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Well, when everyone is looking forward to the Smart Watch world, at the same time fans are eyeing on Google with great eagerness. It’s not official but the news are in-the-air that Google might come up with its Nexus Smart Watch named “Nexus Gem”.

What happened is that Artem Russakovskii of Android Police had posted a rumor on his Google plus account that Google may launch its much awaited Nexus Gem during the official launch of Android KitKat 4.4 on 31st of this October. However it is believed that this smart watch will be made compatible with the Nexus 5 and Nexus 10 that are also awaiting its release. So if rumors are to be believed, we will be having three Nexus devices this year.

Nexus-smartwatch view

We all know that Motorola is known a sister branch of the tech juggernaut – Google. The release of the rumor shows that Nexus Gem will have somewhat alignment with Motorola x watch which is compatible with Moto X. Thus being integrated with the latest Android 4.4 and having the royal tag of Nexus, it is pretty clear that the device will have something very concrete to offer.

Today there are a large number of Smart Watch devices available in the market. The latest released smart watches from Samsung and Sony have already captured the heat in the market. Whereas other companies like Pebble and Qualcomm have also rolled on the Smart Watch red carpet and they have managed to have a larger customer attention.

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But analysts show that the rumor has received a moderate response from the fans out there, as it might be difficult to the fans to absorb the two new releases from Google. However there are some fans who have eagerly waited for so long to have a grab to this device. What has to be seen is that will the media shutterbugs get a glimpse of the Nexus Gem on the 31st or not.

With the latest release of Samsung Galaxy Gear watch and the Sony Smart Watch 2 the Smart watch concept has gained an elevated attention from the smart world. This year Smart Watches have made their presence felt within the global community and have turned out to be the much talked about gadget. At this time the entire world is eyeing on a similar kind of device from the tech numerouno – “Apple”.

What will the Apple iWatch have in store for the customers??

As such there is no official news from Apple regarding the release of iWatch, but top analysts from across the globe have predicted that there is group of engineers who are working on a flexible device that can be put on your wrists. Here are few predictions that the device from Apple is believed to offer!!

The iWatch view

The Apple iWatch will have a flexible curvature display with OLED screen. The display is believed to take the shape of your wrist with unbreakable feature. Moreover knowing the fact that Apple and Nike share a fat relation it is of no surprise that the iWatch will go serious about the fitness feature. The iWatch can have a Bluetooth low energy connectivity with the iPhone or iPod. The display is predicted to be nearly about 1.5 inch.

Apple iWatch view

Looking with long lasting association of Apple with Siri, the Apple iWatch is believed to have it along with the Maps feature. Adding up to its features the watch can also have authentication, NFC, home automation and flying cars. With all these features the most apt prediction regarding the Apple  iWatch price is believed to be somewhere close to 250$.

What we need to do is to have patience and see that will Apple come out with such a device that is really quite promising enough. Will it really give its competitors with really tough completion?? Well, only coming time can give you answers to this question!! Just wait the iWatch.

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Pebble just announced its e-Paper SmartWatch: The Pebble SmartWatch. Now AT&T announced a release date for the Pebble SmartWatch. It is Tomorrow, the 27 of September. Pebble is one of the first companies investing in the SmartWatches Industry and we immediatelly conotate the Pebble SmartWatch to the huge KickStarter Campaign – They raised more than 10.000.000$

Pebble SmartWatch Release Date

Pebble SmartWatch is already released, but not as a contract. Now with AT&T people will be able to aquire this watch at a lower price. Indeed the Pebble SmartWatch was already available in Best Buy for several months ago, and anyone could have bought it on Ebay or Amazon at very good prices. This e-Paper Watch is going to be released tomorrow on AT&T Website and on it’s local stores across the United States but it won’t be available on all stores, but just some of them. In October it will be expanded.

Pebble SmartWatch Box

Pebble SmartWatch Price

At AT&T the Pebble SmartWatch will be available for just 150$. A much lower price if we compare with the 300$ on Amazon. We at the Uber Smart Watch team, we really believe this is going to be really good news for the Pebble company and eventually they can start thinking on debuting their presence by increasing their capital. If you really like the way this company evolved, give a try and get a SmartWatch from Pebble.

Unboxing Pebble Smart Watch

Why the Release of Pebble SmartWatch is so important?

AT&T is the first carrier in the whole world accepting to sell the Pebble SmartWatch. This is an important mark for the SmartWatch industry as it shows that carriers are really enjoying the way SmartWatches are evoluting and they believe they will be a very famous gadget for people to buy. More than that: A gadget that will be able to compete with the Google Eye Glasses and with very good battery duration.

Hands on Pebble Smartwatch

You can find the Pebble SmartWatch on Ebay at very attractive prices.


The galaxy device lovers in Canada are counting the finals days for the much awaited Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch. The release of this news from Best Buy and Future Shop has turned to be the talk of the town event. Both of them have started taking the pre-orders, raising further the bar of excitement and making the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch available to its customers from 4th of October.

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

Where can I buy the Samsung Galaxy Gear?

Best Buy and Future Shop will make this watch available at a very friendly price of $299.99. Let’s have the look at the specs which is surely going to leave you in amazement and get your eyes popping out. At this price the smart-watch will come with 1.63 super AMOLED display, with a 320×320 resolution and a superior 4 GB storage space with 512 MB RAM. The watch also sports a 1.9 megapixel integrated camera with a magnificent battery support of 315mAh.

Adding more to your amazement the camera will offer a 720p HD recording with features of macro mode and auto focus. This entire package comes at a negligible 74gms weight, wherein its casing is supposed to be just 11.1mm thick. The whole dial will be attached to a non-removable plastic belt.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch in different colors

This flamboyant device will be available in variety of colors such as Oatmeal Beige, Mocha Gray, Lime Green, Wild Orange, Jet Black and Rose Gold. However its casing will be of metal only. Note again that the belt is non-removable, so be careful and make the most right choice for yourself so that you can flaunt the device in style. The Galaxy Gear Smart Watch functions on a flexible Android OS with a Bluetooth connectivity and an additional feature to be used with a handset.

So Canadians just hold your breath to enjoy the whims and fancies of this much awaited Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch. With or without the release, you can already get from Ebay the Samsung Galaxy Gear for around 350$.