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After unveiling its new Pebble Time with the new Timeline interface, Pebble Technologies doesn’t seem to wait anymore and has now announced the steel variant named as the Pebble Time Steel. The Pebble Time Steel comes with a exquisite new design and styling. Pebble has announced this watch too as a Kickstarter campaign and just like the Pebble Time, this too has managed to acquire more than the targeted funding needed for the project. The new Pebble Time Steel is currently available on KickStarter for a price of $250.


The Pebble Time Steel comes with a metal-body and would be putting a straight competition to the Apple Watch that Apple is expected to show up at March 9th. This means that we have a very good competition ahead amongst recently announced Android Wear watches, Apple Watch and the Pebble Time Steel.

Tentative time for shipment for the Pebble Time Steel is said to be during July. Some minor changes include the Steel variant to be 1mm thicker, a laminated display, buttons with textured grip and almost twice the battery life. Check out the official video below.

Along with unveiling the new Pebble Time, the company has also went out announcing some trendy new customizable smartstraps in addition to an open SDK along with the possibility for adding new sensors. The major challenge for smartwatch makers these days is its design and optimize sizing of the dial which could satisfy both the needs of  traditional watch as well as offer the screen space to navigate through various smart settings. Putting up the sensors on strap is really a very good idea from Pebble.

The smartstrap has got a dedicated connection that enables both sending and receiving of data and power to the device. The smartbands could be easily replaceable like any other normal band.

The few sensor that would be seen in the smartbands are heart-rate monitor, NFC, GPS and additional battery. Moreover, as it being an open SDK, developers can try their hands and program the bands as per the needs. For more details click the source link below.


source: Pebble

Pebble Technologies that had some very great time with its first smartwatch “Pebble” as we know is out back with its successor. The Pebble Smartwatch is one of the most successful wearable in the market at very affordable price of just $149. The new Pebble smartwatch is known as the Pebble Time as it comes with a new Timeline user interface and a color screen, while it still maintains the USP of its predecessor which is its 7 day long battery life.

The new Pebble Time has a new stylish and premium timeline UI, with more better animations and looks more faster and responsive that the original one. However, it is said that the same interface is likely to arrive in the Pebble and the Pebble Steel smartwatch. The major new addition is the inclusion of a microphone that will allow users to leave short voice mails. However, note that this is not a smartwatch replacement. Let’s have a look into the details.

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The new Pebble Time is now even lighter and thinner. The body measures 9.5mm which  is 20% less compared to the first Pebble. The appearance makes it look like plastic but the bezels are of metal. A slight curved back fits snugly over the wrist offering a more comfortable fit. The screen at the top is made of toughened scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass and you can even save it from water impact, but keep in mind don’t keep it exposed to water for too long and don’t dive.


The new Pebble Time has got different style bands with the standard 22mm size. The standard retails box is said to be coming with a soft silicon band and users can swap it for different choices available.

User interface and apps

The new Pebble Timeline now comes with more than 6500 Pebble apps and watchfaces. The new Timeline interface offers easy navigation between watchfaces and apps where users can click on the top key to go back in time, click the middle key to go to current moment and the bottom key for seeing of future appointments and events. There are plentiful animation supporting this and the UI now runs much faster and smoother than before.


Pebble Time price and release Date

Just like the last time, the Pebble Time is too a Kickstarter funded project where the smartwatch has already received a stunning response in less than 24 hours and has way past its goal. For early bids, the watch will be available for $159 and the regular MRP is tipped to be $199. The release time is expected to be in May 2015. If you really interested to contribute and buy one for yourself click the source link below and follow the details.


Source: KickStarter