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The world is today witnessing a new transition in the world of smart devices with many Smartphone makers looking forward to delve into Smart Watches. The E-paper Smart Watch concept has caught limelight for its magnificent operability and battery life. Here are the top 3 E-paper Smart Watches:

Pebble E-paper Smart Watch

This E-paper Smart Watch comes with compatibility of both iOS and Android. What you need to do is to download a Pebble application to enable your notifications. The display is 1.26 inch with a 144×168 resolution and a backlight feature that helps your watch to operate even at dark. The watch has Bluetooth 4.0+ connectivity, a superior battery life of 7 days and comes in four different color variants. What makes the Watch smarter is that there is a 3 axis accelerometer embedded in it that helps you determine the walking and cycling distance and also serves as a range finder in the golf course. This all complete package comes at an unimaginable competitive price of just $150.

Pebble Smart Watch view

Plastic Logic E-paper Smart Watch

Plastic logic comes with the new concept of a flexible Smart Watch. The engineers at Plastic Logic have engineered the flexible Smart Watch technology that comes with a colorful e-paper display with e-ink combination. This e-paper Smart Watch offers high-end durability and is quoted as “effectively unbreakable” by its engineers. Its smarter features include heart-rate monitoring and Wi-Fi functionality. The most eye-popping news is that all this amazing features comes with just 1mm thickness.

Plastic Logic E-paper Smart Watch view

SmartFitty Fitness Tracking E-paper Smart Watch

The name itself suggests that it offers a smarter way to say fit. The watch basically keeps details of your walks and gives you the result of the number of calories burnt thereby keeping your fitness schedule intact. Flaunting its smartness further, the watch has inbuilt sleep monitor that keeps tracks of your sleeping schedules too. The watch has a high resolution monochrome e-paper display. In addition it has an accelerometer and a Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. It offers compatability with both iOS and Android. Moreover it offers an extensive battery life of up to 7 days. If you are serious about your fitness or are a fitness geek this watch has been certainly designed for you!!

SmartFitty E-paper Smart Watch viewYou may find several E-Paper Smartwatches on Ebay at very good prices.