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According to the reports of Business Korea, LG is supposed to arrive with a 4G enabled smartwatch in 2015. The device is currently called as the LG G Watch R2 and would be a successor to the circular LG G Watch R launched earlier this year.

Faster networks, which is the demand of this generation would to allow large data transfers in very small time. However, the company might also bring in other goodies to its second generation G Watch R, but the news for the moment only confirms for the existence of 4G/LTE connectivity. Voice calls over data can also be another expected feature for the watch. The existing LG G Watch R supports Wi-Fi data and 3G but offers no calling feature. Samsung Gear S also comes with 3G connectivity on-board.

It is said that its home-town rival Samsung could also plan for a similar smartwatch with 4G connectivity, but one thing is sure that they already have a competition ahead with the Apple Watch. Well, 2015 is going to see some good heated competition in the wearable segment for sure,

source: Business Korea

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After the recent launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop, it is now the time for the latest Android OS to hit every supporting device within the market. And in this motion, we certainly cannot forget the Android platform for wearables – Android Wear. According to the latest reports from the industry, the Android Lollipop update for the Android smartwatches could arrive as soon as tomorrow itself. As per tech website Phandroid, the new update would arrive as Android 5.0.1 with few improvements like easier access to storage and battery info, quick screen brightness setting toggles with regular, theatre mode and sunlight mode, an option to restore dismissed cards, few options included for the visually impaired and the action menu could be reordered depending upon the usage.

Additionally a new rumor has also claimed that this new update would “drastically improve battery life” for Android Wear smartwatches. We can also expect some more watch faces with this new update but however there is still no word about any watch face API, this means we might just need to continue with FaceRepo.

source: Phandroid

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The Healbe GoBe smartwatch promises to be revolutionary allowing for accurate calculation of caloric intake. Their video is actually something very superficial on the device capabilities, nonetheless the firm says they revealed the GoBe prototype and a fully functional software app at CES 2014.

Are this page and the prototype enough for me to believe in this project? Oh, and the video:

Of course not. This can be actually one of the biggest scams on crowd fund raising as this is something the biggest brands like Samsung and Sony are still aspiring to reach. Actually the guy in the video is not very convincing as he also needs to control his caloric intake to get..less fat! But I am not the only one trying to destroy this project. Have a look at some Reddit comments from people who really understand these smartwatches:

The part about measuring calorie intake is definitely a scam. Fat and protein don’t affect blood sugar levels much, a healthy person’s blood sugar levels don’t fluctuate very much and the last, and most damning fact: there a lot of money has been put into research to find an accurate way of measuring blood glucose without drawing blood. So far, no success. I doubt this team has succeeded and chose to go with a product launch on Indiegogo 

So, assuming that it’s not a straight-up scam and they are capable of delivering a product to market:1) It probably won’t be very accurate at detecting glucose levels2) Glucose levels aren’t a proxy for caloric intake; depending on the type of macronutrients in a meal, this can vary wildly

3) There will be a substantial delay before meals even impact the reading at all.

Given those limitations, it seems highly unlikely that such a device would be “good enough” to help anybody on a weight management program.












Guys, I worked with Healbe some time ago, evaluating their project as an outside expert. I’m willing to answer any questions you might have. I like these guys, but am in no way affiliated with them currently, so I will try to be as objective as I can. From the questions already asked ITT:

Yes, this device evaluates calories consumed with food from blood glucose levels.
Yes, it is able to measure glucose levels in blood.
No, it will NOT help diabetics, since the measurement is not accurate enough to compete with invasive glucometers, and FDA will not approve any device that can’t measure up to current “golden standard”.
Whether it measures accurately enough for dietary/fitness tracking remains to be seen. I have no definitive data on that.

Will be happy to answer any more questions you might have.

Source (This last answer seems to be from people who are really working at Healbe and using an alias to defend the product).

I won’t even say more. Take your own conclusions. We leave you with the pictures of the Healbe:

Well we have previously heard about Samsung planning to line-up the next version of the Galaxy Gear this year.


But with the recent roar of the soon to be coming Apple iWatch in the smartwatch market, the decision regarding it pricing and time of release would be very crucial for the Korean manufacturer. However, the existing Galaxy Gear has received a mediocre response from Samsung fans and one of its reason is assumed to be its launching price of $370 which was even more than some smartphones available in the market.

Even though Samsung lowered its price soon and what the iWatch wave moving at high speeds suggests that the Apple’s smart wearable would be parked somewhere at $300 in the market. With these, Samsung will have to take a very crucial decision for the pricing of its Galaxy Gear 2 keeping the competitive smartwatch market in mind.


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Pebble is staying constantly in news and seems to be grabbing every attention that comes its way. Recently within a month’s time, Pebble came out with three big news:

pebble-steel view

Now some leaked photos clearly show that Pebble will come up with a metal watch with Gorilla glass and this could be as sooner this CES 2014 event. Moreover, there could be two different metal watch looks wherein one could be stainless steel belt and the other could be a black one!

pebble-black view

The internals of the device are believed to be the same where buyers will get the choice of leather OR metal belt. Few days ago, Pebble CEO had declared that it would come up with something special! Is it the metal watch from Pebble? Well, we can wait for the CES 2014 to let the mystery unfold.

The Pebble metal smart watch could be priced at 249$.


With the Mobile World Congress that is going to be held in Barcelona-Spain in the next month of February 2014, there are all possibilities that the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and the Samsung S Band could surface there. However, some people speculate that this two devices can be unveiled at an unpacked event where they get better attention from the global community.

Galaxy Gear 2

Galaxy Gear view

IT would be no wrong to speculate that the second version of the Galaxy Gear comes up with all the improved version from its predecessor! In the existing Galaxy Gear launched this September, there were issues regarding the battery life of the smart watch, lack of compatibility with more devices and a bigger price tag. Users would be surely willing that all these areas and domains are addressed properly by Samsung in its Galaxy Gear 2. According to the news, there is a possibility of an organic-light-emitting-diode (OLED) display in the Gear 2.

Galaxy S Band.

Samsung-Galaxy-S-Band view

With the S Band concept, Samsung seems to venture into the health band concept and the new S Band is believed to be paired up with the Galaxy Gear smartphone. The Galaxy S Band would be capable of recording data such as sleep efficiency, distance, calories burnt and similar other. The S Band is a waterproof band that works with an app called S Health 2.0. This clearly shows that the new Galaxy S Band will be launched against the recently announced G Health smart wristband from LG.

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A month ago we had heard a news of LG planning for a G Health Smartwatch soon in 2014. Now, the news seems to be quite prominent as rumors are getting stronger, and if believed, LG along with its G3 is planning to release a G Arch smartwatch and a G Arch fitness band. The names itself suggests the functionality of the two smart wearable computing devices, with the first one looking similar to a Galaxy Gear and the latter one like that of a Nike FuelBand.

lg-smartwatch view

There is as such no official word from LG regarding any kind on launch, but however they confirmed to launch any wearable device ahead in 2014. We will keep our eyes on the CES event for any kind of similar news or release. But it would not be surprise if LG comes with its wrist product as well all expect the same from the Korean tech-giant!

LG_Sports Band view

With the tremendous success of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, Samsung seems to be all set to roll-out the second version of its famous Smart Watch. According to reports from the Korean news publications ETNews, Samsung is planning to release its Galaxy S5 this February end or March beginning and it is believed that the Galaxy Gear 2 will share the red carpet along with it.

Samsung Galaxy Gear view

Rumors are out there the Gear 2 will go slimmer by almost 15-20%, however more details on any kind of further improvisations are not yet out. Speculating that the Galaxy S5 will be launched with the recent Android OS KitKat 4.4, it seems to be pretty obvious that Galaxy Gear 2 will be paired with all KitKat supported Galaxy phones. Moreover, there is no news about whether the Galaxy Gear 2 will be compatible with the Android Jelly Bean 4.3.

Good news for the Galaxy smartphone and Galaxy Gear owners!

Samsung has announced to make its existing Galaxy Gear to be made compatible with its other Galaxy smartphones. In compliance to this news, Lee Don-joo-president of strategic marketing Samsung has announced that Samsung Galaxy S4 will get the Android Jelly Bean 4.3 update next month. Moreover, the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S3 are also on the list to receive the Galaxy Gear compatibility along with the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

GalaxyGear-with Galaxy smartphone view

So with Samsung broadening its compatibility zone of smartphones with the Galaxy Gear, user’s hopes of getting the Smart Watch soon are still alive!

Well, when everyone is looking forward to the Smart Watch world, at the same time fans are eyeing on Google with great eagerness. It’s not official but the news are in-the-air that Google might come up with its Nexus Smart Watch named “Nexus Gem”.

What happened is that Artem Russakovskii of Android Police had posted a rumor on his Google plus account that Google may launch its much awaited Nexus Gem during the official launch of Android KitKat 4.4 on 31st of this October. However it is believed that this smart watch will be made compatible with the Nexus 5 and Nexus 10 that are also awaiting its release. So if rumors are to be believed, we will be having three Nexus devices this year.

Nexus-smartwatch view

We all know that Motorola is known a sister branch of the tech juggernaut – Google. The release of the rumor shows that Nexus Gem will have somewhat alignment with Motorola x watch which is compatible with Moto X. Thus being integrated with the latest Android 4.4 and having the royal tag of Nexus, it is pretty clear that the device will have something very concrete to offer.

Today there are a large number of Smart Watch devices available in the market. The latest released smart watches from Samsung and Sony have already captured the heat in the market. Whereas other companies like Pebble and Qualcomm have also rolled on the Smart Watch red carpet and they have managed to have a larger customer attention.

Nexus-smartwatch in different colors view

But analysts show that the rumor has received a moderate response from the fans out there, as it might be difficult to the fans to absorb the two new releases from Google. However there are some fans who have eagerly waited for so long to have a grab to this device. What has to be seen is that will the media shutterbugs get a glimpse of the Nexus Gem on the 31st or not.

With the latest release of Samsung Galaxy Gear watch and the Sony Smart Watch 2 the Smart watch concept has gained an elevated attention from the smart world. This year Smart Watches have made their presence felt within the global community and have turned out to be the much talked about gadget. At this time the entire world is eyeing on a similar kind of device from the tech numerouno – “Apple”.

What will the Apple iWatch have in store for the customers??

As such there is no official news from Apple regarding the release of iWatch, but top analysts from across the globe have predicted that there is group of engineers who are working on a flexible device that can be put on your wrists. Here are few predictions that the device from Apple is believed to offer!!

The iWatch view

The Apple iWatch will have a flexible curvature display with OLED screen. The display is believed to take the shape of your wrist with unbreakable feature. Moreover knowing the fact that Apple and Nike share a fat relation it is of no surprise that the iWatch will go serious about the fitness feature. The iWatch can have a Bluetooth low energy connectivity with the iPhone or iPod. The display is predicted to be nearly about 1.5 inch.

Apple iWatch view

Looking with long lasting association of Apple with Siri, the Apple iWatch is believed to have it along with the Maps feature. Adding up to its features the watch can also have authentication, NFC, home automation and flying cars. With all these features the most apt prediction regarding the Apple  iWatch price is believed to be somewhere close to 250$.

What we need to do is to have patience and see that will Apple come out with such a device that is really quite promising enough. Will it really give its competitors with really tough completion?? Well, only coming time can give you answers to this question!! Just wait the iWatch.