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    At the CES 2015, there was a surprise with a LG smartwatch with circular dial being spotted at the Audi press conference. Now more news for the device is coming out that shows that smart wear is powered with an webOS and does not run on the Android Wear. However, this watch is designed as purpose centric and the automotive giant Audi would be using it to control its own automobiles where it could also remotely unlock the doors of the car.

    Out of the three buttons on the right side, the button to the center opens a list of apps showing up icons based on LG smartphone UI. Apps also include a dialer and other applications of messaging, music, calendar and email. Additionally it has also got an fitness application called “LG Health W”. in case you have misplaced your handset, “Find My Phone” would help you find it.

    In all this is a great watch and Audi fans are surely going to love it.

    source: AndroidCentral

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      Well, last year LG camera with circular dial smartwatch namely the LG G Watch R and now at the CES 2015 yet another circular smartwatch was spotted surprisingly at the automotive giant Audi’s press conference. The smartwatch was seen on the wrist of one of the company’s(Audi) officials wherein the device was used for commanding  self-driving car. Unlike the LG G Watch R, this watch has got three buttons to its right side.

      At the moment, it is unclear whether the watch would be running an Android Wear version or not. Well, things are not clear for the moment and we would like to get an official word from the company in the coming days. Here are few of the images of the device spotted.

      Mysterious-LG-smartwatch-spotted-at-CES-2015 (1)Mysterious-LG-smartwatch-spotted-at-CES-2015 (2) Mysterious-LG-smartwatch-spotted-at-CES-2015

      source: The Verge

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        As said earlier, Alcatel has finally announced its OneTouch Watch at the CES 2015 event that comes with a circular display with some good specs along with affordable pricing to it. The OneTouch Watch from Alcatel comes with some good features out of the box compared to other smartwatches of its segment. This includes the media remote control capability, activity monitoring and smartphone connectivity notifications in addition. The excellent thing is that all these things would come at an very affordable pricing just below $200. Let’s have a detailed view of the smartwatch from different perspective.

        Design and Display

        P1030804.JPGP1030796.JPG P1030797.JPG

        As said earlier, the Alcatel OneTouch Watch hosts a classic circular display design where the bezel is used to provide clock ticks at the outer surface. The display size is 1.22-inches in diameter. The body and crown are built up with metal and is said to be available in different color options and different strap choices. The watch also comes with an accelerometer which would turn on to check notification and time. It also has a sleep wake button to it and comes with a IP67 certification making it water-proof and also offers Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

        Interface and Processor

        The OneTouch Watch comes with a ST Micro ST429 chipset and has its own baked operating system which works along with its specs. The Alcatel OneTouch doesn’t run on the Android operating system but the good thing here is that it can connect with Android smartphones wunning 4.3 version and above and even iOS devices running iOS 7 and above. Additionally, it also provides other basic functions like heartbeat monitoring, activity monitoring, notifications and basics.

        However, the battery life supporting is bit small with 210mAh but the company claims 5 days of usage to it and provides a complete charge in less than an hour. Moreover, the excellent this is that there is no additional charging dock or cable to charge it. The wrist strap has got an male-end USB plug to it. Users would just need to plug in the watch to the USB slots of their lapotps or destop and get in charged in an hour.

        P1030802.JPG P1030800.JPG

        With an very attractive pricing of just $149, the Alcatel OneTouch Watch is surely going to be an ice-breaker and a watch-out for other competitors. Here are some more images showing up the watch faces of the device.

        P1030809.JPG P1030807.JPG P1030795.JPG

        Source and Image Courtesy: PhoneArena

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          Back in September, Sony announced its first Android Wear Sony SmartWatch 3. Now at the CES 2015 expo at Las Vega that is currently going on, the company has unveiled the stainless steel version of the device and we rolled out globally from next month onwards.

          Sony SmartWatch 3 Steel

          Apart from the strap belt and the steel finish there is no change in the hardware of the device. Looking to its specs, the Sony SmartWatch 3 features a 1.6inch transflective LCD display with 320×320 pixel resolution. Under the hood lies a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset at 1.2GHz. The device has 512MB of RAM memory and 4GB of internal storage with 420mAh of battery capacity.

          Apart from airing with smartphone via Bluetooth, it can even work as an standalone smartwatch and has integrated microphone, GPS sensors, gyroscope and compass. The device also supports micro USB port charging. The device comes with IP58 and IP68 certification making it dust and water proof.


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            Circular dials are turning out to be pretty favorite for smartwatch makers these days and one more company Omate has announced two circular smartwatches – Racer and Roma. Both these smartwatches are said to have a MediaTek MT2502 chipset “Aster” and is said to be running the company’s own OS instead of Android Wear. Now much details regarding the specs of the device are available at the moment. In the image below, the watch to the extreme right is the Omate Racer and is available for pre-order at $100 till January 15th after which it is said to jump at $130 and the shipments are said to be in late February. Omate is said to have made a deal with Richline Group for its smartwatches to be made available in stores of UK and US.

            Omate circular watch

            The very next watch to the Omate Racer is the Omate Roma. Both the smartwatches are said to be coming with customizable watch faces, display notifications, activity tracking. The above mentioned chipset is said to offer 2G connectivity. This might be a bit disappointing as various competitors are said to be moving for 3G and even 4G models now. They are said to have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth too. The two smartwatches will support battery life lasting week long. The other two watches in the image above are the Omate X and Omate Lutetia.



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              Its seems that with the growing demand of smart wearables in the market, premium and luxury watch makers have slowly started to adopt the smart functionality to its traditional watches. Luxury watch maker Montblanc has announced a new e-strap that snugly fits into the belt of the watch turning it into a smartwatch.

              Montblanc e-strip 1Montblanc e-strip

              To get it clear, an e-strap is an display module which fits within the belt and comes in DLC coated steel or gray steel. The e-Strap is said to be coming in different sizes and color options too. The module hosts a small 128×36 OLED touchscreen that can show notifications on the phone with Bluetooth pairing and can also track you activities. This e-Strap works on the company’s own app in order to work with a phone. Upon a single charge, the e-Strap is said to last for five complete days.

              The cost of the e-Strap module is said to be somewhere around 250 Euros.


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                It’s just tomorrow, when the CES 2015 will commence and smartphone manufacturer Alcatel OneTouch seems to have a new smart gadgets on its line. The company seems to be entering the smart wearable segment as a recently released image by the company shows up its new smartwatch with circular dial with four different watch straps.


                The first glimpses show the watch to be sporting quite a traditional and elegant look and the software within is said to arrive with many different watch faces along with “apps that allow users to monitor daily activity”. This means that we can expect a built-in pedometer and heartbeat sensor inside the smartwatch.

                Currently known as the Alcatel OneTouch Watch, the smart wear seems to have controls for remote music playback, notification checking, photo taking and much more. Supporting this excellent functionality, the company also promises a “smart price” for the watch. This means the pricing war is certainly going to heat up with other competitors in the market. However at the moment, the price still remains disclosed and we still don’t know the OS powering up the Watch. It could either be the company’s home baked OS or the Android Wear which still is a surprise.

                Tomorrow we may possibly get you with more details regarding the watch.

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                The Android App for Pebble has now been officially updated to the version 2.3 after which users will now be able to act and even respond to notifications directly from the smartwatch. This means that the version 2.3 update now brings Android Wear compatibility to the Pebble smartwatch.

                With this update, some new things can also be tried on the Pebble smartwatch that includes sending cash to a friend once you receive the Square Cash request. Using of emojis to respond a Hangouts message is also quite possible now. However, in order to receive this update, you need to join the Pebble Beta Testing Group by clicking the source link to the bottom of this article. Upon signup, you will be asked to beta test version 2.3 of the Pebble Android App. For this you will also need an smartphone running the Android 4.0 and above for using this update.

                In addition to this, the version 2.3 update also includes few bug fixes along with a way to update watch faces and apps even when the smartwatch is idle or charging. It also solves the bugs that Pebble users were experiencing with notifications from WhatsApp. Udoubtedly, still Pebble is one of the most popular smartwatches as on date. Here are two videos giving you a glimpse of the update.

                source: Pebble

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                  Earlier during the IFA event in September, Sony had announced its plans to team up Roxy which is a popular sports fashion brand for women. Roxy is famous for its snow and surf fashion and also caters to a wide range of gear that includes wetsuits to GoPro cameras and even skateboards. Sony had aimed to design a wearable for this type of lifestyle which is the limited edition SmartBand with Roxy.

                  The Sony SmartBand with Roxy comes in two exclusive colors and style and still retains its dust and water resistant properties along with a micro USB port that is kept exposed. This SmartBand is designed to work with Sony’s LifeLog Android app.

                  Sony-SmartBand-with-Roxy (1) Sony-SmartBand-with-Roxy (2)

                  The SmartBand from Sony comes equipped with NFC and Bluetooth and is capable of running for a week’s time on one battery charge. This SmartBand can also act as an remote for your smartphone’s camera and can even provide vibration alerts for number of selected notifications. This Lifelog would allow you to track all type lifestyle data that even includes your sleep cycle.

                  This device would be available at an online store. Check out the video below.

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                    Just few days back we saw Google releasing the Android Wear Lollipop update for Android Wear based smart wearables and now Sony is making out no delay in offering this update to its recently announced Sony SmartWatch 3. A similar update can also be expected from Motorola for its Moto 360 anytime soon. As said in the previous article, this update adds multitude of watch faces and API for the same. Here are the details.


                    In addition to this , the Android 5.0.1 update also bring some performance enhancing features that includes different preset brightness adjustment modes depending on your surrounding, some battery enhancement features and many more. Another good change which comes with the update is to get back the notification you have currently dismissed through an undo button. The above image shows the Android 5.0.1 update.

                    In order to get this update, you need to have a smartphone running the Android 4.3 and above. If the OTA update hasn’t yet arrived your way, click the XDA link below, download the update and flash it manually. Please do let us know how you feel about this update.

                    Source: XDA

                    Via: Xperia Blog

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