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Bhushan Akolkar

Bhushan is our Editor based in India. Bhushan is a smart tech savvy person and his world revolves around cool and smart gadgets. He is specially much passionate  about smart watches.


 Muhammad Satar

Muhammad is the CFO of PhoneReport. A Smart Watches lover and essentialy a Gadget Addicted person, since Mobile Phones to Google Glasses, Muhammad lives for Tech. He is a Master in Finance and also and Economist. Beware Yourselves!


 Meraj Chhaya

Meraj Chhaya is our handy Programmer. He is the CEO of TugaLogix and the Editor-in-Chief of PhoneRPT. At UberSmartWatches, Meraj is mainly focused in developing the connections with our main Media Partners and eventually the companies that sell Smart Watches.


Other PhoneRPT Editorial Staff:

  • Abdul Basit Sattar – International Correspondent – Karachi, Pakistan
  • Carlo Fernandez – International Correspondent – Cebo, Philippines
  • Ntutu Letseka – Columnist – Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Siva Saravanakumar – International Correspondent – Chennai, India
Past journalists:
  • Sushant Ghargi – City of Singapore, Singapore
  • Dhruv Bhutani – Delhi, India
  • David Fein – Reno, USA
  • Vishwanath Patil – Dharwad, India
  • Aditya Singhvi – Pune, India
  • Alejandro Calva – Mexico City, Mexico
  • Boris Stoyanov – Rethymno, Greece
  • Christopher McFann – Arlington, USA
  • Eduard Umana – Orlando, USA
  • James Adkins – Chicago, USA
  • Jens-Peter Olsson –  Hulterstad, Sweden
  • Matias Ignacio Ertola – Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Mohnish Kariappa – Calcutta, India
  • Phil Charlton – Halesowen, England
  • Sarabjeet Singh – New Delhi, India
  • Shivam Malani – Bhilwara, India
  • Antony Pritchard – Ohio, USA
  • Vaishakh Jhunjhunwala – Calcutta, India
  • Vikrant Kapoor – New Delhi, India
  • Anindita Biswas – Bangalore, India