Sony has ventured into the Smart Watch market since long back and today it continues to keep its strong foot-hold with the latest release of its Sony Smart Watch 2. This news has certainly raised the anxiety amongst the Sony fans and Smart Watch lovers across the globe. With its second round of business in this area Sony plans to give a run for their money to its competitors.

Let us first have a look at the specs

Adding further richness to your Android experience Sony Smart Watch 2 is a device that flaunts your flamboyant lifestyle.

Sony SmartWatch 2 Review

The casing is a 1.6 inch display with an aluminum body. The resolution is 220×176 a bit inferior to the Galaxy Gear counterpart but however it serves the basic utility of a watch with a considerably good display.

Sony Smat Watch 2

It is compatible with all Android 4.0 and above versions and has micro USB charging with a substantial battery life of 3-4 days under normal use. The most noticing and unique feature is that it is the only device of its kind that comes with a one-touch NFC connectivity.

Sony Smart Watch 2 in different colours

Sony offers you the choice for selecting among four different color variants that suits your style. The device has light plastic belts offering you with a choice of metal belt too. Moreover the device is waterproof and has an excellent display quality even in bright sunshine. Additionally it also does not have any camera that the Gear sports and this could be little disappointing to its fans.

Will it survive the market competition??

Looking at the pricing it is bit less than the Galaxy Gear but this comes at a cost of less features as compared to Gear. But if you are a frequent user of the NFC feature then this is really a device that will serve your need. Secondly it has a better battery life but with an inferior display compared to Gear. However since the device is water resistant you need not take care while washing your hands and moving out in rain. It can certainly make a mark with this features in the market.

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