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With just over a week left for the commencement of IFA 2014 Berlin event, a recent rumor coming the Sony way says that the Japanese giant could possibly launch its 3rd iteration of smartwatch – The Sony SmartWatch 3 at this event. If these rumors are to believed, the Sony Smartwatch 3 will have the same design like its predecessor Sony SW 2 with a square display.


The actual specs will most like be announced at the IFA 2014 event by the company, but according to current rumors, this new smartwatch from Sony will have a trans-reflective display providing sufficient visibility even in sunlight. Moreover, the smartwatch is also expected to have on-board Wi-Fi and wireless charging on-board. The smartwatch is likely to be IP certified making it water-resistant.

A bit of disappointment would be that the Company is still reluctant to offer Android Wear as its OS, but will have its own OS running on the gadget. One thing is sure; Sony has a tough competition ahead!

source: Digi-Wo

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Garmin will now offer an app extension for the Sony SmartWatch 2 via the Google Play store allowing users to benefit from navigation information via Bluetooth from an Android smartphone running the Garmin Xperia Edition or the NAVIGON Android app.


Global vice-president for mobile business at Garmin-Joern Watzke explained :“We’re thrilled to bring Garmin’s premium navigation features to Xperia smartphones,”-“Garmin Xperia Edition boasts a comprehensive navigation feature set not available from other apps. The unique integration with Sony SmartWatch 2 provides users a seamless experience that extends smartphone navigation in the car to displaying pedestrian directions on the user’s wrist.”

With the Garmin Navigation App, Sony Smartwatch 2 will be able to display a detailed map, giving users current location details along with their destination route and a zoom function which can be accessed by a button press on the watch to get more closer details of your maps and route. Garmin’s Xperia Edition and Sony Smartwatch 2 extension would probably be made available this March 2014.


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Smartwatches take an upper edge over other conventional watches as it allows users to sport different watch faces giving your smartwatch a fresh and new look every time and anytime you want. For all Sony Smartwatch 2 owner, you have got a Clocki application which provides different watch faces to your smartwatch.

2014-02-16_09-06-52 2014-02-16_09-07-32

2014-02-16_09-08-03 2014-02-16_09-08-54

Having multiple watch faces embed in a single application helps users quickly swap over various choices. With Clocki, users will get 25 different clock styles along with an option to display the current weather and other information. Clocki even helps to turn off your backlight and even customize different colors.

To caution you previously, the clock faces may suck more battery juice resulting into faster drain of battery. But this comes at a cost of making your device look completely new. Clocki is priced at $2.00 on the Play Store.

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Smartwatches provide users with the essential interface to help your smartphone notifications reach your wrists, but for most of times you are unable to act on those notifications and it observed that most of the time you have to take out your smartphone to respond. The team at reQall has noticed these issues and has released their first application named reqallable for the Sony Smartwatch 2 in order to bridge the gap. Reqallable makes your notifications more actionable, analyzes you message and displays the portion that requires a response. Check out the video.

On analyzing the message, users will be able to send a pre-determined quick response straight away from your wrists without the need to take out your smartphone from your pockets. The app will even prioritize messages from important contacts. The app also monitors your calendar events, as well as give information regarding traffic conditions notifying you when is the best time to leave. It also allows you to respond you to any missed call with a text message straight away from your watch without the need to take out your smartphone from the pocket.

Well, Reqallable is certainly a good app that can manage multitude of your daily activities right on your wrists.

Download reqallable for your Sony Smartwatch 2

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With the smartwatch market making much noise, Sony can’t miss to be in the news. The Japanese giant is now focusing on the style quotient of its already released Sony Smartwatch 2. Sony has announced two special variants of its latest smartwatch under the tag of Silver and FIFA edition.

Sony smartwatch 2 silver

The Silver model is made of steel strap and the FIFA model seems to have been released to capture the Soccer World Cup 2014 sentiment. The FIFA edition belt is made up of fabric with colors of the Brazilian flag.


The Silver model seems to have been launched in competition to the Pebble Steel released earlier this year at the CES expo. Sony plans to release this models world-wide in next month. The price is still undeclared but we believe it to be more that the current price of the Sony Smartwatch 2 which is $159.99.


With various companies participating in the wearable smartwatch competition, the smartwatch market is getting denser day by day. Sony few months back had launched the Sony SmartWatch 2 and is making every possible attempt to stay ahead of the pack. Well, the new Call Handling Pro enables various features for managing phone calls.

Call Handling Pro

For that first you need to ensure that uninstall the Sony call handler application if you have it as simply disabling it is not enough.

On completion of the task, straight away head into Google Play and download Call Handling Pro, which is currently priced at $3.49. Here are the few features that you would get with the app.

  • Displays contact picture as background
  • Hang up call
  • Start up on outgoing call (on/off in settings)
  • Answer with loudspeaker (on/off in settings)
  • Vibrate on incoming call (on/off in settings)
  • Reject call with a SMS

The list of functionality that Sony offers with its new Sony Smartwatch 2 is just tremendous and the pricing seems to be quite a value for money.

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This CES 2014, Sony announces its new Smartband wearable Core that can measure almost every aspect of your daily life. This includes calculating the amount of time you spend walking, the time you spend sleeping, text messaging, exercising, talking on phone and even browsing on the internet.

Sony-Core-SmartBand-multiple colors view

Showcasing it as a “life-tracking” device, The Sony Core Smartband will connect your smartphone through Bluetooth. The Core Smartband can track almost everything from social interactions to workout routines. Thus on the Core, you get a grid showing how much time you have spend on each activity. Even if your Core gets disconnected from the smartphone due to some reason, the Core will still continue measuring data and will transfer it to your smartphone once the connection is re-established.

Due to no display on the smartband that battery life of the device stands to impressive 5 days of working. The device has a microUSB port for charging and is completely waterproof.

sony-smartband-core-release view

Though much information regarding the smartband is not available, Sony CEO Kuni Suzuki said that Sony will keep us updated regarding any new features added to the device and more details will be unveiled at the MWC to be held next month. Here is a promotional video for the device.

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With just four days left for the New Year to begin, everyone is eyeing on the CES 2014 event that is to be held in the early January. Moreover, especially when Sony CEO Kaz Hirai is going to deliver the opening keynote for the commencement, we expect a lot of news form the Japanese giant.

Sony Smart Watch 2 view

Sony has recently registered for an FCC certification for its new unique device in the name of “BT Watch Notifier” (SWR10).  The Watch appears to be somewhat like the Galaxy Gear or the Pebble that has the ability to display notifications and alerts.

Sony recently has launched it Sony SmartWatch 2, but if guessed, this new release can be a low cost replacement to the Galaxy gear and Pebble with similar kind of functionality. The listing also has surfaced the NFC and Bluetooth connectivity. However, there is no word out from Sony regarding its hardware. We hope the mystery of this new wearable device gets unfolded at the coming CES event.

In the tech industry and against all odds, the year wasn’t for Google Glass but yet for all the just released Smart Watches by several brands. We’ve chosen the best of them to help you in the buying decision or just for fun! This are of course the Top 10 Smart watches according to our opinion and therefore we are looking to hear from you!

10. Omate True Smart watch 2.0

The Omate Smart Watch is called the “True” Smartwatch because it can work independently from your Smartphone and has all the most known apps you use like Gmail, Facebook and other Social Networks. This is possible as it has its own SIM slot and therefore allowing to make calls without being connected via bluetooth to your smartphone. The watch is still in a pre-order stage and that is why we put it in the 10th place because we really can’t compare a watch that is not yet released with one that is going to be in the market god knows when. Prices range from 249$ to 299$ for Pre-Orders.

9. Burg Smart Watch

There is not a single Burg Smart Watch. The Burg company is recognized to develop and sell “watchphones” that are 100% smartphones with the dimensions of a watch. You can actually buy the Burg 12, 13, 14….up to 18! Different colors and different features, but the question is: Will a Burg Smartwatch fit your needs and relationship with your Smartphone? Eventually not and that is why the company is looking forward to release a new Burg!

8. Qualcomm Toq

This Qualcomm Toq an amazing SmartWatch but has been missing lots of attention from the media. This amazing watch can pair with Smart phones using Android 4.0.3 or higher available in the market and works perfectly. They use the Same Technology as E-Paper from Pebble but it is called Mirasol. If you are looking for performance and speed, this is the watch to chose.


7. Wellograph Smart Watch

A great release this last November. This SmartWatch is still in preview but the heart beat measuring capabilities turn this into a promise for 2014. Have a look at the Wellograph SW preview.

6. Z1 Android Smart Watch

Not many people heard of this Z1 Smart Watch one but it is an incredibly great machine because it is not that beautiful. The Z1 is powered by a Mediatek ARM9 with 426 MHz. The RAM memory is 256MB and holds a 2.0” display screen. It also has 300MB memory expandible to a 8GB. This one is available at Amazon for 229$.

5. MOTOACTV Smart Watch

Motorola worked hard into developing a fitness friendly smart watch. The result is the MOTOACTV. This is not competing directly with the other smart watches but can fit a particulary need of a smart watch user that is help while cycling or walking with high reliability. The MOTOACTV has a virtual competitor that runs with you, fights you and helps you to perform better every new day. This device is available at prices starting on the 250$. 

4. Kreyos Smart Watch

The Kreyos team was supposed to be competing with Pebble directly but surprisingly or not the sales are not that high. This one is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. This is the one and only watch really compatible with Windows Phone 8.It is also waterproof and holds a microphone and speaker. We chose this device for this position  due to its reliable voice commands and gesture features.  

3. Samsung Galaxy Gear

I believe the Samsung Galaxy Gear was the most famous Smart Watch in 2013 because it was being sold by Samsung and Samsung really invested a lot of money in this device marketing, hiring Cristiano Ronaldo to make the promotional video below, but they are not investing at all on having Applications running on the device such as Facebook, Gmail and others. If they don’t release them before CES 2014 the Gear can lose track to the competition.

2. Sony Smart Watch 2

The Sony Smart Watch 2 comes with Android 4.0 and has an astonishing battery life of 4 days under normal usage. We believe the brand behind the phone, the marketing given to this device, the number of apps specifically developed for this machine, the one-touch NFC connectivity and the variants available make it the 2nd place in the podium. 

1. Pebble Smart Watch

Because above all is price/quality ratio, the Pebble Smart Watch is the winner of 2013.

Now, tell us your thoughts and opinions on these watches!

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Sony Corp. doesn’t seem to forget its Sony Smart Watch 2, released this September! Paying some more attention to its smart wrist watch, Sony has offered an updated app to its users.

sony-smartwatch updated app view

Giving a new face to your watch, the app includes new watch faces that you could put on the screen to give a new feel to the device. Moreover, the stop watch that was missing has also been added and the auto-brightness feature will automatically change the brightness depending upon the ambient light.

Sony Smart Watch 2 application view

The updated application also supports larger font size and help manage notifications. You will be able to scroll through the notifications with the scroll bar indicating where you are! The app also puts a button, tapping on which will mark all your notifications as read.

Sony Smart Watch 2 users can get the application download here.