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With a plethora of tech devices launched by new tech companies daily, the most pertinent question that users are asking is “how big is the battery life”? The wearable computing devices which are today famous as smart watches are receiving attention not only from the smartwatch/mobile community but various battery designing companies are also focusing and concentrating on this gadget.

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Alta Devices Inc. who makes solar cells for military applications, is constantly under talks with various tech companies to power up their smart devices with solar cells. Rich Kapusta- the vice president of Alta said in an interview that they are constantly under work to power up smart watches with solar cells so that users can have still more increased hours of operation with their device. On being asked further he said that companies like Apple is working on such products and has registered with the name of iWatch in some countries like Japan.

With the solar cells as an additional support to the battery would add up to merely 2-4$ of the device cost. The gallium-arsenide cells produced by Alta would be able to convert nearly 28.8 percent solar energy into electricity and this could make a considerable difference in the total hours of smart watch operation.

Hamilton Powell is the Founder of Crown & Caliber company – the make luxury watches for the elite, but he just got hands on the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Let’s find out how this watchmaker will react to the test of the Galaxy Gear – a totally different device  – a Smart Watch!

This is going to be an interesting analysis and a unique piece of content around the web. As far as I can remember no one compared a 300$ watch with a luxury one. But don’t worry, the Galaxy Gear can win this battle.


A Biased Review on Smartwatches?

I believe this could be a biased review because Hamilton is a Watch guy – that kind of people who evaluates watches not by their features, but by the coolness they have – but let’s hope he won’t get like that easily.

Analyzing the Gear – Pricing!

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is priced at 300$ (lowest you can find). A luxury watch would cost you more than 22.500$, like the Breguet Classique 7137. The Galaxy Gear Wins!


Hamilton believes Samsung has worked hard from outside to inside. The box is similar to those Luxury Brands tend to use and the design of the watch itself was made to give it a feel of simplicity and efficiency. In the other hand, the Breguet Classique holds the hand engraved dial which is something that, for obvious reasons, cannot be replicated in the Galaxy Gear.

galaxy gear vs luxury watch

All the other functions in the luxury deice like the moonphase, date and power reserve functions can easily be replicated on the Galaxy Gear.

Features & Functionality

The Galaxy Gear Can do almost anything and is very comfortable. Nontheless it must be charged at least weekly while the Breguet charges automatically with the hand movement. Hamilton adds that the Gear needs to be near the phone in order to the Bluetooth to work and he states this is a con – Personally I think it’s a pro as the Samsung Galaxy Gear will work if it’s far from the phone, but will “work even better” if it’s close to a phone.

Inside the Watches


Hamilton believes the best aspect of a watch is it’s movement – its engine. Okay, right here we must give him credit – the Breguet’s engine is beautiful, while the Galaxy Gear is just a mix of computer components.

In the end…

You can’t compare a Luxury Watch with a Smartwatch. It’s comparing a Computer with a blackboard. The Galaxy gear will make you passionate for it due to it’s technology, while the Breguet will make you passionate for it’s design and movement.

Solution: Get a Smartwatch and get a Breguet if you can afford.


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This wearable computing devices which are today famously known as Smart Watches are making a new home in almost every field of technology and business. The tech giants like Sony and Samsung have already cooked up their version of Smart Watches while the news is still on the wait from Google and Apple that has still hold the anxiety amongst fans. Smart Watches apart from just being smartphone friendly, have also found its applications in the business sector.

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Various platforms where Smart Watches can offer smart solutions to business.

  • Work flow Approval: In any business corporate environment, there are several approvals that have to be addressed on daily basis. This includes purchase or export approval, production approval, tender or contract approval and similar others. We could certainly think of a possibility where all these approvals can be made just at a touch on the smart watch by bosses and get procedures streamlined.
  • Dual-Factor Authentication: This involves that every employee has a unique ID on their smart watches through which he can access the internet and other LAN facilities of the office. This will ensure safety and authentication of every employee.
  • Location Based Notification: Determining the production culture of the office the smart watches will give indication by vibration or ring to notify the completion of the production batch even if you sit remotely from the production area. The concept can also be applied to notify employees in case any failure occurs.
  • Improve safety: Smart Watches can cater to the safety notifying feature of the plant and can indicate any loose ends in safety so that precautionary measures can be met earlier.

Thus there are many other ways in which smart watches can cater its services to the corporate world. Just get a smart eye for it.

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Till today we have heard a lot about Smart Watches that are launched by various tech companies. Almost all of the smart watches have been designed to manage notifications, text, emails and a variety of other features that are available on the smartphone. Smart watches are the recently selling like hot-cakes in the market and users are getting more and more crazy for the device due to the variety of features it offers.

But LexisNexis has got a completely different eye to see at this concept of Smart Watch. The Smart Watch is designed in order to offer you a whole new interface to business administration providing very effective and smart solutions to your business. The LexisNexis Smart Watch has a very pragmatic approach to guide you for any kind of business solutions and works very intelligently taking into account all the fundamental aspects of business risk managements, business statistics, market move and many more.

The LexisNexis Smart Watch has a front end dashboard that offers you a great market intelligence which you would not even find on Web. It works with a proactive approach and monitors various types of risks like political, societal, economical, environmental, technological, as well as legal. Moreover the Smart Watch will club all the information from around the world related to business such as trade and business journals, finance journals, business news or publications and many more. It will give you the entire supply chain with the list of suppliers that give different materials.

With the LexisNexis all your business aspects will be quite streamlined and will offer optimum solution to any of your business queries. It’s bound to increase the productivity of your business. The images for the Smart Watch are not yet out but you can see its video  here  explaining what the Smart Watch has to offer. Just don,t miss the video, you are surely going to love it!

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When every tech company across the globe is releasing its Smart Watch how can we just forget LG? The Korean tech giant-LG has filed for a G Health Smart Watch that will soon roll out on the Smart Watch dais in 2014.

Prototype for LG's Curved Display Smart Watch view


If the rumors are to be believed the LG Smart Watch will come with a flexible display alike the G-Flex smartphone. However, LG has previously told about their plans of developing curved batteries which could be used in smartphones. The G Health Smart Watch from LG will communicate information to PDA’s (personal digital assistants), smartphones and computers over the internet or other communication networks.

Dimitar Vulex, LG Bulgaria manager confirmed the news of these plans recently in an interview. The word from Vulex seems to make the confirmation of the news stronger. As such LG has not got any of its wearable device in user’s kitty. We would like to wait and see how the plans move ahead from this Korean tech firm.

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Earlier there had been many rumors about Nokia Smart Watch to be arriving in the market. The photo leaks across various websites had caused a great buzz in the Smart Watch market.

Nokia has already filed a patent application last year in August for a “multiple-segment wearable accessory”. This Smart Watch concept from Nokia is called Facet. Its specifications and images suggest that the wearable accessory is supposed to have different segments of display that would cover your entire wrist.

Nokia's multi-display smart Watch concept view

With the Samsung Galaxy Gear we have recently seen the camera being mounted on its strap belt. However, from Nokia this is simply a patent application which leads to predict that the Finnish giant may be out with this a similar kind of Smart Watch. However, looking at the fact that Microsoft acquiring Nokia’s device business just in 2014, the probability with Nokia coming soon with a Smart Watch gets lesser.

With the Google Smart Watch and the Apple iWatch still being rumored, Nokia adds the further guess. It is quite possible that Nokia may assist Microsoft in making a Smart Watch.

Get a more closer look at the Nokia Smart Watch Facet here.

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A report from the Wall Street Journal shows that the much awaited Google Smart Watch may be out soon in few months. Already, the anxiety within the fans is growing day by day for the news regarding its smart watch from Google. There have been many speculations made for the Google Smart Watch which will be running on Android and with a heavy focus on Google Now personal assistant.

Nexus-smartwatch from Google view

The paper’s source conveyed the message that the watch will watch will communicate with other smartphones which implies that it will tether for data needs. The team at Google is believed to be currently working on a large platform to work on the battery life of the gadget. This is because it is observed that most of the devices like the Samsung Galaxy Gear have shown a very poor performance for its battery life.

Google's WIMM Smart Watch front display view

Almost eliminating the other barrier of compatibility issues, the Google Smart Watch is believed to be compatible with all Android running smartphones. As such the news of Google acquiring the WIMM labs for its indigenous smart watch project are fresh giving a higher hope of the smart watch news from Google. Let’s wait till Google has its own word out!!

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All tech giants have today ventured into the Smart Watch business as they have witnessed a potential market in this business genre. With Samsung releasing its Galaxy Gear Smart Watch, all eyes are now on the two tech rivals-Apple and Google, to come out with their own smart watches out in the market. Speculations are made that by this year-end both of them will come out with their Smart Watch device.

WIMM One view

You might have heard about the WIMM labs working on Smart Watches. These labs have now been acquired by Google, who is using the expertise of the WIMM team involved in Smart Watch making. Thus it seems pretty obvious that Google will roll out its own Smart Watch this year-end. We will have a look at the reason why WIMM Smart Watch did not click the market.

Way back in 2011, WIMM had launched an Android Smart Watch – WIMM One. However last summer, WIMM declared that it had stopped working on its product line and has entered in an exclusive, confidential relationship.

WIMM Smart Watch view

Why could not WIMM break the ice??

The WIMM Smart Watch had a dual mode display with monochrome as well as colored touchscreen when needed. But, there were some other features too that caused the device to not work well. The Watch was ungainly and thick. Moreover the battery life was a big question as the watch would collapse after a few hours of operation only. Moreover presumably in 2011 the Smart Watch concept had not kicked that well as of now, as people were more inclined to get a Smart Phone rather than any other smart device. Additionally, it could also be said that WIMM went short of promoting the product well!

Well now lying in the hands of Google, it pretty much seems that WIMM along with this tech giant would surely have a bright future ahead.

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Smart Watches have served to provide very smart solutions and offers smart way of dealing with the day-to-day activities of human beings. Today, a large number of smart watches have gripped the smart world very firmly and offers a huge variety of features parked on the wrists of your hand. Some smart watches are specifically designed to target fitness freak audience whereas others are designed to provide all the functions that your smartphone can do.

Smart Watch from Smart Monitor view

The Smart Watch from Smart monitor is specifically designed to monitor all the movements of your family members and care givers and give instant alerts to your Smart Watch. Its smart features include motion detection, instant alerts, event recording & secure access, audible alarms, GPS navigation, contact storage and medication reminders.

This clearly shows that the Smart Watch from Smart Monitor targets a specific group of audience that caters to this requirements. The Smart Watch detects repetitive shaking sending all the details of location, date and time to the smart phone of your family members or care givers. The details are sent via phone calls alerts or text alerts. This Smart Watch is available in two models of Silver and Gold. This Smart Monitor Smart Watch is compatible with variety of Android phones that includes a list of Samsung Galaxy phones and Nexus phones.

Smart Monitor charging clip view

This Smart Watch uses cloud computing services wherein all your monitoring data is stored in your cloud account. The watch is also available in various strap colors that suits your style and needs. It is available at a fairly introductory price of just 19.99$ and 29.99$. Once the watch is bought you can get free updates for the software.

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The Smart Watch market is getting more and more crowded as many companies are participating in the race. This November, Burg will be coming with its new smart watch will plethora of additional features and a very user friendly interface. Taking a look further at its features, we will come to know why this Smart Watch is ought to get good customer attention.

Burg Smart Watch view

With a plethora of features like calling, multimedia, camera, messaging and many more the Burg Smart Watch seems to be a very promising and appealing device. The display is a 1.54” screen that comes with a prominently clear 240×240 resolution. The screen is scratch resistant and the casing as well as the bezel are made up stainless steel giving the watch a classy look and making it more rugged and strong.

Moreover this watch has a SIM card slot, and by inserting a SIM you can make and receive call and establish a two-way communication at your own ease. In addition to this, the Burg Smart Watch has a multiple languages option, a voice recording feature and supports an MP3 and MP4 player as well! The phone is quite huge and helps you store up to a capacity of 500 new contacts.

Burg Smart Watch view

With Burg Smart Watch on your wrists you need not worry for any new storage on the device. This device offers a micro SD slot with a capacity of expandable memory up to 16GB. It has both a front and a rear camera, with its rear camera having a 3x zoom feature. You will also see a 3.5mm universal jack to support headsets.

The Burg Smart Watch will be available with different color straps that you can use according to your style needs. Let us now wait and see what its customers have to say for the watch now when it is out in the market.