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Pebble Technologies that had some very great time with its first smartwatch “Pebble” as we know is out back with its successor. The Pebble Smartwatch is one of the most successful wearable in the market at very affordable price of just $149. The new Pebble smartwatch is known as the Pebble Time as it comes with a new Timeline user interface and a color screen, while it still maintains the USP of its predecessor which is its 7 day long battery life.

The new Pebble Time has a new stylish and premium timeline UI, with more better animations and looks more faster and responsive that the original one. However, it is said that the same interface is likely to arrive in the Pebble and the Pebble Steel smartwatch. The major new addition is the inclusion of a microphone that will allow users to leave short voice mails. However, note that this is not a smartwatch replacement. Let’s have a look into the details.

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The new Pebble Time is now even lighter and thinner. The body measures 9.5mm which  is 20% less compared to the first Pebble. The appearance makes it look like plastic but the bezels are of metal. A slight curved back fits snugly over the wrist offering a more comfortable fit. The screen at the top is made of toughened scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass and you can even save it from water impact, but keep in mind don’t keep it exposed to water for too long and don’t dive.


The new Pebble Time has got different style bands with the standard 22mm size. The standard retails box is said to be coming with a soft silicon band and users can swap it for different choices available.

User interface and apps

The new Pebble Timeline now comes with more than 6500 Pebble apps and watchfaces. The new Timeline interface offers easy navigation between watchfaces and apps where users can click on the top key to go back in time, click the middle key to go to current moment and the bottom key for seeing of future appointments and events. There are plentiful animation supporting this and the UI now runs much faster and smoother than before.


Pebble Time price and release Date

Just like the last time, the Pebble Time is too a Kickstarter funded project where the smartwatch has already received a stunning response in less than 24 hours and has way past its goal. For early bids, the watch will be available for $159 and the regular MRP is tipped to be $199. The release time is expected to be in May 2015. If you really interested to contribute and buy one for yourself click the source link below and follow the details.

New-Pebble-Time (1)New-Pebble-Time (2)New-Pebble-Time (3)New-Pebble-Time (4)New-Pebble-Time

Source: KickStarter

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The Android App for Pebble has now been officially updated to the version 2.3 after which users will now be able to act and even respond to notifications directly from the smartwatch. This means that the version 2.3 update now brings Android Wear compatibility to the Pebble smartwatch.

With this update, some new things can also be tried on the Pebble smartwatch that includes sending cash to a friend once you receive the Square Cash request. Using of emojis to respond a Hangouts message is also quite possible now. However, in order to receive this update, you need to join the Pebble Beta Testing Group by clicking the source link to the bottom of this article. Upon signup, you will be asked to beta test version 2.3 of the Pebble Android App. For this you will also need an smartphone running the Android 4.0 and above for using this update.

In addition to this, the version 2.3 update also includes few bug fixes along with a way to update watch faces and apps even when the smartwatch is idle or charging. It also solves the bugs that Pebble users were experiencing with notifications from WhatsApp. Udoubtedly, still Pebble is one of the most popular smartwatches as on date. Here are two videos giving you a glimpse of the update.

source: Pebble

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Just after the release of the Pebble App Store for Android, the makers of the smartwatch have gone open encouraging various developers across the globe and putting a price of $5000 for the best app voted. The company has released a new Pebble App Challenge which aims to get the best app on the smartwatch dais. The company has kept a price of whopping $5000 for the winner of the contest and its next 16 finalists will get Pebble Steel smartwatch as consolation prize. Well, one thing is sure that users of the Pebble Smartwatch are going to get a best app on their Pebble. The contest has begun just yesterday and will last till 23rd March (5PM PST).


The judge for the best app are users themselves and the winner will be decided on user voting. After 23rd March users will vote for the best 16 apps for next four days from 24th-27th. From April’s first week comparison between duels will take place where the better app proceeds ahead in the competition and the weaker one gets eliminated. In this way the app that remains undisputed till the last will be declared as the winner. Get more details moving to the official website here.

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Pebble recently announced its Pebble 2.0 and its App Store for Android along with many more apps that go hand-in-gloves with this software release. Few days back we saw that the Pebble 2.0 was in beta stage of its development and now users will be able to get it updated from Google Play. Now users will be able to download new watches faces and apps to get their Pebble customized. Some of the new partner apps like Time Warner Cable, eBay and Evernote have also been launched.




The Evernote app facilitates users for checklists, reminders and notebooks. However, with the Time Warner, you will be able to control the thermostat and other features. The eBay allows users to add few products to their watch lists which can be later viewed on the smartphone.

evernote-pebble 140308.TWC_ 140307.eBay_

 Few release notes for Pebble 2.0:

  • New and improved UI design.
  • Pebble’s own watchapp directory that allows users to browse, search and install the latest watchapps for Pebble.
  • New Watchapp locker which will help manage apps on your Pebble and keep track of your favorite apps.
  • Storing of prior notifications to your Pebble.
  • Users who have used the Beta release of Android 2.0 application will initially see only the old app in Play Store. The Beta version must be deleted to see the public version properly.
  • Side-loading apps from the “Downloads” app or Gmail may fail. This is a known issue—users must currently use another method (e.g. Dropbox, downloading with an alternate browser, copying manually to a SD card, loading from the File Manager, etc.)
  • At current, side-loading of apps from Gmail or “Download” apps may fail. Thus at moment users should resolve to some other methods like downloading with an alternate browser, Dropbox, loading from the File Manager, copying manually to a SD card, etc.
  • If your Pebble is disconnected from the paired device for a longer period of time, you may need to manually relaunch the Pebble app and reconnect to Pebble.

So Pebble owners navigate quickly to the Play Store and download the 2.0 software  and enjoy plethora of apps.


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You as a user would always want the freedom of using smartwatch to control music on your smartphone and Pebble now gives you this freedom. Your Pebble smartwatch can really come in handy in order to change tracks and play/pause music. Moreover it also allows user to forward a track, rewind a track, go back a track with its default music function of Pebble. The process for music control remains the same for both the original Pebble and Pebble Steel. First of all, make sure to connect your device with your Pebble.


For iDevice users, Pebble will hook with the iOS7 music controls, thus facilitating you to control all your music apps through Pebble. And with Android, you will get a Music option in the Pebble app settings. You can specifically choose the music service/app that you want to be controlled through Pebble. Users will get this in Pebble app going to Settings>Music.

pebble-android-music-setting pebble-android-music-selection_0

In default, your Pebble can play/pause music, as well rewind the last played track and even switch to previous or next track in a very easy way with the help of three buttons provided on the right side. Pressing the top button once will get you to the beginning of the track and a double press will get you to the previous track. Pressing the middle button allows users to play/pause the music. Similarly, pressing the bottom button once makes you move one track ahead and when pressed twice, you go two track ahead.

For Android users, an app named Music Boss is a good recommendation for the controls.

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Pebble has been one of the most successful smartwatch projects as on date! Managing the pace with other smartwatch competitors, Pebble has constantly brought new surprises for its users like the recent Pebble Steel and the Pebble App Store. With watchfaces, you can manage quick access to information like weather, fitness apps and calendar. Here are the few steps to install watch faces on your Pebble smartwatch both for Android and iOS.


Get your Pebble watchfaces on Android by searching for Pebble Apps on Google Play and the app for iOS is named as MyPebbleFaces. Moreover, you can also get the Pebble watchfaces at, and Pebble Forums.

Watchface installation on Android


In the watch apps section, install watch faces via the Pebble App for Android. In the drop down menu ether watch apps and touch on the Get Watch Apps. You will enter the most popular watch faces for your device and tap on the one which you want to install.

In case if your watch file is installed from any third party provider, move to download file. If your Pebble smartwatch is already connected and the Pebble App is open, your watch face will be automatically installed via the Pebble app. If a direct link to install is there, just tap the link and it will automatically navigate Pebble app to allow installation. You might be asked for an authentication to allow installation from third party sources.

Watchface installation on iPhone

Installation process for the iPhone is quite similar to that of Android. On finding a watchface tap the link, and you will be prompted to Open in Pebble. One opened, it will install the watchface. In the Watch Apps section, you will find the list of all the watchfaces installed.

View your installed Watchfaces


Scroll through your installed watchfaces through the up-down button on the right side. Watch apps can be found in the main menu by pressing the middle button on the right side. A list of watchapps will be available here.

Enjoy the watchfaces with Pebble and even create your own watchface through your imagination.

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Just few days back, at the CES 2014 expo, Pebble officially declared its app store along with the Pebble steel. Now, the company seems to have started the work on a faster pace and is making every attempt to invite API Developers for its app store applications. ProgrammableWeb made a recent talk with Thomas Sarlandie, Developer Evangelist at Pebble regarding how API developers will play their role and contribute to the app store, deciding the company’s future.

Pebble invites API developers view

Here is what Sarlandie had to say.

“In general, our SDK and APIs are global to anyone at our developer website,” Sarlandie told ProgrammableWeb. “Anyone can build an integration, but for companies like Yelp and Foursquare we do give them a little more attention… we want them to also be a source of inspiration for developers. The amazing Pebble community already had an unofficial appstore, but the new official Pebble appstore will be a part of every user’s experience with Pebble. We will be focusing on supporting independent developers and looking at how they can build a strong user interface on Pebble. The goal is always to show end users what they can do with Pebble.”

Initially there will not be any paid apps on the app store. Sarlandie even encouraged third party developers to share their ideas to smartwatch lovers. On this, he further said “Right now we don’t support payment in the appstore, but we are considering it in the future. In the meantime, in the new Pebble appstore, developers can link to their companion iOS or Android apps in the iTunes and Google Play appstores. This gives them some publicity to their paid app on those platforms. Developers can also sell Pebble watches on their own website and we offer an interesting affiliate commission model for them.”

Pebble invites API developers 2 view

Pebble app store is expected to go online this month end. Let’s see whether it gets the same appreciation and response like the Pebble smartwatch.

Last year the smartwatch concept started shifting higher gears and it seemed that this is next big wearable computing device! Few smartwatches like the Galaxy Gear, Sony smartwatch 2, Pebble smartwatch and many another made a loud noise by their presence. But, just at the beginning of 2014, the CES expo at Vegas witnessed a huge participation from large number of tech companies for this wearable computing device. Here is our pick for the Top 5 smartwatches at CES 2014.

Pebble SmartWatch

Pebble Steel view

The largest Kicstarter funded project was as such a big hit in 2013, and for 2014, Pebble came out with some huge surprises to its fans. With the launch of Pebble Steel, Pebble re-defined the smartwatch concept by splashing some style quotient in the smarter tech. The steel straps gives Pebble the much elegant, classy and the essential corporate rich feel that the smartwatch needed. Not only this, Pebble also declared its own dedicated app store and also its tie-up with famous entertainment TV channels. The icing-on-the-cake was when Pebble joined hands with Mercedes for some applications that would synchronize with the car functions. Get the complete Pebble Steel review here.

Omate TrueSmart

Omate TrueSmart view

Thr Omate TrueSmart surfaced at the CES 2014 with some new feature. Apart from using the conventional Bluetooth technology to sync data with the smartphone, Omate made use of the built-in-SIM to connect with your smartphone. The Omate TrueSmart is just parallel to a smartphone and allows you to make/receive calls, send text messages, e-mail and even surf the internet on its LCD screen. The watch supports the Android 4.2.2 version for its functionality. Here is the complete Omate TrueSmart review.

Casio Sports Gear STB-1000

Casio Sports Gear STB-1000 view

As the name shows, Casio with its Sports Gear STB-1000 has introduced a new way to track your fitness and daily activities for the day. However, the Casio Sports Gear for the moment pairs up only with iPhone and keeps a track of your fitness activities like distance you run, your heart rate, bicycle peddling and more. The smartwatch also displays basic notifications like a new message or a missed call. Moreover, the watch is fairly priced with a $100 tag and its durability is certainly unquestionable. Here is the Casio G Shock review.

Meta Watch


Meta Watch seems to re-invent itself now and the company has now given just a tag of “Meta”. The major focus of the company is on the basic functions that the smartwatch does and still ferine its functionality. More it has also teamed with the design firm Frank Nuovo, who has an experience of designing the luxurious mobile phones for Vertu. Thus it seems that just like Pebble, the company has its attention on the “Meta” appearance. Moreover, with the smartwatch, you get the basic information like calls, message, weather and other similar notifications. Get our complete Meta Watch Strata and Meta Watch Frame review.

Magellan Echo

Magellan-echo-watch view

Magellon Echo is similar to the Casio Sports Gear and it basically tracks your fitness and daily activities. The Magellan Echo connects with some special apps like the MapMyRun and the Wahoo Fitness that can collect and track data about your workout. The watch comes with a CR2032 battery which ensures that Echo serves you for longer hours. Magellan is still working with its app developers to work on the display and button layout to give a truly customized experience.

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Well, just few hours before the CES kicked off yesterday, some pics showing the Pebble steel smartwatch had leaked out and yes its official now! Pebble sticks-to-its-guns and delivers the promised word of “something special” to arrive at the CES. And it could certainly be said that the new Pebble Steel has upped the style ante of the smartwatch.

Pebble Steel view

The Pebble Steel will be completely compatible to all Pebble apps. The new Pebble Steel consists of two stainless steel version-matte black and the brushed metal. The matte black version is made with the same Physical Vapor Deposition technology as used by the luxury phone maker Vertu.

Pebble Steel 2 view

The rich, premium and corporate look that the new Pebble steel smartwatch sports is absolutely praiseworthy. Users get two wrist straps in each box-one metal and one black leather. Some more hardware additions include a RGB color LED charging indicator and the Gorilla Glass with anti-fingerprint coating. Other all features are the same like the e-paper display, 5ATM water resistance and the button positions as well. But now the buttons will be of metal here!

Pebble Steel 3 view

The new Pebble steel is priced at 249$ and Pebble will begin the shipments from 28th of this January. So don’t wait a moment and pre-order your Pebble Steel on the

In addition to this, Pebble also confirms the launch of its “dedicated app store” that we covered earlier!

Apart from this one more big news from Pebble is that it has teamed up with various blue-chip companies in diverse business segments like automobile and Television. The list of its partners includes Mercedes, ESPN and Pandora. All the three will be presenting their cool new apps on the Pebble at the CES.

Espn on Pebble Pebble and Mercedes Pandora on Pebble





Below are the two official videos for promotions of the new Pebble Steel.

  • Introducing Pebble Steel Smart Watch

  • Pebble Steel – Dressed- Official video


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Pebble is staying constantly in news and seems to be grabbing every attention that comes its way. Recently within a month’s time, Pebble came out with three big news:

pebble-steel view

Now some leaked photos clearly show that Pebble will come up with a metal watch with Gorilla glass and this could be as sooner this CES 2014 event. Moreover, there could be two different metal watch looks wherein one could be stainless steel belt and the other could be a black one!

pebble-black view

The internals of the device are believed to be the same where buyers will get the choice of leather OR metal belt. Few days ago, Pebble CEO had declared that it would come up with something special! Is it the metal watch from Pebble? Well, we can wait for the CES 2014 to let the mystery unfold.

The Pebble metal smart watch could be priced at 249$.