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At an Apple event named as “Spring forward” earlier this week on 9th March, Apple CEO Tim Cook took the center-stage to officially announce its much awaited timepiece the Apple Watch. During the event, Tim Cook said that Apple Watch is “an entirely new product … We believe this product will redefine what people expect from its category.” Before moving towards the complete review and getting to know its details, here is the synopsis of the Apple Watch features.

  • Rectangular display with bendable AMOLED panel
  • Three different version of anodized aluminum, stainless steel and 18 karatgold
  • New OS specially made for small screen.
  • “Digital Crown” on the right-side for easy navigation
  • Siri support on-board
  • Different selection of bands
  • Sensors for pulse rate, photosensors, visible-light LEDs and infrared LEDs

Design and Display

The design of the Apple Watch has been a very talked after point from many tech enthusiasts across the globe. The design of the Apple Watch is quite unisexual and would thus suite for both and women. Moreover, the watch dial has quite an easy mechanism to fit the strap bands. Moreover, Apple has offered plenty of options for the bands of the Apple Watch available in many different flavors right from the retro looks one to the most fashionable ones. Additionally the Apple Watch dial will come in three different versions of anodized aluminum, stainless steel and the third luxurious version being made from 18k gold.

The aluminum version has been specifically chosen for the Apple Watch Sports wherein the aluminum casing has been anodized to offer an protective layer against corrosion and scratches. The watch face is covered with Ion-X glass and the wristbands for this version are being made from a new flexible, strong, fire and water resistant material called fluoroelastomer.

apple-watch-sport-edition-1-300x239-4038218apple-watch-sport-edition-2-300x239-1784732 apple-watch-sport-edition-3-300x241-7806501 apple-watch-sport-edition-4-300x267-1142174

The regular version of the Apple Watch would be made from stainless steel and is said to be made with a special cold-forging process that makes it even harder. The watchface for the regular version has been made with sapphire using diamond-encrusted wire and is polished with diamond-covered pellets.

apple-watch-3-300x238-2967146 apple-watch-4-300x240-5335231

The third version of the handset is made with 18k carat and would be coming in yellow and rose gold colors. The watchface is of sapphire and the wristbands are made with Leather Loop with a layer of scratch-resistant polymer, which is said to be even stronger than Kevlar, is applied to the Modern Buckle.


Coming to its display, the Apple Watch Display is basically an p-OLED display made by LG the same one that we saw in the LG G Watch. The Apple Watch comes in two different dial sizes of 38mm and 42mm. the 38mm version has a 1.5-inch flexible panel with a resolution of  340×272 pixels and the 42mm version has a 1.7-inch screen with a 390×312 pixel resolution. The display is bright enough to be even used in sunlight and all the animations run at full 60 frames per second. There are tiny electrodes placed around the display to differentiate between deep press and light tap to actuate specific commands. This is the company called Force Touch tech which is likely to be seen in the next Apple iPhone. A new resonant actuator or piezoelectric actuator would help you alert on any notifications received.

Chipset and Memory

The chipset for the Apple Watch has been designed by Apple but made by Samsung and is known as the Apple S1. The chipset is said to be as powerful as used in the iPhone 4s and is made with a 28nm process. This chipset includes memory storage, sensors for I/O, wireless connectivity and more besides all this. It is supported with a 512MB of RAM memory and 4GB of storage memory. The sensors include an optical heart rate sensors that make use of infrared and visible light to determine the pulse and also the photosensors. It also has got an pressure sensor, an accelerometer and a microphone.

Fitness and Connectivity

The Apple Watch comes with two major fitness apps that would integrate with the Healthkit app giving all the health stats just on your wrists. Apple Watch is different from other watches that just measure step count. The Apple Watch separates the activities into three forms of exercise: Move Exercise and Stand. Monitoring this, the Apple Watch would give you reminders about your goals to stay active. The excellent feature for the office workers is that the watch would tell whether you were stationary on your chair for the past hour and would urge you to stand up for at-least a minute every hour.

Taking a look at its connectivity, the Apple Watch comes with a BCM4434 Broadcomm networking chip. This would support Bluetooth 4.0, FM Radio, Wi-Fi and the NFC for Apple Pay.

Battery Life

Apple seems to have worked a lot on the battery life of the device. According to the tech giant, Apple Watch has got an whopping 18 hours of battery life. The company has tested the 18 hour of battery usage under different conditions like 90 notifications, 45 minutes of app use, 90 time checks, 30 minute workout with music playback via Bluetooth. Moreover the Apple Watch can charge up to 80% of the battery capacity in just an hour and a half.

Pricing and Release Date

The Apple Watch is said to be made available in the market soon in coming months but the exact date has not been unveiled.

The pricing for the basic model would be $349 and that for the 18k gold model would be near $5000.

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