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With the iWatch news creating much heat in the smartwatch world, many designers are now trying with their creative minds about how the upcoming iWatch could look like. Just fews days back we spotted an iWatch concept from Todd Hamilton show the iWatch to be like a wristband. Now, engineers from the famous Bell Designs known for its cutting-edge-designs has released one more amazing concept of the iWatch that could certainly be like by all Apple fans. Here are plenty of images for this amazing latest iWatch concept.









This new concept shows the dial of the watch to be circular and comes with a HD touchscreen display. This concept shows the iWatch to be a uni-body design outfitted with chrome and titanium accents. The brain of the iWatch is believed to be a dual-core processor with LTE, Bluetooth and iOS 8. The software seems to be a bit more upgraded at the moment, however this could be certainly more close to what the original iWatch would look like.

Check out the video below!


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Just we saw that LG has been confirmed for the production of initial 2million iWatch units, but designers across the globe are still trying on their imaginations with new concepts on the Apple iWatch. A California based designer-Todd Hamilton has worked on a sleeker and elegant design and taking inspiration from the fitness band concept, he has put forward his own concept for the iWatch.


The concept watch from Hamilton is just a circular band that can be put on the wrist and will have a circular touchscreen. The lockscreen comes in a basic black-white format which would display date and time as well and would also a button besides to activate the voice assistant Siri.

iWatch concept

The interface mimics the functionality of iPhone and iPad which means that it would swipe up to unlock, swipe down to check notifications and a double touch to open Siri. The watch is also believed to have some physical buttons for volume control as well as to navigate to the lockscreen.

Check out this video to know more:

iWatch concept 4

iWatch concept 3 iWatch concept 2

In the interview, here is what Todd Hamilton had to say further “One of the challenges I ran into was what to do about tabs.’ The iPhone and iPad has tabs across the bottom of the screen. A normal tab view across the bottom wasn’t going to work so I came up with a simple drop down control in the title bar, Tapping this would display a popover menu showing the other available pages. I also purposely left out several of the controls like Edit and Add Contact. On a device this small I think it makes more sense to manage apps, contacts, and media from a synced iPhone or Mac.”



It’s a big news from the Korean giant LG that the Korean smart device manufacturer has come to terms with Apple in order to design the much awaited iWatch. The new iWatch that LG would designed would sport a Plastic OLED (P-OLED), similar to that introduced by LG in its G-Flex smartphone. For this, LG has got exclusive manufacturing rights for the initial production of 2 million units.

iWatch view

The only news available is that the iWatch would come up with1.52” display screen but the resolution still remains undisclosed. A source from Korea says that the iWatch would be available in the market anytime between July and September 2014. We had earlier spotted the iWatch to have a OLED display and with the recent news, this seems to be true.

The latest rumor involves the music to ears as many Apple fans believe that iWatch will still bring some innovation to the smartwatch segment, which according to them is still incomplete. We would surely keep monitoring news for the iWatch. Check our iWatch review here.


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Studying the recent trends of the Smart Watch market, analyzing the product strategies, scrutinizing the market flow and predicting the future scenario, Digitimes has come out with their own statistical data about how the Smart Watch market will fare ahead.

According to Digitimes Research, it is believed that the competition in the smart watch segment between standalone models that operate independently without a smartphone and the accessory models that rely on smartphones for their operation.

Apple-iwatch-protoype view

Moreover Digitimes Research has also predicted that the entry of Apple’s iWatch will be the major turning point in the tech industry which will uplift the smart watch market to new threshold levels.

Apple’s strong marketing strategy is believed to catalyze the demand of smart watch by considerable figures. Figuratively, if Apple launches its iWatch in the second-half of 2014, the smartwatch annual shipment is estimated to be 5.92 million units for 2014, 22.79 million units for 2015 and 75.76 million units in 2016 which is a pretty steep increase in the graph. In the above mentioned figures, Apple is believed to grab a larger share of the pie.

Well, for fans like us, we are anxious to listen the official statement from Apple!

The Smart Watch market is already crowded with many tech companies trying their hand on it!! All these companies have tried to make their presence felt by infusing some additional features in their Smart Watches. So, with plethora of options available the competition is just getting tougher! Moreover the much rumored iWatch from the tech giant Apple is still on-the-cards.

We all have heard from the flexible display screen in the smart watches. However the possibility of a flexible display has been made possible by engineers using an e-paper display. Plastic Logic Smart Watch has been a perfect example of it.

Apple-iWatch-flexible display view

Since past long time the prototype of the Apple iWatch has been the news, raising the level of anxiety within the fans further. There were various models that were assumed like initially the 1.5” screen. Now the 1.3” and 1.4” are believed to be in line with this flexible display screen.

The screen is believed to be a 220 pixel density resolution. It will undoubtedly have an iOS 7 software support and will come with a Bluetooth 4.0 low energy technology. Moreover looking at the current market trend it can be predicted that all the music features and other high-end features will be incorporated in the watch. The price of the device is believed to fall closer to nearly 400$.

Apple-iWatch-flexible view

Apple Inc. has always been considered to come out with breakthrough devices in the market. Their earlier concepts like iPod, iPhone and Macintosh have already proved their mettle in the market. Moreover, with the smart watch market already very pre-occupied, Apple will have to really launch something out-of-the-box smart watch. The Apple iWatch is rumored to be out this December. Let’s see what the Mecca of technology – Apple, has to deliver!!

We all know about the much heated rivalry that exists between these two smart device makers. Both of them have tamed the world of smart devices for past few years and have ensured that their mind blowing technology and products serve the user community in the most fascinating way. However, today the roars for the much predicted Apple iWatch this year end are getting louder. Whereas recently, in July this year Google brought the world even closer to their Google Glass concept by releasing the device on their website. Before talking much about them let’s see what will the users have this year end.

Apple iWatch

If rumors are to be believed this much predicted Smart Watch will be available this year end. Analysts have predicted that iWatch will come with an OLED display and a 1.5” inch screen. It is believed to come with an accelerometer as a fitness features as Apple share a good rapport with Nike. Additionally the watch is also believed to come with a NFC and home automation feature and will step in the market with a very competitive price of nearly 250$.

Apple iWatch view

Google Glass

This wearable glass device may take some time to get absorbed into people’s minds, but a look at this device features promise you something very concrete. As Google is known for its flexibility to be functional with multitude of other devices, it’s official that Google Glass will be compatible with both iOS and Android. The Google Glass will have a GPS with navigation facility. It also offers you the ease to capture pictures and record videos just on your voice command. Additionally the Google Glass will also help you translate or decode message into the language of your choice. If Google manages to incorporate such luxurious features the glasses with certainly be a gadget than can’t skip your eye.

Google Glass view

So without much hoo-ha from the predictions just wait for the actual release of the device, as once they are out they will surely win hearts.

With the latest release of Samsung Galaxy Gear watch and the Sony Smart Watch 2 the Smart watch concept has gained an elevated attention from the smart world. This year Smart Watches have made their presence felt within the global community and have turned out to be the much talked about gadget. At this time the entire world is eyeing on a similar kind of device from the tech numerouno – “Apple”.

What will the Apple iWatch have in store for the customers??

As such there is no official news from Apple regarding the release of iWatch, but top analysts from across the globe have predicted that there is group of engineers who are working on a flexible device that can be put on your wrists. Here are few predictions that the device from Apple is believed to offer!!

The iWatch view

The Apple iWatch will have a flexible curvature display with OLED screen. The display is believed to take the shape of your wrist with unbreakable feature. Moreover knowing the fact that Apple and Nike share a fat relation it is of no surprise that the iWatch will go serious about the fitness feature. The iWatch can have a Bluetooth low energy connectivity with the iPhone or iPod. The display is predicted to be nearly about 1.5 inch.

Apple iWatch view

Looking with long lasting association of Apple with Siri, the Apple iWatch is believed to have it along with the Maps feature. Adding up to its features the watch can also have authentication, NFC, home automation and flying cars. With all these features the most apt prediction regarding the Apple  iWatch price is believed to be somewhere close to 250$.

What we need to do is to have patience and see that will Apple come out with such a device that is really quite promising enough. Will it really give its competitors with really tough completion?? Well, only coming time can give you answers to this question!! Just wait the iWatch.

The Smart Watch concept has been launched earlier, but the year of 2013 has proved to be quite catching up the heat for the Smart Watch market. Various tech savvy companies around the world have joined the race and are looking forward to staple themselves to this Smart Watch market. They are coming out with lucrative and loaded features and designs. The predictions from analysts across the globe have put a clear picture that 2014 is going to be year where Smart Watch market will witness a good transition with large number of potential buyers being hooked to it.

What actually the Smart Watch predictions say?

The predictions suggest that in 2014 Smart Watches will be available in various retail stores. Right now the online stores are selling the smart watches on large scale. Best Buy stands as the best example for it with major companies selling their smart watches here. However the predictions show that in 2014 retail stores will also be flooded with smart watches and this eye-catching gadget will seek attention on a larger scale. Adjoining figure shows the prediction sells in millions for the corressponding year.

Sales prediction graph of Smart Watches for 2014 view

Big blue-chip tech giants like Google and Apple have also confirmed it that they are looking forward to venture in this market. Recently Google has confirmed that they have took over WIMM who is believed to pioneer in making Smart Watches. Apple too has sparked the news with copyrighting the iWatch term. These news have certainly raised the anxiety in the Smart Watch consumer market.

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

The NextMarket Insights have surveyed that in 2014 nearly 15 million watches are going to be shipped and the numbers will go to approximately 30+ million watches in 2015. The Asian markets are believed to grow stronger in 2014 witnessing large number of smartwatch buyers. Many companies are looking to make watches that meet both Android and iOS requirements with additional features of fitness and lifestyle providing the fuel to make your smarter world move faster.

Just get ready to accelerate in the world of smart devices and enjoy the thrill of smarter world.

In essence, a Smart Watch is a device created to minify the dimensions of a SmartPhone or a Tablet while at the same time it can play a role in the relationship between these 2 devices serving as a bridge between a SmartPhone and a Tablet. In the future the goal is to find a SmartPhone that can stick to our arms very easily leaving no role for a Smart Watch or a SmartPhone and only a place a piece of technology that can make several things from answering phones and reading the clock to 4 Dimensional conversations with friends and family.

Android Smart Watch

Samsung galaxy Gear Smart Watch

Sony and Samsung are already in the battle for developing the top noch Smart Watches while other Tech Companies are still sitting in their pile of cash like Apple, Google or Microsoft. The smartwatches developed by this companies is far from being the best and they mainly work with other famous devices built by these companies. Samsung already released the Samsung Galaxy Gear, while Sony released Sony SmartWatch 1 and SmartWatch 2

Are Other Companies buying Smart Watches?

Pebble - E-Paper Smart Watch

They are. But they are not big companies. Either they enjoy the Open-Source software offered by Google Android, or they develop their own OS. Pebble is the situation of an open-source company who decided to invest in this Technology with E-Paper Watches after getting a bumpt from the Kickstarter platform.

Are people buying Smart Watches?

Not yet. Everyone seems to be invariable to the new gadgets for the pulse and they feel more biased towards gadgets like the Google Glass. But is this due to the lack of interest or due to the lack of promotion of this type of devices? We believe it is the second option and Markets will immediately find the importance of Smart Watches integrated with other gadgets like Google Glass, SmartPhones and Tablets. Eventually this is not the right time to buy a SmartWatch as their technology and software is yet to be changed. Nonetheless it’s a good time for the big techs to invest in this little things!