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As the world of smart devices is getting much attention today, Smart Watches have proved out to be the fuel to help it move faster. Various tech companies are making pertinent efforts so that their user’s kitty is full of surprises at a very competitive price. MetaWatch with another version of Strata strikes the Smart Watch market with a greater bang!!

MetaWatch Strata reviews

Similar to its earlier version of Frame, MetaWatch Strata come with a bit more loaded features at a better price offered!! The MetaWatch Strata comes with a 96×96 pixel resolution but surprisingly the display is very excellent in bright sunlight and dark (supported by backlight) and just a casual glance at the display will offer you all the details present on the screen easily. MetaWatch offers its own Software Development Kit (SDK) and is available with both iOS and Android as well. However the Frame is much known for its sleek and elegant design, Strata offers the much essential durability.


Looking further, the Metawatch Strata comes with an inbuilt 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity with your Smartphone providing a fluidic experienced to receive notification, text or call alerts. Moreover the watch offers a gentle vibrating buzz to help you know about any notifications. With all these features you may be taken aback by its superior battery life of 5-7 days, the most essential feature that users usually look for!!

Strata in different colors view

Offering you with the required lifestyle MetaWatch Strata comes with 5 ATM rating which means that you can have this Smart Watch all the time stapled to your wrist for all your activities from morning to evening. It comes in four color variants too that matches your style. The charging comes with a clip connecting the charging points on the back of your watch with a micro USB port. MetaWatch has placed a very competitive price for its Strata version with just 179$.

Strata during swimming

If you truly feel that MetaWatch Strata has all that you need, just go for the buy without any second thought.

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Is it really annoying for you to take your Smartphone every time out of your pocket for a text, notification or a call?? The perfect solution for it is that you quickly need to move into the world of Smart Watches. Managing most of your phone operations on just the wrist of your hand, it is sure that you are surely going to fall in love with the gadget. Here is a smart watch from MetaWatch which is much talked today!!

MetaWatch Frame review

The MetaWatch Frame comes with a monochrome display and a 96×96 pixel resolution. Even though the pixel density is low the display is clearly readable in sunlight. The display coating comes with a toughened anti-glare glass and the bezel is its style statement made up of stainless steel. The user interface of the watch is customizable that comes with both Android and iOS.

MetaWatch Frame Black view

The device comes with a Bluetooth 4.0 technology offering you a smooth connectivity with your smart phone. It comes with an e-ink display that offers an impressive battery life of about 5-6 days, a feature that most smart watch lovers look for!! Further catering to your daily fitness activities the watch comes with an inbuilt 3-axis accelerometer. Moreover the watch also shows weather and GPS information on your home screen and is completely waterproof with a 3 ATM rating.

MetaWatch Frame view

How trendy is the MetaWatch design??

The watch has a total of six buttons with three on either side that are quickly and easily approachable and comes handy to manage your operations. The charging points are provided on the back of the display connected with a micro USB clip. Here the utmost care needs to be taken to prevent the loss of this charging clip or else you will end up making things a bit cumbersome for yourself. The MetaWatch Frame comes at a very competitive price of approximately 200$.

MetaWatch with charging clip view

The MetaWatch can certainly prove you to be a good companion for your smart world.

The Smart Watch concept has been launched earlier, but the year of 2013 has proved to be quite catching up the heat for the Smart Watch market. Various tech savvy companies around the world have joined the race and are looking forward to staple themselves to this Smart Watch market. They are coming out with lucrative and loaded features and designs. The predictions from analysts across the globe have put a clear picture that 2014 is going to be year where Smart Watch market will witness a good transition with large number of potential buyers being hooked to it.

What actually the Smart Watch predictions say?

The predictions suggest that in 2014 Smart Watches will be available in various retail stores. Right now the online stores are selling the smart watches on large scale. Best Buy stands as the best example for it with major companies selling their smart watches here. However the predictions show that in 2014 retail stores will also be flooded with smart watches and this eye-catching gadget will seek attention on a larger scale. Adjoining figure shows the prediction sells in millions for the corressponding year.

Sales prediction graph of Smart Watches for 2014 view

Big blue-chip tech giants like Google and Apple have also confirmed it that they are looking forward to venture in this market. Recently Google has confirmed that they have took over WIMM who is believed to pioneer in making Smart Watches. Apple too has sparked the news with copyrighting the iWatch term. These news have certainly raised the anxiety in the Smart Watch consumer market.

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

The NextMarket Insights have surveyed that in 2014 nearly 15 million watches are going to be shipped and the numbers will go to approximately 30+ million watches in 2015. The Asian markets are believed to grow stronger in 2014 witnessing large number of smartwatch buyers. Many companies are looking to make watches that meet both Android and iOS requirements with additional features of fitness and lifestyle providing the fuel to make your smarter world move faster.

Just get ready to accelerate in the world of smart devices and enjoy the thrill of smarter world.

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Are you really anxious to join the club of Smart Watch users? Here is the Boddie Smart Watch that comes to your easiness offering you an exotic lifestyle just on the wrist of your hands.

Boddie Smart Watch Review

The trendy Boddie Smart Watch is compatible to both Android and iOS so that users of both Operating systems (OS) can have the maximum advantage. The Watch comes with a 1.44 inch display an micro USB port for its charging and has its own dedicated OS. It also offers a much superior Bluetooth 4.0/BLE connectivity. The battery also provides the watch with the much required adrenaline to function for a period of 7 days. Making your world even smarter the Watch has an inbuilt accelerometer, gyroscope, digital compass and two thermometers.

Boddie Smart Watch view

The watch also offers all the basic functions that enables you manage your texts, calls and notifications. The most convincing feature of the watch is that it connects you online and offline just by twisting your wrist by 180 degrees. This really helps you connect to the world within a blink of an eye. It also allows you to manage your music player effectively. Additionally it has a camera shutter release that enables you to remotely lock or find your Smartphone. the watch also comes in different trendy colors to support your style.

Boddie in different colors

Boddie will serve you as your personal fitness instructor. This Smart Watch keeps track of your regular routine exercise, displays your body temperature and also shows the number of calories burnt during your exercise, offering a smarter way to tame your physical fitness.

Bringing a smarter way to deal with your professional life the watch has an inbuilt Slide Command that caters to your office presentations by just moving your wrist. With this cool features, Boddie is raising money and awareness today through a crowdfunding site Indiegogo. The watch certainly provides an aesthetic feel to your smarter life.

The world is today witnessing a new transition in the world of smart devices with many Smartphone makers looking forward to delve into Smart Watches. The E-paper Smart Watch concept has caught limelight for its magnificent operability and battery life. Here are the top 3 E-paper Smart Watches:

Pebble E-paper Smart Watch

This E-paper Smart Watch comes with compatibility of both iOS and Android. What you need to do is to download a Pebble application to enable your notifications. The display is 1.26 inch with a 144×168 resolution and a backlight feature that helps your watch to operate even at dark. The watch has Bluetooth 4.0+ connectivity, a superior battery life of 7 days and comes in four different color variants. What makes the Watch smarter is that there is a 3 axis accelerometer embedded in it that helps you determine the walking and cycling distance and also serves as a range finder in the golf course. This all complete package comes at an unimaginable competitive price of just $150.

Pebble Smart Watch view

Plastic Logic E-paper Smart Watch

Plastic logic comes with the new concept of a flexible Smart Watch. The engineers at Plastic Logic have engineered the flexible Smart Watch technology that comes with a colorful e-paper display with e-ink combination. This e-paper Smart Watch offers high-end durability and is quoted as “effectively unbreakable” by its engineers. Its smarter features include heart-rate monitoring and Wi-Fi functionality. The most eye-popping news is that all this amazing features comes with just 1mm thickness.

Plastic Logic E-paper Smart Watch view

SmartFitty Fitness Tracking E-paper Smart Watch

The name itself suggests that it offers a smarter way to say fit. The watch basically keeps details of your walks and gives you the result of the number of calories burnt thereby keeping your fitness schedule intact. Flaunting its smartness further, the watch has inbuilt sleep monitor that keeps tracks of your sleeping schedules too. The watch has a high resolution monochrome e-paper display. In addition it has an accelerometer and a Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. It offers compatability with both iOS and Android. Moreover it offers an extensive battery life of up to 7 days. If you are serious about your fitness or are a fitness geek this watch has been certainly designed for you!!

SmartFitty E-paper Smart Watch viewYou may find several E-Paper Smartwatches on Ebay at very good prices.

The tech industry has witnessed a new transition in the world of smart devices with many companies moving-in to make the Smart Watches. The I’m Smart Watch is another one that stands in the race along with its competitors. Let us have a quick look at its functionality.

What does I’m Smart Watch offer?

I'm Smart Watch  view

The Smart Watch comes with a display of 1.54 inch and a 240×240 (220ppi) resolution which is fairly very clear. However the reviews show that the screen has a mediocre quality of touch response. A good feature is that the I’m Smart Watch is flexible enough to be compatible with iPhone, Android and Blackberry interfaces. Additionally it runs its own customized version of Android as the ‘Droid 2’. But the watch is also not that user friendly to you, since you need to register to I’m cloud market, have an I’m account and download the I’m apps that will be synced to your phone OS (operating system). Your apps will be synced to your phone as long as the Bluetooth connectivity is maintained, which is also not that promising.

I'm Smart Watch apps

Adding it more to the user’s kitty the surprising feature of the watch is that it comes with superior 4GB storage. Navigating further into its design the right side of the watch comes with a microphone as well as a back/power button. Whereas the left side has a 3.5mm jack serving dual operations of charging as well audio. It has a disappointing battery life of just 450mAH, which is hardly operational for 10 hours. Moreover the most worrisome feature of the I’m Smart Watch is that it is being exorbitantly priced at nearly 400 US dollars, which will certainly keep the buyers a further away. The watch is available in four different color variants.

I'm Smart Watch in different color variants

Today I’m Smart Watch says that “I’m” there for your smarter world but the most pertinent question is “are you” really ready to welcome it??

BTW, you can get the I’m Smart Watch from Ebay at better prices.

Smart watches have today given a new dimension to the computing world wherein all your computing needs have been placed on the wrist of your hand. Venturing into the Smart watch market, Pebble Technology has come out with its new Pebble Smart Watch which has turned out to be an attention seeker within smart watch lovers for its stylish and unique features.

Trendy Specifications of Pebble Smart Watch

Pebble Smart Watch view

The most noticing feature of this Pebble Smart Watch is that it is compatible with both iOS(5+) and Android(2.3+) and thus can be customized according to users need. But for this, you priorly need to install the Pebble watch application to enable notifications. The display is 1.26 inch with a resolution of 144×168. This might sound a bit inferior but the reviews show that the visibility is very clear. A backlight facility is also provided when you operate the watch in dark. The most high-end feature is that it comes with a Bluetooth 4.0 BLE connectivity with a magnificent battery life of nearly 7 days. This really caters to your needs of larger time operability. The watch has a plastic belt and comes in four different color variants in the bezel of the display casing. Additionally the watch is completely waterproof and can be used for swimming and surfing (may not be suitable for diving).

Pebble in different colors

What makes it really smarter??

Now this features will really take your heart away. The device comes with a 3 axis accelerometer with detection of gestures which means that it smartly recognizes the jerk in wrist when you move the hand to see the watch and flashes the backlight. Note that the sensitivity is so adjusted that in normal movements of hands while walking or running the light doesn’t flash, which i.e. very smart and considerably saves your battery.

Pebble while cycling

Additionally it offers excellent music controls, determines your distance during cycling and running. On a serene evening when you are enjoying the game of golf, Pebble Smart Watch serves as a range finder on the field enriching your golfing experience.

Pebble while golfing

All these cool features come at a very competitive price of just 150$ approx if we are talking about ebay or 119$ if we speak about Amazon, which is very less compared to equivalent competitors like Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony Smart Watch 2 . So if you are really searching a watch to match your smartness this is certainly the most apt gadget for you.

Sony has ventured into the Smart Watch market since long back and today it continues to keep its strong foot-hold with the latest release of its Sony Smart Watch 2. This news has certainly raised the anxiety amongst the Sony fans and Smart Watch lovers across the globe. With its second round of business in this area Sony plans to give a run for their money to its competitors.

Let us first have a look at the specs

Adding further richness to your Android experience Sony Smart Watch 2 is a device that flaunts your flamboyant lifestyle.

Sony SmartWatch 2 Review

The casing is a 1.6 inch display with an aluminum body. The resolution is 220×176 a bit inferior to the Galaxy Gear counterpart but however it serves the basic utility of a watch with a considerably good display.

Sony Smat Watch 2

It is compatible with all Android 4.0 and above versions and has micro USB charging with a substantial battery life of 3-4 days under normal use. The most noticing and unique feature is that it is the only device of its kind that comes with a one-touch NFC connectivity.

Sony Smart Watch 2 in different colours

Sony offers you the choice for selecting among four different color variants that suits your style. The device has light plastic belts offering you with a choice of metal belt too. Moreover the device is waterproof and has an excellent display quality even in bright sunshine. Additionally it also does not have any camera that the Gear sports and this could be little disappointing to its fans.

Will it survive the market competition??

Looking at the pricing it is bit less than the Galaxy Gear but this comes at a cost of less features as compared to Gear. But if you are a frequent user of the NFC feature then this is really a device that will serve your need. Secondly it has a better battery life but with an inferior display compared to Gear. However since the device is water resistant you need not take care while washing your hands and moving out in rain. It can certainly make a mark with this features in the market. The price of the Sony SmartWatch 2 is around 200$ and you can get it here from ebay.

The Smart Watch concept has caught a strong grip in the world of smart devices. In accordance Smart Watch market has witnessed a comprehensive growth in past few years. Raising the heat further is the latest official release of Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch. Let’s have a quick synopsis of the top 3 Smart Watches that are making the rounds today.

Top 3 Smart Watches

Samsung Galaxy Gear

This is the latest breathtaking news from Samsung and it seems that they are all set to raise the level of competition further. The Samsung Galaxy Gear Release date is determined already for October. This small device comes with a heavily loaded features like the 800MHz processor, super AMOLED screen, an integrated 1.9 megapixel camera and many such making it more lucrative to the users. The pricing lands up close to 299$, however once you have the look at this gadget you are surely going to forget it. Adding further to your choice this trendy watch offer you good variety of color belts but be specific while making the first choice as the casing cannot be detached from the belt. Overall the Smart Watch seems to be quite a promising product from Samsung. You can get this SmartWatch directly from Ebay at around 350$.

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch ReviewGalaxy Gear Smart Watch in different colors

Sony Smart Watch 2

Pre-occupying the Smart Watch market with its first version Sony seems to climbing up the ladder with release of its second version. The Sony SmartWatch 2 is developed with the basic Android 4 version and above operability. The specs are a bit low compared to gear with 1.6 inch trans-reflexive LCD screen and a bit less resolution. Additionally it is not equipped with camera but it comes with the noticing feature of NFC being embedded into it. At the same time its pricing is less with $260 approx. The battery life for this watch is also considerably good with 3 to 4 days of operability under normal use. The Sony SmartWatch 2 is available at Ebay for around 200$.

Sony Smart Watch_2

Qualcomm Toq

Surprising the Smart Watch global community, Qualcomm has come with a Toq Smart Watch. It is not such a high end device that comes with 1.6 inch screen and 200MHz processor. The device however easily connects to your 4.0.3 and above Android equipped devices. The battery life functions with a normal usage for 3-4 days. Moreover it doesn’t come with a camera. Its most distinct feature is that it comes with a wireless battery charging feature with Qualcomm’s WiPower LE technology. Qualcomm has promised that it will be upgraded in terms of software which it will surely need to do if it wants to be the “pie of the eye” within its customers.