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Previously there have been news that HTC is likely to come up with its own smartwatch this year ahead. Leakster @evleaks has released an image of what could possibly be the first Android Wear smartwatch from HTC.

From the image above what seems is that the HTC Android Wear looks pretty much similar to Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch instead of hosting the circular design like that of the Moto 360. But instead of the plastic or rubber bands as seen in the Gear Live and G Watch, the HTC Android Wear is shown to have a metal wristband.

However, there is no information available for the moment about the features this smartwatch will host. The device is expected to cost around $200.


Way back in March, there were rumors of computing giant ASUS participating in the smartwatch segment. This news now seem to be holding some water. A recent report suggest that ASUS might be working on a low cost Android Wear handset and is likely to get unveiled in the coming months. Any specific time for the arrival of the smartwatch has been conveyed yet.

We just saw two tech giant LG and Samsung unveiling their Android Wear based smartwatches at the Google I/O last week and are likely to be rolled out from July 7th while Motorola’s Moto 360 would later this summer. So it clearly seems that ASUS has a tough competition now and ahead in the smartwatch game.

The ASUS made Android Wear smartwatch would certainly a good device as ASUS and Google share a good relation through their Nexus Tablets. HTC has also given a confirmation to come with its own smartwatch ahead this year but it is still unclear whether it is going to be based on Android Wear platform or not. Get complete details for Android Wear here.

In a recent interview to Bloomberg, Cher Wang, HTC’s chairwoman gave the confirmation of HTC planning to release a smart wearable this year ahead. The smart gadget from HTC is believed to hit the market this coming holiday season.




According to the company executive, HTC has been making the plans from some time to come out with its own fashionable version of its smart wearable. LCD light problems and the supporting Battery Technology have been the major issues that needed to be addressed in the upcoming product’s development.

In addition to this, the CFO of the company Chang Chialin, has expressed some positive and optimistic view about the company’s decision on this smart wearable. What we could say at the moment that is a good plan from HTC to delve in this smartwatch market seeing its future. But still at some corner of the mind a question arises whether is it too late for HTC to arrive in the smart wearable market? Well, Only time will tell!