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Last year, Huawei announced its first smartband the Talkband B1 and now at the MWC 2015 expo, the company has arrived with its successor the Talkband B2 along with a stereo headset Talkband N1.


The Talkband B2 is a Bluetooth-enabled activity tracker which comes with many fitness tracking related features. The Talkband has got a metal built and comes with swappable bands with options of a leather one and a sporty one. Baked within it is a six-axis sensor for improved movement detection. The battery life is very excellent providing 5 days of battery life in standby or 6 hours of talk time.

The good thing is that the Talkband B2 can automatically detect your current activity like jogging, sleeping or just walking. The headset has even got a pair of microphones for noise cancellation and has got an audio routing technology. Users can even make and receive calls and the good thing is that it support both platforms of iOS and Android. The smartband comes in Silver, Black and Gold.


The talkband N1 is a wireless stereo headset for listening to music or receive calls. The Talkband N1 has got an excellent 4GB of built-in memory which can store up to approximately 1000 music files, the Talkband N1 too is available is three different colors of grey, silver and red.

The pricing details are yet not available.

At the MWC 2015 expo, Acer took the center stage to announces its new Liquid Leap+ Activeband. The excellent thing is that this Activeband would work on all platforms and would easily communicate with Android, Windows and iOS devices. The Activeband has got a 1inch OLED display with 128×32 pixel resolution used to show information generated by its biometric sensors and also some notifications and music controls from the smartphone. The smartband would also track user’s sleep patterns along with total calories burned or any other workout activity.

The band is made up of colored material and the smart module dial has a curved surface. The good thing is that the Acer Liquid Leap+ has an excellent battery life of about 5 to 7 days.

Acer has said that this new smartband would be available in Africa, Middle East and Europe for a priced of about 79 EUR. IT is not certain whether this would be available in United States or not. Take a look at all the official images released by the company.

acer-liquid-leap-smartband-1-300x115-5692456 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-2-209x300-3974366 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-3-300x217-6059066 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-4-116x300-9216445 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-51-118x300-7681331 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-6-300x294-4272055 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-7-177x300-8451307 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-8-128x300-7786496 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-9-212x300-1455317 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-10-300x219-4505958 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-11-300x115-6734852 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-12-128x300-1190861 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-13-300x300-5622969 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-14-300x300-6947378 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-15-177x300-7992267 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-16-128x300-8551500 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-17-212x300-6122808 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-18-300x219-9694108 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-19-300x115-7487911 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-20-128x300-4506991 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-21-300x300-8947621 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-22-300x300-7318468 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-23-177x300-4154386 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-24-300x115-3334958 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-25-209x300-4789258 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-26-300x217-3631998 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-27-116x300-1436378 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-28-118x300-2322023 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-29-300x294-1379821 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-30-177x300-6708047 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-31-128x300-8255959 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-32-212x300-9056494 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-33-300x219-3878238 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-34-300x115-4639757 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-35-128x300-8060238 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-36-300x300-2339212 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-37-300x300-7459888 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-38-177x300-2783312 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-39-300x115-4877628 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-40-209x300-5046956 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-41-300x217-6825722 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-42-116x300-6158882 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-43-118x300-4729952 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-44-300x294-6083726 acer-liquid-leap-smartband-177x300-4187401

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