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Sony Smart Watch 2

In the tech industry and against all odds, the year wasn’t for Google Glass but yet for all the just released Smart Watches by several brands. We’ve chosen the best of them to help you in the buying decision or just for fun! This are of course the Top 10 Smart watches according to our opinion and therefore we are looking to hear from you!

10. Omate True Smart watch 2.0

The Omate Smart Watch is called the “True” Smartwatch because it can work independently from your Smartphone and has all the most known apps you use like Gmail, Facebook and other Social Networks. This is possible as it has its own SIM slot and therefore allowing to make calls without being connected via bluetooth to your smartphone. The watch is still in a pre-order stage and that is why we put it in the 10th place because we really can’t compare a watch that is not yet released with one that is going to be in the market god knows when. Prices range from 249$ to 299$ for Pre-Orders.

9. Burg Smart Watch

There is not a single Burg Smart Watch. The Burg company is recognized to develop and sell “watchphones” that are 100% smartphones with the dimensions of a watch. You can actually buy the Burg 12, 13, 14….up to 18! Different colors and different features, but the question is: Will a Burg Smartwatch fit your needs and relationship with your Smartphone? Eventually not and that is why the company is looking forward to release a new Burg!

8. Qualcomm Toq

This Qualcomm Toq an amazing SmartWatch but has been missing lots of attention from the media. This amazing watch can pair with Smart phones using Android 4.0.3 or higher available in the market and works perfectly. They use the Same Technology as E-Paper from Pebble but it is called Mirasol. If you are looking for performance and speed, this is the watch to chose.


7. Wellograph Smart Watch

A great release this last November. This SmartWatch is still in preview but the heart beat measuring capabilities turn this into a promise for 2014. Have a look at the Wellograph SW preview.

6. Z1 Android Smart Watch

Not many people heard of this Z1 Smart Watch one but it is an incredibly great machine because it is not that beautiful. The Z1 is powered by a Mediatek ARM9 with 426 MHz. The RAM memory is 256MB and holds a 2.0” display screen. It also has 300MB memory expandible to a 8GB. This one is available at Amazon for 229$.

5. MOTOACTV Smart Watch

Motorola worked hard into developing a fitness friendly smart watch. The result is the MOTOACTV. This is not competing directly with the other smart watches but can fit a particulary need of a smart watch user that is help while cycling or walking with high reliability. The MOTOACTV has a virtual competitor that runs with you, fights you and helps you to perform better every new day. This device is available at prices starting on the 250$. 

4. Kreyos Smart Watch

The Kreyos team was supposed to be competing with Pebble directly but surprisingly or not the sales are not that high. This one is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. This is the one and only watch really compatible with Windows Phone 8.It is also waterproof and holds a microphone and speaker. We chose this device for this position  due to its reliable voice commands and gesture features.  

3. Samsung Galaxy Gear

I believe the Samsung Galaxy Gear was the most famous Smart Watch in 2013 because it was being sold by Samsung and Samsung really invested a lot of money in this device marketing, hiring Cristiano Ronaldo to make the promotional video below, but they are not investing at all on having Applications running on the device such as Facebook, Gmail and others. If they don’t release them before CES 2014 the Gear can lose track to the competition.

2. Sony Smart Watch 2

The Sony Smart Watch 2 comes with Android 4.0 and has an astonishing battery life of 4 days under normal usage. We believe the brand behind the phone, the marketing given to this device, the number of apps specifically developed for this machine, the one-touch NFC connectivity and the variants available make it the 2nd place in the podium. 

1. Pebble Smart Watch

Because above all is price/quality ratio, the Pebble Smart Watch is the winner of 2013.

Now, tell us your thoughts and opinions on these watches!

Just when giant companies like Samsung and Sony have come out with the new versions of their Smart Watches, companies like Pebble Technology are coming out as tough competitors to them in the market. To survive the competing wave, this September Sony is out with its new Sony Smart Watch 2. At the same time Pebble has something that is very similar and lucrative!!

Pebble Smart Watch

Pebble Smart Watch has a larger piece of cake to offer to Smart Watch fans. The Pebble Smart Watch will be compatible with both iOS and Android. For its display Pebble adopts the e-paper technology which is known for its large operability and offers a superior battery life of nearly 5-7 days. The display will be 1.26 inch and will come with backlight support that enables you to operate your watch even in dark. It uses the recent Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to connect to your smartphone. Like Sony, Pebble also comes with four different color variants for its bezel casing. It also has a 3 axis accelerometer that helps you support your fitness schedule strictly. It is waterproof as well and comes at a very competitive price of just 150$.

Pebble - E-Paper Smart Watch view

Sony Smart Watch 2

This device is specifically designed to operate on Andriod 4.0 and above versions. Its display shows its stylishness that comes with a 1.6 inch casing and a 220×176 resolution. Additionally it provides a micro USB charging and an impressive battery life of nearly 3-4 days. The device comes with an inbuilt NFC and is announced as waterproof. As Sony is much known for its music, this device offers good music controls. To match your style this Smart watch will be available in four different color variants. The device is priced nearly at 250$.

Sony SmartWatch 2 Review

The comparison shows that Pebble is more attractive in overall comparison, but even Sony can capture good market.

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Right now when huge companies are moving forward to make Smart Watches and are being released in large multitude, at the same time technocrats from across the globe are eyeing on the about to be released Google Glass. The concept of wearable Smart glasses from Google is absolutely new and Google Glass seems to be a quite promising product for tech lovers. As on today the Smart Watch 2 from Sony this September is much watched about.  Let us take a review on what both have to offer.

Sony Smart Watch 2

Sony devices are often known for their style statement and this watch delivers this legacy. The watch sports a display of 1.6 inch on its casing made of aluminum. The resolution is nearly 220×176 which is pretty clear during daylight as well. The watch is built up for Android 4 and above versions and offers an extensive battery life of 3-4 days which is very satisfying. Moreover the noticing feature of the watch is that it comes with NFC, the feature that Sony provides in almost all its high-end devices. The pricing of the device stands near to 250$ and is available in four different color variants.

Sony SmartWatch 2 Review

You can buy the Sony Smart Watch from Ebay with prices around 300$.

Google Glass

The concept of a wearable smart glasses was absolutely outlandish just before Google came out with their Google Glass. Now just get set for a roller coaster ride as the following features are just breath-taking. The Google Glass listens to your voice commands. When you look at a particular thing through the glasses and say “take a picture” the glasses will capture the details. The glasses offer you video recording feature hands free. The glasses come with inbuilt GPS that help you navigate to your destination. It offers you with a handy translation feature into other language when you read a text through the glasses. With all these heavily loaded feature the Google Glass will be released in the market at a price oh 1,500$ but some analysts say that the actual price might be lower. Well it’s a price for a ‘smarter vision’.

Google Glass view

What needs to be noticed is that will the Smart watches still have a strong grip in the market once Google Glass is released or will Google narrate a completely different story of the smart world. On Ebay you can still find this piece of Google Glasses at very high prices, but it may be of your interest.

This September both the tech giants Samsung and Sony are out in the market with their much talked-of Smart Watches – The Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Sony Smart Watch 2. However both of them have made the optimum attempt to lure their customers and increase their fan base with their flamboyant and stylish Smart Watch with a splash of elegance.


Both the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony Smart Watch 2 offers a display of 1.63” and 1.6” respectively. However in terms of resolution the Galaxy Gear stands above Sony Smart Watch 2 with Gear having the super AMOLED display and Sony having the Trans reflective LCD screen. The Gear offers a pixel density of 278ppi which is much above 176ppi for Sony. However in terms of compatibility the Sony Smart Watch 2 is matched with all Android devices with 4.0+ whereas the Gear is limited to Note 3, S4 and S3 only which also operates on Android platform.

Sony vs Galaxy Gear view

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is fed with Smart Relay that opens the corresponding app when you pick your phone. In terms of battery life Sony Smart Watch 2 takes the upper edge with a magnificent battery life of 5-7 days and the Galaxy Gear with just 25 hours. The Galaxy Gear has a speaker and microphone that enables you to manage calls via the watch, whereas with Sony you can make calling possible only if you have the Bluetooth headset connected. Additionally the Galaxy Gear also sports a 1.9 mega pixels camera on its belt whilst Sony doesn’t have this feature.

Stylish Sony Smart Watch 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Gear view

Both the devices are water resistant and with Sony Smart Watch 2 you can go swimming as well!! The noticing feature for Galaxy Gear is its boisterous 800MHz processor (200MHz for Sony) and for Sony it is the next generation in-built NFC (absent in Gear). The pricing for both the watches is almost the same about 260$ for Sony any 299$ for the Gear. The Gear comes with a Stainless Steel Body and Sony comes with a Aluminum body and neither of both seem to make any compromise here in terms of its sturdiness.

In all both the gadgets are value for money and have their individual set of pros and cons.

Sony has ventured into the Smart Watch market since long back and today it continues to keep its strong foot-hold with the latest release of its Sony Smart Watch 2. This news has certainly raised the anxiety amongst the Sony fans and Smart Watch lovers across the globe. With its second round of business in this area Sony plans to give a run for their money to its competitors.

Let us first have a look at the specs

Adding further richness to your Android experience Sony Smart Watch 2 is a device that flaunts your flamboyant lifestyle.

Sony SmartWatch 2 Review

The casing is a 1.6 inch display with an aluminum body. The resolution is 220×176 a bit inferior to the Galaxy Gear counterpart but however it serves the basic utility of a watch with a considerably good display.

Sony Smat Watch 2

It is compatible with all Android 4.0 and above versions and has micro USB charging with a substantial battery life of 3-4 days under normal use. The most noticing and unique feature is that it is the only device of its kind that comes with a one-touch NFC connectivity.

Sony Smart Watch 2 in different colours

Sony offers you the choice for selecting among four different color variants that suits your style. The device has light plastic belts offering you with a choice of metal belt too. Moreover the device is waterproof and has an excellent display quality even in bright sunshine. Additionally it also does not have any camera that the Gear sports and this could be little disappointing to its fans.

Will it survive the market competition??

Looking at the pricing it is bit less than the Galaxy Gear but this comes at a cost of less features as compared to Gear. But if you are a frequent user of the NFC feature then this is really a device that will serve your need. Secondly it has a better battery life but with an inferior display compared to Gear. However since the device is water resistant you need not take care while washing your hands and moving out in rain. It can certainly make a mark with this features in the market. The price of the Sony SmartWatch 2 is around 200$ and you can get it here from ebay.

The Smart Watch concept has caught a strong grip in the world of smart devices. In accordance Smart Watch market has witnessed a comprehensive growth in past few years. Raising the heat further is the latest official release of Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch. Let’s have a quick synopsis of the top 3 Smart Watches that are making the rounds today.

Top 3 Smart Watches

Samsung Galaxy Gear

This is the latest breathtaking news from Samsung and it seems that they are all set to raise the level of competition further. The Samsung Galaxy Gear Release date is determined already for October. This small device comes with a heavily loaded features like the 800MHz processor, super AMOLED screen, an integrated 1.9 megapixel camera and many such making it more lucrative to the users. The pricing lands up close to 299$, however once you have the look at this gadget you are surely going to forget it. Adding further to your choice this trendy watch offer you good variety of color belts but be specific while making the first choice as the casing cannot be detached from the belt. Overall the Smart Watch seems to be quite a promising product from Samsung. You can get this SmartWatch directly from Ebay at around 350$.

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch ReviewGalaxy Gear Smart Watch in different colors

Sony Smart Watch 2

Pre-occupying the Smart Watch market with its first version Sony seems to climbing up the ladder with release of its second version. The Sony SmartWatch 2 is developed with the basic Android 4 version and above operability. The specs are a bit low compared to gear with 1.6 inch trans-reflexive LCD screen and a bit less resolution. Additionally it is not equipped with camera but it comes with the noticing feature of NFC being embedded into it. At the same time its pricing is less with $260 approx. The battery life for this watch is also considerably good with 3 to 4 days of operability under normal use. The Sony SmartWatch 2 is available at Ebay for around 200$.

Sony Smart Watch_2

Qualcomm Toq

Surprising the Smart Watch global community, Qualcomm has come with a Toq Smart Watch. It is not such a high end device that comes with 1.6 inch screen and 200MHz processor. The device however easily connects to your 4.0.3 and above Android equipped devices. The battery life functions with a normal usage for 3-4 days. Moreover it doesn’t come with a camera. Its most distinct feature is that it comes with a wireless battery charging feature with Qualcomm’s WiPower LE technology. Qualcomm has promised that it will be upgraded in terms of software which it will surely need to do if it wants to be the “pie of the eye” within its customers.