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Chinese handset manufacturer Huawei has unveiled its new smartband with LTE connectivity. The smartband would be supporting its own 4.5G network and is said to be commercially rolling out next year. The smartband is designed to measure the person’s heart rate and fitness level. The smartband has a 1.4inch OLED screen and comes with Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. It is even dust and water resistant. The smartband is said to include LTE-M chip made by Neul.

The 4.5G LTE network will be capable of having high data speeds up to 1GB/sec and would even enable VR and guide Drones. According to Huawei, “4.5G supports up to 100K per cell connections via LTE-M, 100 times that of 4G. LTE-M also provides better coverage. Receivers require just 1/100th of the signal of existing 2G system, 20dB gain, using low-power terminals.”

We can expect the smartband to be seen at the MWC 2015 event next week.

source: TheInquirer

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Motorola was the first one to announce its circular display smartwatch Moto 360 which comes with Android Wear. However, the company has not made any official announcement as to when will it release the device. Today, LG made a fast move and announced its LG G Watch R that comes with a circular display and is based on Android Wear. The LG G Watch R comes with a 1.3incl Plastic OLED screen having 320×320 pixel resolution. According to LG, the display provides some “stunning image clarity” in all situations including bright sunlight. Take a look at some of the official images released by the company.

2014-08-28_19-48-382014-08-28_19-48-55 2014-08-28_19-49-09 2014-08-28_19-49-27 2014-08-28_19-49-45 2014-08-28_19-50-00

Similar to the first LG G Watch, the LG G Watch R comes with a IP-67 certification that makes it to be water and dust resistant. The device comes with several fitness apps which allows users to monitor heart rate through the built-in PPG sensor. The smartwatch is powered with a Snapdragon process at 1.2GHz clock rate, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of built-in storage and a battery capacity of 410mAh. The circular dial of the watch is made up of some premium quality stainless steel along with a calf skin leather strap.

The smartwatch will be launched in selective markets in the fourth quarter of the year and the price is a surprise at the moment. We expect to get some more info regarding this trendy looking gadget from LG next week at the IFA 2014 event.

source: LG

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Last month, two tech Korean giants, Samsung and LG unveiled their first Android Wear smartwatches the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch respectively. Well, Google seems to have organized its Play Store wherein the Android Wear Apps are given a special place so that users can unleash the experience of Android Wear with options of various apps optimized for the platform.

The sections lists two Google apps Maps and Hangouts along with several other options like Level Money, Personal Capital Finance, travels apps, money management apps, American Airlines and Delta and many others among them. In addition some news apps like The Guardian and Thomas Reuters have also been added.

Evernote has come with an update to its app which comes with the Android wear support. There are plenty of apps available currently that come with the Android Wear support. Check the source link below and get them explored.

source: Google Play

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The Android Wear based LG G Watch is likely to be announced recently and we already have the first promo videos for the device. However, the specs for the device has always remained under hood but this time we have got some news regarding the specs for the device.

LG G Watch Snapdragon 400

LG has unveiled that the smartwatch will have a 512MB of RAM, and a leaked firmware indicates the device to be hosting a quad-core processor. The LG G Watch will be powered with a Qualcomm MSM 8226 Snapdragon 400 chipset with a Cortex-A7 quad-core processor clocked at 787MHz with a Adreno 305 for graphics support. The clock frequency seems to be a bit less when compared to the Samsung Gear 2 that hosts a dual-core processor clocked at 1GHz.

The device is likely to run Android 4.4W, a KitKat based Android Wear. Here is a video that has been released showing the boot animation of the device.

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Last month at the MWC 2014, Samsung unveiled its second smartwatch the Gear 2 along with its fitness band the Samsung Gear Fit. However, it was pretty much sure that Samsung would run the Gear 2 with its own Tizen OS and not Android. But the recent news show that it health tracking wearable would neither run Android nor Tizen.

Galaxy Gear fit

The Samsung Gear Fit would rather feature a Real Time Operating System (RTOS). The reason behind this is that RTOS proves to be more beneficial over Tizen and Android because of its execution of predetermined and simple tasks without any delay. Moreover, with RTOs the Gear fit would operate for three to four days just on a single charge.

This news might not be convincing for the software developers who won’t get a chance to try different applications for the device. This means that the Gear Fit would be limited for applications like counting steps, monitor heart-rate and other health-related features.


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Once again news for the Google smartwatch have sparked in the market. According to the leaks giant Evleaks, it seems that Google might be ready enough to enter the smartwatch market soon. It is velieved that the new Google smartwatch could arrive at the Google I/O event on June 25-26. Moreover, news are that Google may launch this smartwatch with the Korean giant LG.


However, LG’s relation with Google is quite strong enough and with this new joint venture, it seems to be cementing further. However with the current market with strong player like Pebble, Qualcomm, Sony and Samsung, Google will have to flip for new cards on their part. Well, we would certainly like to get a glimpse as fans have been waiting from long for this smart wearable from this search giant.

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These days, a large number of news for the iWatch are surfacing on the web. Few days ago, the iWatch was rumored to sport some solar charging capabilities, but recent news from the tech industry suggest that iWatch may come up with lithium-ion stepped batteries coming from Samsung SDI, LG Chem and Tianjin Lishen Battery.


The stepped batteries even though being similar to the conventional lithium ion batteries have got an extra “step” on the back to provide more capacity nearly about 16% extra.

Apple seems to be taking the battery life issue more seriously with the current prototype supporting 2-3 days of battery life. However, the Cupertino giant seems to strive more for the battery juice of its yet to be released iWatch.


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The Qualcomm Toq smartwatch is a good piece of wearable device and now the White variant of the device has been officially announced by Qualcomm. Qualcomm has launched it as a “Limited Edition” smartwatch and this could be predicted as a manufacturing constraint that has caused Qualcomm to give the “Limited Edition” tag. The smartwatch is recently surfacing at Amazon and the official Qualcomm website. The official Qualcomm website offers a 2 days shipment where the Amazon claims 1-2 months for the same.

QualcommToq White 1 Qualcomm-Toq-White-2

The Qualcomm Toq is giving tough competition to Pebble in terms of functionality. Here are few of the watch’s Tech specs:

  • 1.55 inch display size with 222ppi density and Qualcomm Mirasol display technology.
  • 3.2oz weight
  • Android 4.0.3 Jelly Bean and above compatibility
  • 240mAh battery life
  • Vibration and Airplane mode.


The smartwatch is priced at $350 in the market. Get your Qualcomm Toq White from the official Qualcomm store here.

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The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 has been rumored earlier for its release with the Galaxy S5. According to a Korean publication, the second version of the Galaxy Gear will be out in March or April. The Korean publication claims to be in touch with Samsung’s insiders and even said that the big announcement will take place at London at an unpacked event.

Galaxy Gear

The Galaxy Gear may come with a flexible OLED display and it is believed that Samsung has done some homework on the parts as well and replaced them with new ones.

However, according to previous rumors, the Galaxy Gear 2 was believed to be thinner by 15-20%. Let’s see how Samsung crosses the major hurdle of battery life for its upcoming device.


Source | Via

It’s a big news from the Korean giant LG that the Korean smart device manufacturer has come to terms with Apple in order to design the much awaited iWatch. The new iWatch that LG would designed would sport a Plastic OLED (P-OLED), similar to that introduced by LG in its G-Flex smartphone. For this, LG has got exclusive manufacturing rights for the initial production of 2 million units.

iWatch view

The only news available is that the iWatch would come up with1.52” display screen but the resolution still remains undisclosed. A source from Korea says that the iWatch would be available in the market anytime between July and September 2014. We had earlier spotted the iWatch to have a OLED display and with the recent news, this seems to be true.

The latest rumor involves the music to ears as many Apple fans believe that iWatch will still bring some innovation to the smartwatch segment, which according to them is still incomplete. We would surely keep monitoring news for the iWatch. Check our iWatch review here.