The problem is that you can dock your Galaxy Gear in 2 ways and sometimes you may not notice that you are putting in the wrong position as you must make the little gold pins from the smartwatch to connect with the dockstation.

We were 5 minutes trying to figure out why the Gear wasn’t connecting via USB to the computer, but only then we released it was in the opposite direction.

2. The NFC Tag is empty

To make the Gear connect with your Galaxy Note 3 you must ensure it will read the NFC tag from the dock station, or else it won’t make a connection. The issue comes when the NFC Tag is empty as it happened to us! We tried to manually install the Gear Manager but still, it was giving several errors. Well, if this is your case, make sure you return the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Galaxy Note 3 as they are both faulty.


That was what we did! Else, you’d have to root it and make some very complex things that can void the warranty of your device.

3. Enabling the USB Debug Mode with the Latest Firmware

We’ve googled a little bit until we were able to find a way to enable the USB Debugging mode. (PS: you must enable the Debugging if you want to connect the Gear to your computer). It took some minutes for us because our Galaxy Gear was featured with the latest firmware. In past firmwares you’d only have to go to “Settings” > “About” And then tick the USB Debugging box.


With the new firmware you have to go to the “About”, click in the only available option and then click around 10 times in the Software version! That’s a real naughty trick and that’s the only way to enable the debugging mode in the latest firmware!


4. Make sure you charge the Gear from 3 to 3 days

The big issue with all smartwatches is the battery. If you use the Gear for some calls, to take some pictures and to quickly reply to some text messages your battery will deep very quickly.

Make sure you schedule in your calendar or a similar way to recharge the gear, or else you won’t have it working. Besides that, when the battery of the Galaxy Gear is very low, the device will start to restart a couple of times which can be annoying.

5. Make sure you turn off the sound of your Gear also

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone, but when you make changes in the sound of your smartphone, those are not immediately replicated in the watch, so we advise you to always long-press the right key button and takeout the sound.


It would be great if a future firmware makes these changes run synchronized.

6. Change the answers from the pre-defined messages

The Galaxy Gear doesn’t allow you to type any message in the smartwatch directly as it doesn’t have any keyboard and even if the keyboard was touchscreen it would not be easy at all to write, so what Samsung proposes is Pre-defines messages.

When you purchase your gear you will find some messages already predefined to be used in replies by clicking in the top-right corner. In the Galaxy Gear Manager you are able to change the pre-defined messages, create or delete messages!

7. Don’t try to take pictures in private establishments

Taking pictures can be forbidden in some places in your country by law, casinos are an example. Don’t try to cheat the system, or else, you can get caught and face jail.

The Gear can be useful to collect evidences when you get assaulted or kidnapped. On those dangerous situations the gear has in-built tools that we recommend you to explore and make the most use of them, but even so, be careful

8. Don’t get used to answer calls or reply to messages on the Gear while driving

That is dangerous! Even being a free-hands device and even if you are an awesome driver like Paul Walker, don’t even try to answer a call, make a call, read or reply to messages using the Gear.

You will feel somewhat balanced to the left (if you are using the Smartwatch on your left hand) and that can cause huge accidents. Personally, I’ve tried once, but it is really not recommended because you quickly lose focus!

9. Don’t get too many applications installed in the Gear

The Gear is a little piece of technology, little, piece, technology. Even though it is a good tech it doesn’t mean it will have all the features and storage you would need. Nano devices are only coming to land very recently! Only install the apps you will need or else the Samsung Galaxy Gear will get slow.

10. Don’t take pictures with the Gear if you can take them with the Note 3

The pictures in the Galaxy Gear are very bad as the camera is not that good. If you want to take a picture, make sure you do it with a real camera like the one from your Smartphone: The Galaxy Note 3 Camera is full of features such as beauty face (your face gets beautiful…yah) or best photo.

I think you should make use of them and get really HQ photos and pictures.

What about you? What is the tip or trick you have for the Samsung Galaxy Gear or other Smartwatches?