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The tech industry has witnessed a new transition in the world of smart devices with many companies moving-in to make the Smart Watches. The I’m Smart Watch is another one that stands in the race along with its competitors. Let us have a quick look at its functionality.

What does I’m Smart Watch offer?

I'm Smart Watch  view

The Smart Watch comes with a display of 1.54 inch and a 240×240 (220ppi) resolution which is fairly very clear. However the reviews show that the screen has a mediocre quality of touch response. A good feature is that the I’m Smart Watch is flexible enough to be compatible with iPhone, Android and Blackberry interfaces. Additionally it runs its own customized version of Android as the ‘Droid 2’. But the watch is also not that user friendly to you, since you need to register to I’m cloud market, have an I’m account and download the I’m apps that will be synced to your phone OS (operating system). Your apps will be synced to your phone as long as the Bluetooth connectivity is maintained, which is also not that promising.

I'm Smart Watch apps

Adding it more to the user’s kitty the surprising feature of the watch is that it comes with superior 4GB storage. Navigating further into its design the right side of the watch comes with a microphone as well as a back/power button. Whereas the left side has a 3.5mm jack serving dual operations of charging as well audio. It has a disappointing battery life of just 450mAH, which is hardly operational for 10 hours. Moreover the most worrisome feature of the I’m Smart Watch is that it is being exorbitantly priced at nearly 400 US dollars, which will certainly keep the buyers a further away. The watch is available in four different color variants.

I'm Smart Watch in different color variants

Today I’m Smart Watch says that “I’m” there for your smarter world but the most pertinent question is “are you” really ready to welcome it??

BTW, you can get the I’m Smart Watch from Ebay at better prices.

In essence, a Smart Watch is a device created to minify the dimensions of a SmartPhone or a Tablet while at the same time it can play a role in the relationship between these 2 devices serving as a bridge between a SmartPhone and a Tablet. In the future the goal is to find a SmartPhone that can stick to our arms very easily leaving no role for a Smart Watch or a SmartPhone and only a place a piece of technology that can make several things from answering phones and reading the clock to 4 Dimensional conversations with friends and family.

Android Smart Watch

Samsung galaxy Gear Smart Watch

Sony and Samsung are already in the battle for developing the top noch Smart Watches while other Tech Companies are still sitting in their pile of cash like Apple, Google or Microsoft. The smartwatches developed by this companies is far from being the best and they mainly work with other famous devices built by these companies. Samsung already released the Samsung Galaxy Gear, while Sony released Sony SmartWatch 1 and SmartWatch 2

Are Other Companies buying Smart Watches?

Pebble - E-Paper Smart Watch

They are. But they are not big companies. Either they enjoy the Open-Source software offered by Google Android, or they develop their own OS. Pebble is the situation of an open-source company who decided to invest in this Technology with E-Paper Watches after getting a bumpt from the Kickstarter platform.

Are people buying Smart Watches?

Not yet. Everyone seems to be invariable to the new gadgets for the pulse and they feel more biased towards gadgets like the Google Glass. But is this due to the lack of interest or due to the lack of promotion of this type of devices? We believe it is the second option and Markets will immediately find the importance of Smart Watches integrated with other gadgets like Google Glass, SmartPhones and Tablets. Eventually this is not the right time to buy a SmartWatch as their technology and software is yet to be changed. Nonetheless it’s a good time for the big techs to invest in this little things!