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Pebble has been one of the most successful smartwatch projects as on date! Managing the pace with other smartwatch competitors, Pebble has constantly brought new surprises for its users like the recent Pebble Steel and the Pebble App Store. With watchfaces, you can manage quick access to information like weather, fitness apps and calendar. Here are the few steps to install watch faces on your Pebble smartwatch both for Android and iOS.


Get your Pebble watchfaces on Android by searching for Pebble Apps on Google Play and the app for iOS is named as MyPebbleFaces. Moreover, you can also get the Pebble watchfaces at, and Pebble Forums.

Watchface installation on Android


In the watch apps section, install watch faces via the Pebble App for Android. In the drop down menu ether watch apps and touch on the Get Watch Apps. You will enter the most popular watch faces for your device and tap on the one which you want to install.

In case if your watch file is installed from any third party provider, move to download file. If your Pebble smartwatch is already connected and the Pebble App is open, your watch face will be automatically installed via the Pebble app. If a direct link to install is there, just tap the link and it will automatically navigate Pebble app to allow installation. You might be asked for an authentication to allow installation from third party sources.

Watchface installation on iPhone

Installation process for the iPhone is quite similar to that of Android. On finding a watchface tap the link, and you will be prompted to Open in Pebble. One opened, it will install the watchface. In the Watch Apps section, you will find the list of all the watchfaces installed.

View your installed Watchfaces


Scroll through your installed watchfaces through the up-down button on the right side. Watch apps can be found in the main menu by pressing the middle button on the right side. A list of watchapps will be available here.

Enjoy the watchfaces with Pebble and even create your own watchface through your imagination.

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Ever since its launch, the E-paper watch from Pebble is gaining unprecedented levels of appreciation and attention from the global community. Recently, Pebble made a news that it is going to have its own dedicated app store as a one-shop destination for all its smartwatch apps. Now expanding its horizons further, Pebble seems to be making the Windows Mobile OS its new home to stay.

Pebble while cycling view

Pebble Smart Watch has gained access to the Windows smartphone through a third party app called as the Pebble Watch Pro. The app is developed by Bad Planet Software and will support all the Windows Phone 8 devices.

However, right now users may not get a full integrated experience on their Pebble Smart Watch, but can surely receive number of alerts on their smartphone like calendar, network, battery and twitter notifications. Users will also be able to control the music on their smartphone via the Pebble music app.

The Pebble Watch pro is priced at a casual 1.99$ on the Windows Phone Marketplace. You can also get the Pebble Watch Life for free that comes with limited functionality.

Check our review on the Pebble Smart Watch here.

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Pebble is making every possible move to satisfy its users and give a neck-to-neck competition to the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Recently, Pebble announced that it will have a dedicated app store for its Smart Watch. News are that the Pebble app store will be available in the early 2014 and will have a dedicated Pebble app on the iOS and Android. Thus you will have a single destination to shop for all the apps that your smartwatch needs.

Pebble App Store view

On the Pebble app store, you will get seven different categories which includes Daily, Games, Notifications, Remotes, Tools and Utility, Watchfaces and Sports and Fitness. In each category you will get to see the best apps as well as the newly featured ones.

Pebble app categories view

Thus developers have a new platform to try their hands on and it is believed that they will start submitting Pebble apps that uses recently announced SDK 2.0. Moreover, if the app requires a companion app from the App Store or Google Play, they will include a direct link to it.

The dedicated app store from Pebble is certainly going to pull-up more people filling up their wrists with the Pebble Smart Watch.

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The biggest Kick-Starter project of the year is once again making news and this time it comes with the improved and much more enhanced OS v1.14. With some improvements, cool features and fixes the new OS proliferates the performance ante of the watch.

do not disturb pebble

One of the noticing feature of the watch is its ‘Do Not Disturb’ features that block any incoming notification for a fixed period of time. Here are some of the newly added features and improvements.

pebble smart watch picture

New Features.

  • Do Not Disturb feature that will block some notifications for a fixed period of time.
  • Alarms app update that allows users to create multiple alarms, toggle alarms on/off and edit existing alarms.
  • Improved iOS performance and improved notification control.


  • The unwanted entry into “recovery mode” after updating the firmware 1.13 has now been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue regarding the caller-ID display after a missed call.
  • Fixed an issue when Pebble would keep on vibrating after attending or dismissing a call.
  • Fixed Bluetooth data transfer connectivity issue.

With this improved OS, your experience with you Pebble is going to be smoother! You can get the firmware update by simply opening the Pebble App on your iOS or Android smartphone. Take a look at the Pebble Smart Watch here. 

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Smart Watches are capturing all the mood of the tech market right now! Day-in and Day-out we are getting many news from the tech world that are making rounds of this device. This time we have spotted the Omate TrueSmart Smart Watch.

Omate TrueSmart view

The Omate TrueSmart comes with a 1.54 inch display with a 240×240 resolution and shows a variety of watch faces. The apps on the screen will appear in grid, however they can also be clubbed in a single folder. The Omate TrueSmart Smart Watch 2.0 runs an Android 4.2.2 and promises to run Google Play as well! Additionally on the right side the watch has two “home” buttons with a lens in the middle for a 5 megapixel/720p camera. You can also see any notification just by a flip from the top, similar to that you do it in your smartphone. The metal body gives the smart watch a very robust look and is completely sealed to make it water-resistant.

truesmartmore view

The watch also has a SIM slot providing the facility to its users to make calls. There is a built-in dialer and an address book as well! The watch is available in two different models of 4GB/8GB and are priced at 249$ and 299$ respectively.

The Omate Smart Watch is not yet available on Ebay or Amazon, so stay tuned for more updates.

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We have heard and talked about various Smart Watches from the tech giants like Samsung, Sony. Moreover, we have also found out that the Smart Watch is having applications in the field of fitness when fitness giants like Nike and Adidas had announced their own version of Smart Watches coupled with various features like accelerometer, heart bit monitoring and many more. With Vesag Smart Watch, it can be found out that Smart Watch has its applications in the field of medical sciences as well!

Vesag Smart Health Watch view

The Vesag Smart Watch comes with a GPS sensor, GSM based mobile network, built on the ZigBee (802.15.4) wireless protocol and supports the HTTP/TCPIP data transfer. The Vesag Smart Watch can be worn as a watch or a pendent, on a ring or a wrist. IT has a built in GPS to track the location and the medicine/task reminders as well for people. Moreover, the in-built wireless feature will help users to communicate easily via web.

The watch smartly detects any faults and will inform the call center immediately for any help. The watch will monitor 17 different health parameters thereby giving an indication to the patients and doctors if any precautionary measures are needed priorly. Additionally, the watch has GPS based clock, built-in microphone or speakerphone and an SOS button to notify the call center in case of emergency. With all these functions, the watch offers a considerable 60-72 hours of standby time operation. Here are the two videos that will show you the performance of the watch.

1)  How to pair ECG with Vesag.

2)  How to pair the Pulse Oximeter with Vesag

The Vesag health watch has served the medical fraternity across the globe on a large scale. For this fabulous effort, Vesag has earned great reputation and won many accolades from the global community. To purchase this watch or see more information about it, visit the Vesag website here.

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With Smart Watches rolling out in more and more numbers, tech giants are trying to incorporate high-end features in their Smart Watches so that they can serve the user community with additional new features. The wave to introduce a 3D gesture recognition in Smart Watches has arose within the global community.

Gesture Interface ultrasound chip view

Researchers at the University of California have been working to introduce a small new chip in your Smart Watches that could recognize 3D gestures by which you can operate your Smart Watch. This technology known as Chirp, is introduced at the Chirp Microsystems, which will produce the 3D gesture recognition and sell it to hardware manufacturers. The chip is basically an ultrasound chip that uses the ultrasound waves to recognize motions.

Chirp will make use of Sonar via an array of ultrasound transducers, which will send ultrasound pulses outward and will be echoed off from any objects in your path such as your hand movements. Those echoes will come back to the transducer and the connected electronic chip will measure the elapsed time.

Gesture Interface for Smart Watches view

The team at Chirp believes that their technology of bringing electronic chip along with ultrasound chip will result in more accurate response to gestures and would lead to low power consumption. This technology introduced from Chirp will be functional both, in dark as well as bright light.

The baking of this new feature in Smart Watches show that companies are taking this gadget more seriously and are constantly working with new innovative ideas to give best product to its customers.

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Smart Watches have served to provide very smart solutions and offers smart way of dealing with the day-to-day activities of human beings. Today, a large number of smart watches have gripped the smart world very firmly and offers a huge variety of features parked on the wrists of your hand. Some smart watches are specifically designed to target fitness freak audience whereas others are designed to provide all the functions that your smartphone can do.

Smart Watch from Smart Monitor view

The Smart Watch from Smart monitor is specifically designed to monitor all the movements of your family members and care givers and give instant alerts to your Smart Watch. Its smart features include motion detection, instant alerts, event recording & secure access, audible alarms, GPS navigation, contact storage and medication reminders.

This clearly shows that the Smart Watch from Smart Monitor targets a specific group of audience that caters to this requirements. The Smart Watch detects repetitive shaking sending all the details of location, date and time to the smart phone of your family members or care givers. The details are sent via phone calls alerts or text alerts. This Smart Watch is available in two models of Silver and Gold. This Smart Monitor Smart Watch is compatible with variety of Android phones that includes a list of Samsung Galaxy phones and Nexus phones.

Smart Monitor charging clip view

This Smart Watch uses cloud computing services wherein all your monitoring data is stored in your cloud account. The watch is also available in various strap colors that suits your style and needs. It is available at a fairly introductory price of just 19.99$ and 29.99$. Once the watch is bought you can get free updates for the software.

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The Z1 smart watch stands to be a stiff competition to its equivalents and other smart watch competitors of its zone. The watch is loaded with high-end features and offers a higher intellect quotient in terms of functionality. It is quite possible that reading further, you might end up asking yourself a very pertinent question-Is it a Smart Watch or a Smart Phone??

Z1 Smart Watch view

The Z1 Smart Watch offers a Mediatek ARM9 processor that operates at a pretty good speed of 426 MHz. The RAM memory is nearly 256 MB that makes your operations run in a fluidic manner without any kind of hesitation. A 2.0” display screen is quite large that helps you manage your functions easily. Moreover, it comes with a 300 MB internal storage and a way-too-good 8 GB expandable storage. This helps you keep all your stuff just at the wrist of your hands.

In addition to this, the Z1 Smart Watch has an in-built WiFi and a Bluetooth 2.0 in it. Additionally it also offers a SIM card slot along with a microphone and speaker. This enables you to receive as well as make calls at any instant of time. The watch also offers a 2.0 megapixel camera that comes handy to capture your surrounding details.

Z1_Android_Smart_Watch_Phone view

The watch is designed to function at GSM frequencies of 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz respectively. The battery life is 800mAH that serves you well for a larger period of time. The stand-by time is nearly 36 hrs and the talk-time is close to 4 hrs. The Z1 Smart Watch is running on almost all Android versions from Android 2.2 onwards. It is available at Amazon here:

This heavily loaded package is available at nearly 200$, which stands a fair price put to the device. Well, we need to see that how nicely does the watch strikes the market.

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Nike fans are certainly on a high after Nike has introduced the Fuel Band concept. Further elevating the measurement level of fitness, Nike comes with a bracelet like Fuel Band that fuels up your fitness gauging experience. Nike has launched this Fuel Band with a level playing field irrespective of whether you are a fitness geek or not.

Nike Fuel Band view

The Nike Fuel Band calibrates the number of calories burnt during any of your physical exercise or movements in your daily schedule. To use this gadget you just need to put the band on your wrist, register yourself to Nike+ and get started. The Fuel Band has an accelerometer and a pedometer that measures the number of calories burnt and help you earn the ‘Nike Fuel points’.

Nike-Fuel-Band-App view

The ‘Nike Fuel points’ will give you and overall indication whether your daily fitness goals are reached or not. The Fuel Band consists of a dongle like USB plugin point that also acts as a clip to the band. All the data stored in your Fuel Band can be synced to your PC and you can the data in numbers, graphs on the Nike Website. This Fuel Band is also compatible with all the Apple devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad via Bluetooth. A very positive feature of the Fuel Band is that the same USB can be used for charging the band and hence your worries of carrying an additional charging adapter are kept aside.


The Nike Fuel Band is available in two different color variants of black and ICE (i.e. transparent) and three different sizes of small, medium and large. The battery provides the much required fuel to your Fuel Band for working it for long 4-7 days. Moreover the Fuel Band is waterproof and is fairly priced at nearly 150$. With this Fuel Band on your wrists life will really be a sport for you.