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The Apple Watch is very likely to be announced anytime soon in April 2015 and now the latest news coming from the industry show that Apple has collaborated with LG for supplying of the Plastic OLED display for the Apple Watch. LG has already been supplying the displays for the iPads and this relation is said to extend even for the Apple Watch, as per JP Morgan analyst JJ Park.


LG is said to be the fore-runner as far as producing flexible lightning panels with plastic make, is considered. This means that LG will easily be able to meet the demands as the Cupertino giant is expecting to sell around a whopping 26 to 29 million watches this year with increased sales of 61million the following year. This means a huge business opportunity to LG. However, analysts have predicted that Apple could ship only around 8-10 million watches by this year, which too is a big number.

Just few days back, we told you about Apple asking Samsung for supplying some of the chipsets for the Apple Watch. We will get you with more details as things get official.

source: Barron’s Asia

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All the Apple fans across the globe are very eagerly waiting for the much awaited Apple Watch timepiece. It is being that that the watch will host the company’s own Apple S1 SIP (system-in-package). However, the recent reports coming from DiGiTimes show that its biggest rival company – Samsung is likely to offer nearly 3000-4000 chipset which measure similar to the 12inch smaller silicon chips which are designed with the 28nm process used by Samsung.

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However, reports show that there will be huge demand of the Apple Watch with roughly nearly 10 million units to be sold. However, lokking to this small amount we question that would this be enough to meet the demand. However, it is also said that besides Samsung other companies like Andvanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) would also be supplying chips to Apple as it is said to be the major supplier of S1 processors.

source: DiGiTimes

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DigiTimes who has been having a very close eye on the component suppliers from China have revealed that Apple contractors are now ready to begin producing built-in parts for the company’s recently launched Apple Watch. The sources have claimed that Apple have ordered an initial of 30-40 million units. It is said that the Cupertino giant is too optimistic about its smartwatch and expects heavy sales post release next year.


Reports have claimed that this Apple Watch hosts a new chip design rather than relying on the existing A-series processors. The new chipset is custom designed SiP (system in package) having the name “S1” that contains the entire computational component of the device. In addition to this special kind of processor, the Apple Watch is also supposed to have a Force Touch Retina Display that could easily differentiate between pressing and tapping. The connectivity options further found for the device include a haptic feedback engine, NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth as well as the wireless charging feature.

Well, in addition to this, the company is likely to feed many other tech features to its smartwatch. The Apple Watch is expected to go on sale in the fist half of the next year.

via Apple Insider

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The Apple iWatch is expected to be unveiled tomorrow at a press event held by the company along with its flagship iPhone 6. According to the reports coming from New York Times and Wall Street Journal, the upcoming iWatch would arrive with a sapphire covered screen with a flexible OLED display along with NFC connectivity for mobile payments.

The reports also showed that the iWatch will come in two different screen sizes of 1.3” and 1.5” flexible screen with a sapphire covering and would also feature wireless charging. The iWatch is also expected to coming with built-in sensors that would monitor the heart rate or the number of steps taken. It is said that the company has put huge amount of efforts to make accurate and precise sensors compared to those in existing devices for such measurements. All this data is expected to be shown through Apple’s HealthKit app. The iWatch is also expected to have a Handoff feature for data sharing.

One more big news coming from Wall Street Journal shows the iWatch would also host near-field communications NFC chip that would look after mobile payments. Along with iPhone, the Apple iWatch might be collaborating with American Express, Visa, and MasterCard for such payment method.

Its just a matter of day when things will get official and clear on our part. Here are the images showing plenty of iWatch concepts till date. Let’s see which one proves to be the real deal!

iWatch concept 1iWatch concept 2 iWatch concept 3iWatch concept 4 iWatch concept 6

source: WSJNY Times (paywalled)

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With Apple all set to enter the wearable market, number of sources in the industry are claiming that Apple along with the iWatch would come with other wearable options as well! A recent report from Re/code says that Apple might come with multiple wearable options with a wide range of pricing options up to $400.


Moreover, recent reports coming from the industry show that Apple might unveils its wearables at the September 9 event, but will not ship them before 2015. This could mean that the pricing of the wearable could still be an surprise even after September 9. One thing is sure, that Apple is going to have a tough competition to face in the smartwatch wearable market with many wearable from Samsung, LG, Motorola and others.


source: Re/code

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An Apple iWatch launch alongside iPhone 6 makes perfect sense for the Cupertino giant. Previous reports have already suggested that the device will be available in October, with price tag in the $300 range.

We don’t have much details for its specs though the iWatch is expected to arrive with a built-in-tracking suite in iOS 8 along with the home automation feature via HomeKit. Earlier reports have claimed the iWatch to be arriving in October with a $300 pricing. Now, if news from re/code are to be believed, we may soon get to see the first glimpses of the smartwatch next week on September 9th.


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Well, the eyes of the entire tech industry are concentrated of the much rumored Apple iWatch and now a report coming from the Economic Daily shows that the smartwatch is likely to come in three different models. According to the rumors, the Apple iWatch would come with a 1.6inch display on the top while the other two models would host a 1.8inch display. One of the 1.8inch models is believed to be skinned with a layer of sapphire glass on its top.

Apple iWatch

If would certainly be a big surprise if Apple comes with such a range of products as the Cupertino giant is not known for any such step of product from since the past. The report shows that the iWatch would arrive in the third quarter which pretty much falls in line with our last time’s prediction of a November launch. This publication suggests that Apple will launch its iWatch carrying a price tag of $349.  If the November launch turns out to be true, we have still three  months that could pour some more spice to the’ iWatch News’ and so we would like you to take it with a pinch of salt.


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Recent reports coming out from KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo, show that the much awaited Apple iWatch is soon to enter mass production into late November this year. Kuo who is famous to track Apple rumors closely, in his recent note to clients said “We have pushed back our estimated time of iWatch mass production from late-September to mid-/ late- November. We also lower our forecast of iWatch 2014 shipments by 40% to 3mn units.”


According to Kuo the delay is basically caused because of some software and hardware engineering issues which Apple has to overcome. Moreover, he also suggested some more essential features which the iWatch could support. This includes a Flexible AMOLED display, tough waterproof standards, new system on-chip parts and a sapphire display cover.

The iWatch is expected to break covers later this year and be launched at the end of 2014.

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According to the recent sources, Apple may team up with fitness giant Nike in order to make its upcoming iWatch.

Both Apple and Nike have a strong relationship and almost all of Apple’s products (iPhone, iPad and iPods) come with an integrated Nike+ app. These sources also have reported that iWatch that would come from Nike’s and Apple’s combined efforts would focus on constant movements parameters and features based on it, instead of only fitness tracking.


Recent reports also said that Nike has brought its FuelBand project to halt and now the fitness company is focusing on software platforms to enhance its Nike+ suite by releasing public API for developers, in order to develop the iWatch.

According to previous rumors, LG will be exclusively making the iWatch that could arrive possibly in Q3 of this year.



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The Apple iWatch has been the most awaited device from the Cupertino giant and we have covered many news and concepts revolving around the much awaited smartwatch from Apple. Here is a new iWatch concept from Argentine student Tomas Moyano who gives us a complete out-of-the-box and futuristic design of what the upcoming iWatch could look like. If you have considered the other concepts to be quite conventional this design is something you would be waiting for long! The new iWatch from Tomas Moyano shows a circular display, wireless charging capabilities and much more. Here are the complete mock ups with detailed discussion on features and design.