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    Fitness magnate Adidas has launched its new fitness wearable named Fit Smart and comes with a price tag of $199. This new fitness wearable syncs data with your mobile device in order to gather information from hardware for which a dedicated app miCoach is available in Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

    Adidas Fit Smart 2

    The Adidas Fit Smart doesn’t have an actual display instead hosts a series of LEDs that can notify users of their workout progress. It seems to be much similar to the Nike FuelBand. Features like vibration with multi-colored LEDs on the side are also provided and can change according to user’s intensity level.

    The Adidas Fit Smart has a battery capacity of 200mAh which can last for nearly five days if the average workout time is considered to be one hour per day. The Fit Smart fitness band will be available from August 15 globally on the official Adidas website.

    Source: Adidas

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    The Smart Watch market seems to get more dense and populous day by day as new companies are venturing and coming out with their own version of Smart Watches. The sports giant Nike has announced that it will come with its own version of Smart Watch in the first half of 2014, according to Taiwan’s supply chain.

    According to sources, Nike is currently having trial production of their smart watch at the EMS firm Flextronics International. So this time we may see the Nike+SportWatch in addition to its FuelBand SE concept that currently exists. However, the FuelBand SE is paired up with iOS only. But looking at the popularity of Android based Smart Watches, it could be strongly predicted that Nike may launch their Smart Watch on the Android platform as well. Nike currently accounts for 30% of the global sportswear market. In order to meet expectations of such a huge customer base, it will launch its Smart Watch soon.

    We have earlier seen the Adidas Smart Watch launched earlier in November. The watch was priced nearly at 400% and had variety of features catering to the fitness regime.

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    Nike fans are certainly on a high after Nike has introduced the Fuel Band concept. Further elevating the measurement level of fitness, Nike comes with a bracelet like Fuel Band that fuels up your fitness gauging experience. Nike has launched this Fuel Band with a level playing field irrespective of whether you are a fitness geek or not.

    Nike Fuel Band view

    The Nike Fuel Band calibrates the number of calories burnt during any of your physical exercise or movements in your daily schedule. To use this gadget you just need to put the band on your wrist, register yourself to Nike+ and get started. The Fuel Band has an accelerometer and a pedometer that measures the number of calories burnt and help you earn the ‘Nike Fuel points’.

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    The ‘Nike Fuel points’ will give you and overall indication whether your daily fitness goals are reached or not. The Fuel Band consists of a dongle like USB plugin point that also acts as a clip to the band. All the data stored in your Fuel Band can be synced to your PC and you can the data in numbers, graphs on the Nike Website. This Fuel Band is also compatible with all the Apple devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad via Bluetooth. A very positive feature of the Fuel Band is that the same USB can be used for charging the band and hence your worries of carrying an additional charging adapter are kept aside.


    The Nike Fuel Band is available in two different color variants of black and ICE (i.e. transparent) and three different sizes of small, medium and large. The battery provides the much required fuel to your Fuel Band for working it for long 4-7 days. Moreover the Fuel Band is waterproof and is fairly priced at nearly 150$. With this Fuel Band on your wrists life will really be a sport for you.