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Taking screenshots is not something easy to be done in a smartwatch. There is no built in function so far in the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch and therefore we must do it using a harder process – your personal computer. We are going to show in this article a step by step on how to take screenshots from your Galaxy Gear.

Download the Android Developers Tool

To get the screenshot you must pretend you are a developer, i.e. you must download the Android SDK. Visit this link and then click on the blue labeled link to download the Android SDK.

How to download android sdk


Make sure you sign the terms and conditions by checking the box and choosing either 32bit system or 64 bit. If you don’t know yours just put 32 bit.



Android SDK agreement Smartwatch


The full package is zipped and has 480mb. The download will be quick if you have a good internet connection.

500mb Android SDK


Now click on the downloaded file and make sure you execute the SDK Manager. exe:

SDK Manager


After you have the program opened. Make sure you install all the files that are not installed:

Install SDK Packages

After this, open Dalvick Debug Manager. Just go to the adt-bundle folder, double click in the SDK folder, Then on Tools folder and finally on the ddms file. A command propmpt window will be opened, just sit back, relax and wait a bit. 10 seconds gone? Dalvick Debug Manager is now opened.

Now you need to connect the Samsung Galaxy Gear to the PC. Place the Gear in the charging dock and connect to your computer. The Dalvik Debug Monitor will show up the device.

To get screenshots just click on “Device”, select Screen Capture. That easy! The captures screenshot will show up in a popup. You can then Refresh to make a new one; Rotate, Save or Copy!

PS: Make sure you have enabled USB DEBUG in Settings – Gear Info. If you are using the latest firmware you must click soome 8 times in the Software version before you can see that option.

Here it is our first screenshot


We must agree this is not easy, but essential if you are a professional


The Smart Watch dice has started to roll faster and the competition between various companies is getting stiffer. With plethora of smart watches available in the market, consumers are paying more attention for the essential features that meet their requirement. Different companies are releasing their Smart Watches with a variety of features that could make their smart watch device stand apart in comparison to its competitors. Here is a list of top 5 features in the Smart Watches that fans look while buying the gadget!

1) Style and Display

The design of the device plays a very vital role in attracting its customers. The look of the smart watch is the prima-fascia report of the device that lures the customers to have a further dig into the device. Moreover the display quality is a feature that can grab the viewer’s eye easily. The super AMOLED displays as seen in the Samsung Galaxy Gear or the e-paper display from Pebble has recently been the USP of the device.

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch view

2) Flexible interface

The interface of the Smart Watch with various other devices is a deciding factor whether the device will be a hit or not. There are many Smart Watches available that can work with the two famous- Android or iOS interface. Moreover some companies also offer the versatility of having a customizable interface according to users need. Pebble and the Metawatch can be integrated with both iOS and Android.

Pebble while cycling view

3) Notification managing functions

It is imperative that the device should notify the users for every new notification on the phone. Mails, texts, calls, social networking all this should be made easy and quick bringing it to customers ease and satisfaction. The actual importance of the Smart Watches get elevated if these features are properly taken care off!

4) Battery Life

Usually the battery life of the smart device is a crucial and highly important function. An inferior or mediocre battery life gets the user annoyed. If the battery gets drained faster it is obvious that your Smart Watch will be your companion for a very short period of time. Usually higher resolution displays are bound to consume a larger part of the battery. Well, in this it can be said that technology comes at a cost!!

5) Additional Feature

Customers usually look for what extra apart from normal functions has the Smart Watch to offer?? Today various Smart Watch comes with features like low energy 4.0 Bluetooth, accelerometer function, motion sensors, water proof feature, and other fitness embedded apps. If the Smart Watch is having such features it will certainly lean the customers to opt for the device.
These Smart Watch features play a crucial role and are the deciding factors, which help the customers to decide what exactly they want and make a smart move while buying the Smart Watch.

Currently the smart watch buzz is resonating at very high frequency in the tech world. Well-known companies like Samsung and Sony have shown their potential in the smart watch market with the Galaxy Gear and the Sony Smart Watch 2. At the same time, other companies like Pebble, Qualcomm and many such have also managed to have a considerable customer attention with their e-paper display technology.

The display of the smart devices has always been a crucial factor for the companies. Companies have always focused on a superior display technologies for its products and have ensured that their customers have the most fluidic experience using their devices. Samsung is well known for its AMOLED screen whereas the retina display from Apple is also very famous. Many companies have ventured to build their Smart Watches with an e-paper display.

Plastic Logic E-paper Smart Watch view

What are the advantages of E-paper display?

The e-paper is an abbreviation of the electrophoretic paper. It uses the E-ink technology that shows the contents on the display in black and white particles that spread on the screen and make it available to us in a readable format. Moreover the basic advantages of e-paper displays are that it enables you to make lightweight smart watches along with flexible display screens. At the same time they are very robust to use and are easily adaptable to various lightning conditions. Moreover the e-paper display satisfies the basic customer need of having a larger battery life as compared to other displays.

Pebble Smart Watch.

However the e-paper display make not give you that exotic experience that the color displays would offer. Watching pics, videos on the color display is certainly an up-hand experience as compared to watching them on e-paper displays.

Liquids in Motion (LIM) is currently working on an e-paper color display and upgrading the technology further. However it is the customer’s decision to see what best suits to their requirement.

Samsung Galaxy Gear is winning hearts for its superior functionality but at the same time Pebble Technology has come out with an E- paper Smart Watch with more features embedded in it and at a very competitive cost.

Pebble Smart Watch

Pebble is out with one-of-its-kind smart watch that is capable of working with both Android and the iOS. This smart watch comes with a 1.26 inch and a screen resolution of nearly 144×168 pixels. The resolution is a bit low but Pebble has introduced the E-paper concept in the watch for its display. However there is an additional backlight facility to see the watch in the dark. The watch is supposed to have a Bluetooth 4.0 BLE (low energy) technology to connect your smartphone. It also offers a superior battery life of about 5-7 days which keeps aside your worries of charging the device now and then. Moreover the watch is specifically designed for fitness freaks. The watch comes with a 3 axis accelerometer that determines range, distance of your walk and keeps a complete track of your fitness schedules. This heavily loaded device comes at just 150$. The watch offers you a choice in four different color variants as well!! You can certainly not afford to give it a miss!!

Pebble while golfing

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung with its Galaxy Gear has first time ventured into the smart watch arena and the effort seems worth an applaud.  The watch comes with an 800MHz processor that gives you a very fluidic experience for operation. The display is 1.62 inches and has a super AMOLED toughened screen. Its additional features include a 1.9 megapixel camera and voice calling feature. It makes your music experience enlarged with music controls provided on the screen itself. The price is a bit higher as compared to Pebble and falls nearly around to 300$. Additionally, its battery life is also just about 25 hours and needs regular charging.

Buy Samsung Galaxy Gear

Both the devices are good. It’s up to you to decide which one you would give a higher preference.

We all know that the Google-Samsung pair has hit the smart world with a larger wave, with Samsung providing the infused silicon chips for the Smartphones and Google providing it with the much required adrenaline named Android to run those chips. However both these tech juggernauts have their own taste for Smart Devices. Google has come out with its wearable glass concept – Google Glass whereas the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Gear has surprised the world with its magnificent features.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

A quick view at the device will propel you to buy it. The device comes with a 1.63” display with a 320×320 resolution and a 4GB storage. Additionally the watch has a super AMOLED screen with 800MHz processor. The watch also offers you a cherishing experience with its 1.9 megapixel camera to capture the surrounding details whenever you want. It comes with a music and video player as well that offers you a 720p HD recording. The watch will also offer a sufficient battery life of nearly. 25 hours. As Samsung is known for its simple and elegant design the watch is available in four different colors of the belt. Make your first choice carefully as the belt is not detachable from the casing. This entire package will be available on the wrist of your hands at a price of close to 300$.

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch view

Google Glass

It has been long time that the wearable glass concept is out from Google. This July Google made a much stronger affirmation by launching a website to showcase what their Smart glass – Google Glass has to offer. The watch has almost everything to offer that you can imagine. The glass sports a camera that allows you to take pictures with voice command and record in high definition some of your priceless moments. The Google Glass will have an inbuilt GPS with navigation facility that helps you reach to your destination. If you are looking at some gigantic structures, the glasses measure the complete size of those structures. Moreover the Google Glass helps you translate from English to any of your local languages or vice versa. Earlier rumors said that this glasses will come to nearly 1500$, but the price is believed to be going significantly lower.

Google Glass view

Looking at the specs of both these devices they surely seem to offer you something very special.

This September both the tech giants Samsung and Sony are out in the market with their much talked-of Smart Watches – The Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Sony Smart Watch 2. However both of them have made the optimum attempt to lure their customers and increase their fan base with their flamboyant and stylish Smart Watch with a splash of elegance.


Both the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony Smart Watch 2 offers a display of 1.63” and 1.6” respectively. However in terms of resolution the Galaxy Gear stands above Sony Smart Watch 2 with Gear having the super AMOLED display and Sony having the Trans reflective LCD screen. The Gear offers a pixel density of 278ppi which is much above 176ppi for Sony. However in terms of compatibility the Sony Smart Watch 2 is matched with all Android devices with 4.0+ whereas the Gear is limited to Note 3, S4 and S3 only which also operates on Android platform.

Sony vs Galaxy Gear view

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is fed with Smart Relay that opens the corresponding app when you pick your phone. In terms of battery life Sony Smart Watch 2 takes the upper edge with a magnificent battery life of 5-7 days and the Galaxy Gear with just 25 hours. The Galaxy Gear has a speaker and microphone that enables you to manage calls via the watch, whereas with Sony you can make calling possible only if you have the Bluetooth headset connected. Additionally the Galaxy Gear also sports a 1.9 mega pixels camera on its belt whilst Sony doesn’t have this feature.

Stylish Sony Smart Watch 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Gear view

Both the devices are water resistant and with Sony Smart Watch 2 you can go swimming as well!! The noticing feature for Galaxy Gear is its boisterous 800MHz processor (200MHz for Sony) and for Sony it is the next generation in-built NFC (absent in Gear). The pricing for both the watches is almost the same about 260$ for Sony any 299$ for the Gear. The Gear comes with a Stainless Steel Body and Sony comes with a Aluminum body and neither of both seem to make any compromise here in terms of its sturdiness.

In all both the gadgets are value for money and have their individual set of pros and cons.

The Smart Watch concept has caught a strong grip in the world of smart devices. In accordance Smart Watch market has witnessed a comprehensive growth in past few years. Raising the heat further is the latest official release of Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch. Let’s have a quick synopsis of the top 3 Smart Watches that are making the rounds today.

Top 3 Smart Watches

Samsung Galaxy Gear

This is the latest breathtaking news from Samsung and it seems that they are all set to raise the level of competition further. The Samsung Galaxy Gear Release date is determined already for October. This small device comes with a heavily loaded features like the 800MHz processor, super AMOLED screen, an integrated 1.9 megapixel camera and many such making it more lucrative to the users. The pricing lands up close to 299$, however once you have the look at this gadget you are surely going to forget it. Adding further to your choice this trendy watch offer you good variety of color belts but be specific while making the first choice as the casing cannot be detached from the belt. Overall the Smart Watch seems to be quite a promising product from Samsung. You can get this SmartWatch directly from Ebay at around 350$.

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch ReviewGalaxy Gear Smart Watch in different colors

Sony Smart Watch 2

Pre-occupying the Smart Watch market with its first version Sony seems to climbing up the ladder with release of its second version. The Sony SmartWatch 2 is developed with the basic Android 4 version and above operability. The specs are a bit low compared to gear with 1.6 inch trans-reflexive LCD screen and a bit less resolution. Additionally it is not equipped with camera but it comes with the noticing feature of NFC being embedded into it. At the same time its pricing is less with $260 approx. The battery life for this watch is also considerably good with 3 to 4 days of operability under normal use. The Sony SmartWatch 2 is available at Ebay for around 200$.

Sony Smart Watch_2

Qualcomm Toq

Surprising the Smart Watch global community, Qualcomm has come with a Toq Smart Watch. It is not such a high end device that comes with 1.6 inch screen and 200MHz processor. The device however easily connects to your 4.0.3 and above Android equipped devices. The battery life functions with a normal usage for 3-4 days. Moreover it doesn’t come with a camera. Its most distinct feature is that it comes with a wireless battery charging feature with Qualcomm’s WiPower LE technology. Qualcomm has promised that it will be upgraded in terms of software which it will surely need to do if it wants to be the “pie of the eye” within its customers.


The galaxy device lovers in Canada are counting the finals days for the much awaited Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch. The release of this news from Best Buy and Future Shop has turned to be the talk of the town event. Both of them have started taking the pre-orders, raising further the bar of excitement and making the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch available to its customers from 4th of October.

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

Where can I buy the Samsung Galaxy Gear?

Best Buy and Future Shop will make this watch available at a very friendly price of $299.99. Let’s have the look at the specs which is surely going to leave you in amazement and get your eyes popping out. At this price the smart-watch will come with 1.63 super AMOLED display, with a 320×320 resolution and a superior 4 GB storage space with 512 MB RAM. The watch also sports a 1.9 megapixel integrated camera with a magnificent battery support of 315mAh.

Adding more to your amazement the camera will offer a 720p HD recording with features of macro mode and auto focus. This entire package comes at a negligible 74gms weight, wherein its casing is supposed to be just 11.1mm thick. The whole dial will be attached to a non-removable plastic belt.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch in different colors

This flamboyant device will be available in variety of colors such as Oatmeal Beige, Mocha Gray, Lime Green, Wild Orange, Jet Black and Rose Gold. However its casing will be of metal only. Note again that the belt is non-removable, so be careful and make the most right choice for yourself so that you can flaunt the device in style. The Galaxy Gear Smart Watch functions on a flexible Android OS with a Bluetooth connectivity and an additional feature to be used with a handset.

So Canadians just hold your breath to enjoy the whims and fancies of this much awaited Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch. With or without the release, you can already get from Ebay the Samsung Galaxy Gear for around 350$.

In essence, a Smart Watch is a device created to minify the dimensions of a SmartPhone or a Tablet while at the same time it can play a role in the relationship between these 2 devices serving as a bridge between a SmartPhone and a Tablet. In the future the goal is to find a SmartPhone that can stick to our arms very easily leaving no role for a Smart Watch or a SmartPhone and only a place a piece of technology that can make several things from answering phones and reading the clock to 4 Dimensional conversations with friends and family.

Android Smart Watch

Samsung galaxy Gear Smart Watch

Sony and Samsung are already in the battle for developing the top noch Smart Watches while other Tech Companies are still sitting in their pile of cash like Apple, Google or Microsoft. The smartwatches developed by this companies is far from being the best and they mainly work with other famous devices built by these companies. Samsung already released the Samsung Galaxy Gear, while Sony released Sony SmartWatch 1 and SmartWatch 2

Are Other Companies buying Smart Watches?

Pebble - E-Paper Smart Watch

They are. But they are not big companies. Either they enjoy the Open-Source software offered by Google Android, or they develop their own OS. Pebble is the situation of an open-source company who decided to invest in this Technology with E-Paper Watches after getting a bumpt from the Kickstarter platform.

Are people buying Smart Watches?

Not yet. Everyone seems to be invariable to the new gadgets for the pulse and they feel more biased towards gadgets like the Google Glass. But is this due to the lack of interest or due to the lack of promotion of this type of devices? We believe it is the second option and Markets will immediately find the importance of Smart Watches integrated with other gadgets like Google Glass, SmartPhones and Tablets. Eventually this is not the right time to buy a SmartWatch as their technology and software is yet to be changed. Nonetheless it’s a good time for the big techs to invest in this little things!