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The Smart Watch gadget is catching up all the heat in the market and has witnessed an exponential growth among the user’s smart choice for a smart device. With this, Martian has come with an analog smart watch that couples’ traditional analog watch look with modern smart features.

Martian Watch view

The Martian Smart Watch has a clear and elegant 12-hour dial, an 11 character LED screen at the bottom and a small LED on the bezel that flashes on any kind of notification. However to make those LED function, you first need to trigger the smart functions on the watch. The Martian Smart Watch is available in three different styles of passport, victory and G2G with all three of them being available in different color variants.

Once you switch on to its smart features, the watch is all yours. It has an in-built microphone and a speaker with which you can start all your calling functions. By modifying in its settings you can also enable the gesture control to reject an incoming call. To receive notifications on the watch you will need to install the Martian Smart Watch app from the Android Play Store. Their engineers are also working for its iOS app version as well. For every notifications on your phone, the watch will buzz a bit giving you an alert.

Three different variants of Martian view

The battery life of the watch is considerably good giving you more than two hours of continuous talk time, seven days of operation in stand-by mode and if only the analog part of the watch is operational the watch can run for as long as 30 days.

Coming to its pricing the watch is priced at 299$ which seems to be pretty good and fair looking at its features. Overall, the Martian Smart Watch seems to be quite a promising product.

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Get your wrists covered with one of the finest Smart Watches available there in the market. The Neptune Pine Smart Watch is exquisitely designed for Smart Watch lovers and is loaded with high-end hardware, latest software and variety of other features.

Neptune Pine view

The Neptune Pine Smart Watch has almost all the phone features baked in it. The display is a 2.4” TFT capacitive touch screen, which is pretty large, and comes with a 320×240 resolution. The Neptune Pine Smart Watch also has a micro SIM support that can provide you the facilities for both 2G and 3G data services. The Smart Watch also has an in-built speaker, microphone and a 3.5mm jack that makes your calling functions easy and quick. The watch also supports a vibration alert along with a ring ensuring that you do not miss on any important notifications, mail alerts or do not skip any important dates in your calendar.

Neptune Pine Smart Watch view

The watch’s engine is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2 Ghz Dual-core processor. This shows that your every functions will occur just within a blink-of-an-eye. Its 512 MB RAM along with 16/32 GB variants, keeps your storage worries away from you. Additional features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB and a GPS support. The Neptune Pine Smart Watch is believed to run with an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean software. The watch has a 5 megapixel rear camera and a VGA secondary camera as well so that you can capture every happening moments around you and re-live them whenever you want.

This watch will also serve to maintain your fitness schedules! It has an in-built gyroscope, accelerometer and a digital compass as well. To give life to all these features the watch has an 810mAH Lithium battery that works for very healthy period of time. The pricing is very competitive and Neptune Pine is available at 335$ for its 16Gb variant and 395$ for its 32Gb variant. Overall the watch seems a very deal that you could strike.

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The Z1 smart watch stands to be a stiff competition to its equivalents and other smart watch competitors of its zone. The watch is loaded with high-end features and offers a higher intellect quotient in terms of functionality. It is quite possible that reading further, you might end up asking yourself a very pertinent question-Is it a Smart Watch or a Smart Phone??

Z1 Smart Watch view

The Z1 Smart Watch offers a Mediatek ARM9 processor that operates at a pretty good speed of 426 MHz. The RAM memory is nearly 256 MB that makes your operations run in a fluidic manner without any kind of hesitation. A 2.0” display screen is quite large that helps you manage your functions easily. Moreover, it comes with a 300 MB internal storage and a way-too-good 8 GB expandable storage. This helps you keep all your stuff just at the wrist of your hands.

In addition to this, the Z1 Smart Watch has an in-built WiFi and a Bluetooth 2.0 in it. Additionally it also offers a SIM card slot along with a microphone and speaker. This enables you to receive as well as make calls at any instant of time. The watch also offers a 2.0 megapixel camera that comes handy to capture your surrounding details.

Z1_Android_Smart_Watch_Phone view

The watch is designed to function at GSM frequencies of 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz respectively. The battery life is 800mAH that serves you well for a larger period of time. The stand-by time is nearly 36 hrs and the talk-time is close to 4 hrs. The Z1 Smart Watch is running on almost all Android versions from Android 2.2 onwards. It is available at Amazon here:

This heavily loaded package is available at nearly 200$, which stands a fair price put to the device. Well, we need to see that how nicely does the watch strikes the market.

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The list goes longer and grows larger as Motorola participates in the competition of Fitness Smart Watches. MOTOACTV the fitness watch from Motorola is made for fitness fanatics and targets mostly fitness geeks. This Smart Watch monitors all your fitness schedule and doesn’t not allow to skip on your fitness goals at all!

MotoActv from Motorola view

This Smart Watch holds a 1.6 inch display and is pretty light to wear. The device has five home screens with Settings, Work out, Time piece, Music and Notifications functions. As it truly focused on your fitness schedule, on the first power up it will ask to enter your age, height, weight and gender so that the MOTOACTV can use this data to calculate your workouts.

Initially what you need to do is just install your MOTOACTV on your PC using the MotoCast. Generate your ID and load all your workout data to your account. An optional WiFi feature is also provided in the watch so that all your data will be synced automatically to your MOTOACTV account, leaving you from the additional effort of connecting your device to your PC.

MotoActv Smart Watch view

You can also sync your MOTOACTV with your smartphone via Bluetooth by downloading MotoActv app from the Android Stores. Once the devices are paired you can operate all your texts, notifications, calendars and similar functions. The watch also has a call back function to return the favor for any missed calls on your phone.

The MOTOACTV is GPS capable that helps you find your path while running, cycling or walking. Additionally the watch has a virtual competitor that competes with you for fitness and serves, to boast you, to perform better day by day. The MOTOACTV Golf Edition comes with a Golf app that manages your scorecards, clubs and all other key data whilst golfing. The battery life is pretty good and accompanies you for a period of 3 days. The MOTOACTV will be available to you at a cost of 250$ approximately.

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Nike fans are certainly on a high after Nike has introduced the Fuel Band concept. Further elevating the measurement level of fitness, Nike comes with a bracelet like Fuel Band that fuels up your fitness gauging experience. Nike has launched this Fuel Band with a level playing field irrespective of whether you are a fitness geek or not.

Nike Fuel Band view

The Nike Fuel Band calibrates the number of calories burnt during any of your physical exercise or movements in your daily schedule. To use this gadget you just need to put the band on your wrist, register yourself to Nike+ and get started. The Fuel Band has an accelerometer and a pedometer that measures the number of calories burnt and help you earn the ‘Nike Fuel points’.

Nike-Fuel-Band-App view

The ‘Nike Fuel points’ will give you and overall indication whether your daily fitness goals are reached or not. The Fuel Band consists of a dongle like USB plugin point that also acts as a clip to the band. All the data stored in your Fuel Band can be synced to your PC and you can the data in numbers, graphs on the Nike Website. This Fuel Band is also compatible with all the Apple devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad via Bluetooth. A very positive feature of the Fuel Band is that the same USB can be used for charging the band and hence your worries of carrying an additional charging adapter are kept aside.


The Nike Fuel Band is available in two different color variants of black and ICE (i.e. transparent) and three different sizes of small, medium and large. The battery provides the much required fuel to your Fuel Band for working it for long 4-7 days. Moreover the Fuel Band is waterproof and is fairly priced at nearly 150$. With this Fuel Band on your wrists life will really be a sport for you.

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If you think that you really own a very good Smart Watch, then please give your thought a second chance! Yes, the Kreyos Smart Watch will be soon out this November to offer you larger surprises. Taking a look at the device features, it seems to be very appealing and catchy.

Kreyos Meteor Smart Watch

The watch has a 1.26 inch display with a fairly 144×168 pixels resolution. This Smart Watch will be compatible with three major smartphone interfaces- iOS, Android and the Windows Phone 8. Moreover it would be the only waterproof smart watch that provides with a microphone as well as a speaker. However, this Smart Watch is capturing larger attention because of its voice command and gesture feature. You just need to pair your Kreyos Meteor with your smartphone via the Bluetooth 4.0 and get started!

Kreyos Meteor Smart Watch view

The watch will allow you to make calls, receive mails or texts, control music and many such features. Kreyos has moved a step further than its competitors and will provide a six-axis accelerometer. This will enable you to communicate with your smartphone in a much easier way by just moving your wrist. Moreover its in-built gesture function will allow you to control various functions at your ease, even without touching your Kreyos.

Kreyos in different colors view

This Smart Watch will be water resistant and will be your companion for every season of the year. For fitness geeks the watch will provide every related information like calories burnt during exercise, number of steps walked or distances covered.

The watch is believed to operate in eight different Unicode languages and will be available in five different color variants. Moreover, its battery life is very long lasting and will serve the user with a very healthy experience of nearly a week (7 days). This entire complete package will be available at just 169$, giving a run-for-the-mile to its competitors.

 Just go, get the Kreyos and enjoy its meteoric large experience.

The Smart Watch dice has started to roll faster and the competition between various companies is getting stiffer. With plethora of smart watches available in the market, consumers are paying more attention for the essential features that meet their requirement. Different companies are releasing their Smart Watches with a variety of features that could make their smart watch device stand apart in comparison to its competitors. Here is a list of top 5 features in the Smart Watches that fans look while buying the gadget!

1) Style and Display

The design of the device plays a very vital role in attracting its customers. The look of the smart watch is the prima-fascia report of the device that lures the customers to have a further dig into the device. Moreover the display quality is a feature that can grab the viewer’s eye easily. The super AMOLED displays as seen in the Samsung Galaxy Gear or the e-paper display from Pebble has recently been the USP of the device.

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch view

2) Flexible interface

The interface of the Smart Watch with various other devices is a deciding factor whether the device will be a hit or not. There are many Smart Watches available that can work with the two famous- Android or iOS interface. Moreover some companies also offer the versatility of having a customizable interface according to users need. Pebble and the Metawatch can be integrated with both iOS and Android.

Pebble while cycling view

3) Notification managing functions

It is imperative that the device should notify the users for every new notification on the phone. Mails, texts, calls, social networking all this should be made easy and quick bringing it to customers ease and satisfaction. The actual importance of the Smart Watches get elevated if these features are properly taken care off!

4) Battery Life

Usually the battery life of the smart device is a crucial and highly important function. An inferior or mediocre battery life gets the user annoyed. If the battery gets drained faster it is obvious that your Smart Watch will be your companion for a very short period of time. Usually higher resolution displays are bound to consume a larger part of the battery. Well, in this it can be said that technology comes at a cost!!

5) Additional Feature

Customers usually look for what extra apart from normal functions has the Smart Watch to offer?? Today various Smart Watch comes with features like low energy 4.0 Bluetooth, accelerometer function, motion sensors, water proof feature, and other fitness embedded apps. If the Smart Watch is having such features it will certainly lean the customers to opt for the device.
These Smart Watch features play a crucial role and are the deciding factors, which help the customers to decide what exactly they want and make a smart move while buying the Smart Watch.

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This time it’s the news from the fitness world that seems to adopt the tech way to deal with its fitness solutions. Adidas has made an official news during the GigaOm’s mobilized conference recently in San Francisco that it is soon to launch its smart watch in the market. Adidas has constantly been striving to offer advanced and smarter fitness solutions to its customers with its diverse range of products and this type they seem to gel with the much famous Smart Watch concept.

Adidas Smart Watch view

The Smart Watch is designed for runners and will support a GPS and heart rate sensor. Taking a smarter step further to offer fitness solutions to its customers, the Smart Watch will determine the pulse rate on the wrist that provides complete details of the workout with in-built motion sensors.

The Smart Watch measures your heart rate and offers personal training solutions. The watch will ask you sometimes to push harder and put some more effort to develop good fitness. With your headphones put on the “personal trainer” will scream in your ears asking you to cover further more distance ahead. However, you can also turn on serene music during your relaxing moments.

Adidas fitness watch view

The Smart Watch from Adidas will come with Bluetooth 4.0 that helps you integrate your watch with mobile devices. The in-built GPS will also help you determine the distance of your running track and will gauge your speed as well!!

The fitness watch from Adidas will offer its customers and fans much smarter solutions to deal with fitness. Taking a further dig in the fitness arena, Adidas has effectively clubbed its fitness solutions with tech gadgets. These holistic approach from Adidas seems to cater the much essential fitness requirements of its customers. Adidas has announced that the watch will be available to its customers on the 1st of this November at a price of nearly 400$.

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The Suunto Ambit is basically a sports watch that is designed for fitness freaks. The watch sports a traditional look and comes with an integrated GPS feature that is used for precise positioning. We will take a complete look at the watch.

Suunto Ambit Smart Watch Design

The watch is fairly bulky in size and its strap is quite sleek with gaps that allow good amount of air movement. The watch is robust and rugged and is tested in several atmospheric conditions by subjecting it to variety of different situations.

Suunto ambit while tracking

The Suunto Ambit is specifically designed for navigators to help them guide out at several locations. The watch has an in-built GPS that tracks the instantaneous movements and give you your precise location. The GPS offers navigational aids and has a sensitive barometer that is used to give accurate results.

The display is dot matrix resolution rather than any full color or HD display! Suunto Ambit allows you to change the black and white proportion and manage the visibility depending on the light conditions.

Suunto Ambit your fitness companion view

A very appealing feature of this watch is that Suunto Ambit allows you to customize and download the apps making the user interface of the watch much simpler! The watch allows you to create set of screens that you can set for different activities. There are apps like “marathon total time remaining” to determine the time left to complete your marathon. If you are out in the hills, its sensitive barometer gives you reading of changes in altitude and weather.

Taking a dig into its battery life, Suunto Ambit will be your companion for a very short time of about just 15 hours on regular use and 30 hours on standby. However you can change the GPS settings to show position every one minute rather than every instantaneous moment. This way you can prolong its battery life to nearly 50 hours which would be quite satisfactory. So when you will be going on a treck the 50 hours battery life comes quite handy.

Overall the watch seems to be very satisfactory specifically to fitness lovers and navigators who go exploring new places.

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iPod Nano has always been the talk-of-the-town gadget from Apple. Apple has made every effort year-over-year, in order to give a new face to the iPod Nano. When the sixth generation iPod Nano was released in 2010, it much seemed like a wrist watch. Ever since then, various companies have been eyeing to make accessories to fit in this tiny device. Moreover Apple has been constantly upgrading the software for the Nano that includes different clock faces.

iWatch iPod Nano watch strap view

iWatchz is long known for making various watch straps that could fit the device easily and make handy operations of the iPod Nano just at the wrist of your hands. iWatchz has launched these watch straps under two different tags of – Q Collection and the Minimal TikTok. As such both the devices have a similar kind of design with both of them having a silicon band attached to plastic holder. The Q collection has a thin piece of hard plastic whereas the TikTok has a harder and more flexible plastic strip that offers a more firm grip to your music player device.

Q collection from iWatchz view

The watch straps are available in eight different colors and have a supportive metal casing placed on the wrist, on which the Nano fits perfectly! You just need to slide your Nano on the metal casing. Once you place your Nano on the metal casing, the access to your device is still easy and fast. You can easily operate all the buttons and ports on your iPod Nano. The clipping function of your Nano with the watch strap casing is quite firm and so you need not at all worry whether it would accidentally fall.

The watch strap gives a very unique look to your device and makes your music controls fast and quick. The iPod Nano watch strap is available in almost all the nearest Apple stores.