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At the MWC 2015 expo, HTC unveiled its new fitness tracker the HTC Grip. This fitness tracker has been primarily designed keeping the fitness enthusiasts and athletes in mind. HTC Grip comes with the sports expertise of Under Armour. This new fitness wearable from HTC is powered with the UA Record platform wherein the sensor help athletes track out the workout performance and fitness patterns.

The HTC Grip is waterproof and its design pattern is nice enough to follow your wrist pattern. The fitness tracker has got a 1.8 inch curved AMOLED display showing up notifications, time and distance. The wearable has battery life of 100mAh which would last for five complete hours when the GPS is turned on. When the GPS is off, it can last for a period of two-and-a-half days on single charge.

The good thing is that the HTC Grip is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The fitness tracker would be available in North American markets in two color options of Lime and Deep Teal. The pricing for the wearable is said to be around $199. Check out the images of the wearable below.

htc-grip-images-1-300x224-3462478htc-grip-images-3-300x224-4110484 htc-grip-images-4-300x225-2487345htc-grip-images-300x224-5154517

Via & Image Courtesy: PhoneArena

Last year, Huawei announced its first smartband the Talkband B1 and now at the MWC 2015 expo, the company has arrived with its successor the Talkband B2 along with a stereo headset Talkband N1.


The Talkband B2 is a Bluetooth-enabled activity tracker which comes with many fitness tracking related features. The Talkband has got a metal built and comes with swappable bands with options of a leather one and a sporty one. Baked within it is a six-axis sensor for improved movement detection. The battery life is very excellent providing 5 days of battery life in standby or 6 hours of talk time.

The good thing is that the Talkband B2 can automatically detect your current activity like jogging, sleeping or just walking. The headset has even got a pair of microphones for noise cancellation and has got an audio routing technology. Users can even make and receive calls and the good thing is that it support both platforms of iOS and Android. The smartband comes in Silver, Black and Gold.


The talkband N1 is a wireless stereo headset for listening to music or receive calls. The Talkband N1 has got an excellent 4GB of built-in memory which can store up to approximately 1000 music files, the Talkband N1 too is available is three different colors of grey, silver and red.

The pricing details are yet not available.

Chinese handset manufacturer Huawei went out officially announcing its first Android Wear the Huawei Watch at the MWC 2015 expo in Barcelona. We have already seen the promo videos of the watch a day before. The Huawei Watch comes in three different color of Silver, Gold and Black. Additionally, the smartwatch can be used with different bands and Huawei has offered 40 different watch faces to choose from. The Huawei Watch has got an circular diameter of 42mm with AMOLED display making it a perfect size for both men and women. The display offers an excellent resolution of 400×400 pixels with 286ppi and high contrast ratio of 10000:1.


The Hauwei Watch dial is made up of stainless steel with a push button for interaction. Under the hood lies the powerful  quad-core Snapdragon 400 chipset supported with 512MB of RAM memory and Bluetooth 4.1 for pairing with the smartphone. Besides the Huawei Watch has also got a siz-axis motion sensor, heart rate monitor, a barometer and other sensor to give information about heart rate, calories burnt, step count, climbing height, distance travelled and other.

Huawei has said that the smartwatch would be released in 20 different countries. The pricing for the smart wearable is yet to be announced. In case you have missed the promos take a look at them here.

via: PhoneArena

At the MWC 2015 expo, Acer took the center stage to announces its new Liquid Leap+ Activeband. The excellent thing is that this Activeband would work on all platforms and would easily communicate with Android, Windows and iOS devices. The Activeband has got a 1inch OLED display with 128×32 pixel resolution used to show information generated by its biometric sensors and also some notifications and music controls from the smartphone. The smartband would also track user’s sleep patterns along with total calories burned or any other workout activity.

The band is made up of colored material and the smart module dial has a curved surface. The good thing is that the Acer Liquid Leap+ has an excellent battery life of about 5 to 7 days.

Acer has said that this new smartband would be available in Africa, Middle East and Europe for a priced of about 79 EUR. IT is not certain whether this would be available in United States or not. Take a look at all the official images released by the company.

acer-liquid-leap-smartband-1-300x115-7137252 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-2-209x300-2102604 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-3-300x217-3882307 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-4-116x300-1256999 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-51-118x300-2802909 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-6-300x294-9276316 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-7-177x300-5139221 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-8-128x300-9059845 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-9-212x300-5160295 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-10-300x219-8784057 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-11-300x115-7245566 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-12-128x300-3402996 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-13-300x300-8544934 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-14-300x300-7795021 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-15-177x300-3604288 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-16-128x300-3310568 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-17-212x300-5792218 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-18-300x219-4351225 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-19-300x115-4126339 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-20-128x300-7539134 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-21-300x300-2697701 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-22-300x300-7458546 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-23-177x300-7142600 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-24-300x115-6188266 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-25-209x300-9104546 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-26-300x217-2954500 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-27-116x300-7448758 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-28-118x300-2550365 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-29-300x294-2285695 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-30-177x300-3238164 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-31-128x300-5792952 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-32-212x300-5090693 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-33-300x219-8853392 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-34-300x115-8327464 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-35-128x300-5817843 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-36-300x300-5815178 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-37-300x300-5281177 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-38-177x300-7077494 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-39-300x115-6858831 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-40-209x300-1924344 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-41-300x217-6880648 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-42-116x300-4765959 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-43-118x300-6493599 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-44-300x294-2582800 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-177x300-1297736

via UberGizmo

The South Korean tech giant seems to take the smartwatch competition even further this time at the MWC 2015 expo. The company has recently announced an all-metal luxurious Android Wear smartwatch called as the LG Watch Urbane. This watch carries its own style statement and is designed for the sophisticated urban user. The LG Watch urbane has a full metal body and a changeable leather strap which can be swapped with other 22mm wide bands. The LG Watch Urbane will be available in two variants of polished Gold and silver finish.

Juno Cho, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, said, “The LG Watch Urbane’s classic design and smart features make it the perfect smartwatch to complement our G Watch and G Watch R, which were designed as more casual and active devices”.

Looking to its specs, the LG Watch Urbane has a 1.3 inch circular P-OLED display with 320×320 resolution and 245 ppi density. This is similar to the LG G Watch R but comes with even narrow bezels and thinner profile so as to be used by both men and women. The smart wearable has got a photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor to measure the heart-rate and pulse during exercise. It too has the ‘always-on’ ambient mode that shows time continuously in dim mode and saves a large battery life. The watch has got a touch-based UI compatible with Android 4.3 and above running smartphones. The processor chip is quad-core Snapdragon 400 with 512MB of LPDDR2 RAM, 4GB internal storage and 410mAh of battery life. It is also IP67 certified making it dust and water proof. The dimensions are 45.5 x 52.2 x 10.9mm.

The pricing will be announced later during the availability in local markets. Take a look at the official images below.

Source LG

Recent reports show that Chinese handset manufacturer Huawei is coming with its own stand-alone smartwatch with 4G LTE connectivity which is likely to be announced at the MWC 2015. The company has released teasers that states “Next is here”. One of them is likely showing up Huawei’s next timepiece. The round design in the teaser along with a star could probably be a design for its smartwatch. Last year, the company already announced its fitness band the Huawei TalkBand B1 that doubles with Bluetooth headpiece.

Company CEO Richard Yu is likely to pitch their smart wearable against the Gear S and said that it would be more “innovative and beautiful.” On seeing the teaser images carefully, the 4G LTE logo seen in the upper left corner indicates the connectivity option that the smartwatch is most likel to come up with.

With just over a week to go for the MWC 2015, we will get you with more official details regarding Huawei’s timepiece.

source: Huawei

Do you remember last year Samsung patented a circular dial smartwatch. The company is back with the news for the same as a new circular dial smartwatch from Samsung with digital crown and rotary bezel is said to be announced at the MWC expo ahead this year. Till now, the company has got many smartwatches in the market, but has somehow failed to make noise with any of those. According to the source, this new smartwatch from Samsung would be codenamed as Orbis. This means we are sure to have a Apple Watch competitor that would likely be unveiled during the same time.

The rotary dial for the smartwatch will certainly help bring the interface easily for the tiny display. Additionally, just like Apple Watch, the “crown shaped power button” could be used for rotating the bezel on the top in addition to its utility for waking up the watch, launching details, use of S voice and much more. We would surely wait for more details of the watch to surface with more rumors coming our way.

source: SamMobile