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At an Apple event named as “Spring forward” earlier this week on 9th March, Apple CEO Tim Cook took the center-stage to officially announce its much awaited timepiece the Apple Watch. During the event, Tim Cook said that Apple Watch is “an entirely new product … We believe this product will redefine what people expect from its category.” Before moving towards the complete review and getting to know its details, here is the synopsis of the Apple Watch features.

  • Rectangular display with bendable AMOLED panel
  • Three different version of anodized aluminum, stainless steel and 18 karatgold
  • New OS specially made for small screen.
  • “Digital Crown” on the right-side for easy navigation
  • Siri support on-board
  • Different selection of bands
  • Sensors for pulse rate, photosensors, visible-light LEDs and infrared LEDs

Design and Display

The design of the Apple Watch has been a very talked after point from many tech enthusiasts across the globe. The design of the Apple Watch is quite unisexual and would thus suite for both and women. Moreover, the watch dial has quite an easy mechanism to fit the strap bands. Moreover, Apple has offered plenty of options for the bands of the Apple Watch available in many different flavors right from the retro looks one to the most fashionable ones. Additionally the Apple Watch dial will come in three different versions of anodized aluminum, stainless steel and the third luxurious version being made from 18k gold.

The aluminum version has been specifically chosen for the Apple Watch Sports wherein the aluminum casing has been anodized to offer an protective layer against corrosion and scratches. The watch face is covered with Ion-X glass and the wristbands for this version are being made from a new flexible, strong, fire and water resistant material called fluoroelastomer.

apple-watch-sport-edition-1-300x239-6115407apple-watch-sport-edition-2-300x239-2174250 apple-watch-sport-edition-3-300x241-8740276 apple-watch-sport-edition-4-300x267-7899924 apple-watch-sport-edition-300x240-8399407

The regular version of the Apple Watch would be made from stainless steel and is said to be made with a special cold-forging process that makes it even harder. The watchface for the regular version has been made with sapphire using diamond-encrusted wire and is polished with diamond-covered pellets.

apple-watch-1-300x237-9046656 apple-watch-2-300x238-2388496 apple-watch-3-300x238-9139981 apple-watch-4-300x240-2693797 apple-watch-5-300x239-2319687 apple-watch-300x240-9092250

The third version of the handset is made with 18k carat and would be coming in yellow and rose gold colors. The watchface is of sapphire and the wristbands are made with Leather Loop with a layer of scratch-resistant polymer, which is said to be even stronger than Kevlar, is applied to the Modern Buckle.

apple-watch-edition-1-300x264-5294543 apple-watch-edition-2-300x241-7964371 apple-watch-edition-3-300x238-8533700 apple-watch-edition-4-300x238-7661783 apple-watch-edition-300x240-7133245

Coming to its display, the Apple Watch Display is basically an p-OLED display made by LG the same one that we saw in the LG G Watch. The Apple Watch comes in two different dial sizes of 38mm and 42mm. the 38mm version has a 1.5-inch flexible panel with a resolution of  340×272 pixels and the 42mm version has a 1.7-inch screen with a 390×312 pixel resolution. The display is bright enough to be even used in sunlight and all the animations run at full 60 frames per second. There are tiny electrodes placed around the display to differentiate between deep press and light tap to actuate specific commands. This is the company called Force Touch tech which is likely to be seen in the next Apple iPhone. A new resonant actuator or piezoelectric actuator would help you alert on any notifications received.

display-300x150-4047267 display2-300x150-1683095

Chipset and Memory

The chipset for the Apple Watch has been designed by Apple but made by Samsung and is known as the Apple S1. The chipset is said to be as powerful as used in the iPhone 4s and is made with a 28nm process. This chipset includes memory storage, sensors for I/O, wireless connectivity and more besides all this. It is supported with a 512MB of RAM memory and 4GB of storage memory. The sensors include an optical heart rate sensors that make use of infrared and visible light to determine the pulse and also the photosensors. It also has got an pressure sensor, an accelerometer and a microphone.

apple-s1-chips-276x300-8926112 apple-s1-heatspreader-276x300-9005389

Fitness and Connectivity

The Apple Watch comes with two major fitness apps that would integrate with the Healthkit app giving all the health stats just on your wrists. Apple Watch is different from other watches that just measure step count. The Apple Watch separates the activities into three forms of exercise: Move Exercise and Stand. Monitoring this, the Apple Watch would give you reminders about your goals to stay active. The excellent feature for the office workers is that the watch would tell whether you were stationary on your chair for the past hour and would urge you to stand up for at-least a minute every hour.

Taking a look at its connectivity, the Apple Watch comes with a BCM4434 Broadcomm networking chip. This would support Bluetooth 4.0, FM Radio, Wi-Fi and the NFC for Apple Pay.

Battery Life


Apple seems to have worked a lot on the battery life of the device. According to the tech giant, Apple Watch has got an whopping 18 hours of battery life. The company has tested the 18 hour of battery usage under different conditions like 90 notifications, 45 minutes of app use, 90 time checks, 30 minute workout with music playback via Bluetooth. Moreover the Apple Watch can charge up to 80% of the battery capacity in just an hour and a half.

Pricing and Release Date

The Apple Watch is said to be made available in the market soon in coming months but the exact date has not been unveiled.

The pricing for the basic model would be $349 and that for the 18k gold model would be near $5000.

Via: PhoneArena (1)(2)

At the MWC 2015 expo, HTC unveiled its new fitness tracker the HTC Grip. This fitness tracker has been primarily designed keeping the fitness enthusiasts and athletes in mind. HTC Grip comes with the sports expertise of Under Armour. This new fitness wearable from HTC is powered with the UA Record platform wherein the sensor help athletes track out the workout performance and fitness patterns.

The HTC Grip is waterproof and its design pattern is nice enough to follow your wrist pattern. The fitness tracker has got a 1.8 inch curved AMOLED display showing up notifications, time and distance. The wearable has battery life of 100mAh which would last for five complete hours when the GPS is turned on. When the GPS is off, it can last for a period of two-and-a-half days on single charge.

The good thing is that the HTC Grip is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The fitness tracker would be available in North American markets in two color options of Lime and Deep Teal. The pricing for the wearable is said to be around $199. Check out the images of the wearable below.

htc-grip-images-1-300x224-5601806htc-grip-images-3-300x224-1064229 htc-grip-images-4-300x225-4921679htc-grip-images-300x224-1185050

Via & Image Courtesy: PhoneArena

After unveiling its new Pebble Time with the new Timeline interface, Pebble Technologies doesn’t seem to wait anymore and has now announced the steel variant named as the Pebble Time Steel. The Pebble Time Steel comes with a exquisite new design and styling. Pebble has announced this watch too as a Kickstarter campaign and just like the Pebble Time, this too has managed to acquire more than the targeted funding needed for the project. The new Pebble Time Steel is currently available on KickStarter for a price of $250.


The Pebble Time Steel comes with a metal-body and would be putting a straight competition to the Apple Watch that Apple is expected to show up at March 9th. This means that we have a very good competition ahead amongst recently announced Android Wear watches, Apple Watch and the Pebble Time Steel.

Tentative time for shipment for the Pebble Time Steel is said to be during July. Some minor changes include the Steel variant to be 1mm thicker, a laminated display, buttons with textured grip and almost twice the battery life. Check out the official video below.

Along with unveiling the new Pebble Time, the company has also went out announcing some trendy new customizable smartstraps in addition to an open SDK along with the possibility for adding new sensors. The major challenge for smartwatch makers these days is its design and optimize sizing of the dial which could satisfy both the needs of  traditional watch as well as offer the screen space to navigate through various smart settings. Putting up the sensors on strap is really a very good idea from Pebble.

The smartstrap has got a dedicated connection that enables both sending and receiving of data and power to the device. The smartbands could be easily replaceable like any other normal band.

The few sensor that would be seen in the smartbands are heart-rate monitor, NFC, GPS and additional battery. Moreover, as it being an open SDK, developers can try their hands and program the bands as per the needs. For more details click the source link below.


source: Pebble

Last year, Huawei announced its first smartband the Talkband B1 and now at the MWC 2015 expo, the company has arrived with its successor the Talkband B2 along with a stereo headset Talkband N1.


The Talkband B2 is a Bluetooth-enabled activity tracker which comes with many fitness tracking related features. The Talkband has got a metal built and comes with swappable bands with options of a leather one and a sporty one. Baked within it is a six-axis sensor for improved movement detection. The battery life is very excellent providing 5 days of battery life in standby or 6 hours of talk time.

The good thing is that the Talkband B2 can automatically detect your current activity like jogging, sleeping or just walking. The headset has even got a pair of microphones for noise cancellation and has got an audio routing technology. Users can even make and receive calls and the good thing is that it support both platforms of iOS and Android. The smartband comes in Silver, Black and Gold.


The talkband N1 is a wireless stereo headset for listening to music or receive calls. The Talkband N1 has got an excellent 4GB of built-in memory which can store up to approximately 1000 music files, the Talkband N1 too is available is three different colors of grey, silver and red.

The pricing details are yet not available.

Chinese handset manufacturer Huawei went out officially announcing its first Android Wear the Huawei Watch at the MWC 2015 expo in Barcelona. We have already seen the promo videos of the watch a day before. The Huawei Watch comes in three different color of Silver, Gold and Black. Additionally, the smartwatch can be used with different bands and Huawei has offered 40 different watch faces to choose from. The Huawei Watch has got an circular diameter of 42mm with AMOLED display making it a perfect size for both men and women. The display offers an excellent resolution of 400×400 pixels with 286ppi and high contrast ratio of 10000:1.


The Hauwei Watch dial is made up of stainless steel with a push button for interaction. Under the hood lies the powerful  quad-core Snapdragon 400 chipset supported with 512MB of RAM memory and Bluetooth 4.1 for pairing with the smartphone. Besides the Huawei Watch has also got a siz-axis motion sensor, heart rate monitor, a barometer and other sensor to give information about heart rate, calories burnt, step count, climbing height, distance travelled and other.

Huawei has said that the smartwatch would be released in 20 different countries. The pricing for the smart wearable is yet to be announced. In case you have missed the promos take a look at them here.

via: PhoneArena

At the MWC 2015 expo, Acer took the center stage to announces its new Liquid Leap+ Activeband. The excellent thing is that this Activeband would work on all platforms and would easily communicate with Android, Windows and iOS devices. The Activeband has got a 1inch OLED display with 128×32 pixel resolution used to show information generated by its biometric sensors and also some notifications and music controls from the smartphone. The smartband would also track user’s sleep patterns along with total calories burned or any other workout activity.

The band is made up of colored material and the smart module dial has a curved surface. The good thing is that the Acer Liquid Leap+ has an excellent battery life of about 5 to 7 days.

Acer has said that this new smartband would be available in Africa, Middle East and Europe for a priced of about 79 EUR. IT is not certain whether this would be available in United States or not. Take a look at all the official images released by the company.

acer-liquid-leap-smartband-1-300x115-1418096 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-2-209x300-4511581 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-3-300x217-3442573 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-4-116x300-3245936 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-51-118x300-1735134 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-6-300x294-4876806 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-7-177x300-6493973 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-8-128x300-8115414 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-9-212x300-1027001 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-10-300x219-9920244 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-11-300x115-2566621 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-12-128x300-6791069 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-13-300x300-1589948 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-14-300x300-2569323 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-15-177x300-9180451 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-16-128x300-2361444 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-17-212x300-9968265 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-18-300x219-7525020 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-19-300x115-3464988 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-20-128x300-6620617 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-21-300x300-6909194 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-22-300x300-8899423 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-23-177x300-8201911 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-24-300x115-4380165 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-25-209x300-4675791 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-26-300x217-7431813 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-27-116x300-7433442 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-28-118x300-6552114 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-29-300x294-4337951 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-30-177x300-8900366 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-31-128x300-3239694 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-32-212x300-7571634 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-33-300x219-7356588 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-34-300x115-8591593 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-35-128x300-2200836 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-36-300x300-4897014 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-37-300x300-7424280 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-38-177x300-5168911 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-39-300x115-6172069 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-40-209x300-1125288 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-41-300x217-9002724 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-42-116x300-7527053 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-43-118x300-6123160 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-44-300x294-6192163 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-177x300-2288052

via UberGizmo

There has been a rumor going on since days regarding the Chinese handset manufacturer Huawei to be coming with its first Android Wear at the MWC 2015. Now, we have two promo videos which give us some details regarding its upcoming smart wearable.

One of the videos tells us about how the team at Huawei materialized the design for its smartwatch with a circular display. The watch-top is said to have a sapphire display for its protection. The diameter of its screen turns out to be 42mm which is considered to be the best for a luxury watch and is said to be unisexual. The Huawei Watch dial is being made up of stainless steel and is said to be customizable with other wristbands that include 18mm and 21mm. More technical specifications for the watch are yet not available but it is said to be powered with Android Wear. More details for the watch are to come at the company’s MWC 2015 conference.

huawei-watch-1-300x172-8739668 huawei-watch-300x188-4111858

We will get you all the official details in the meanwhile take a look at the two promo videos released by the company.


LG just few days back announced its G Watch Urbane which it is likely to showcase at the upcoming MWC 2015 expo next week. Now the company has come out with the non-Android Wear LTE version for the same with some other high-end specs. The new LT Watch Urbane LTE will have the same design but would be able to make 4G VoLTE calls.

Moreover this new G Watch Urbane LTE would have a larger 700mAh of battery life which is much more the usual 300-400mAh offered in most of the smartwatches these days. Additionally, the smartwatch would automatically turn its display off once user takes it off from his/her wrist.

The RAM memory has been increased to 1GB LPDDR3 RAM and has the same quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor. The smartwatch has got some new sensors as well and has a IP67 certification for waterproofing. We will get you with more details at the MWC 2015 expo.

lg-g-watch-urbane-lte-2-300x224-2563282 lg-g-watch-urbane-lte-3-300x224-6892332 lg-g-watch-urbane-lte-300x224-5146530

source: LG Korea (Translated) via BGR India

Chinese handset manufacturer Huawei has unveiled its new smartband with LTE connectivity. The smartband would be supporting its own 4.5G network and is said to be commercially rolling out next year. The smartband is designed to measure the person’s heart rate and fitness level. The smartband has a 1.4inch OLED screen and comes with Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. It is even dust and water resistant. The smartband is said to include LTE-M chip made by Neul.

The 4.5G LTE network will be capable of having high data speeds up to 1GB/sec and would even enable VR and guide Drones. According to Huawei, “4.5G supports up to 100K per cell connections via LTE-M, 100 times that of 4G. LTE-M also provides better coverage. Receivers require just 1/100th of the signal of existing 2G system, 20dB gain, using low-power terminals.”

We can expect the smartband to be seen at the MWC 2015 event next week.

source: TheInquirer

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