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The Healbe GoBe smartwatch promises to be revolutionary allowing for accurate calculation of caloric intake. Their video is actually something very superficial on the device capabilities, nonetheless the firm says they revealed the GoBe prototype and a fully functional software app at CES 2014.

Are this page and the prototype enough for me to believe in this project? Oh, and the video:

Of course not. This can be actually one of the biggest scams on crowd fund raising as this is something the biggest brands like Samsung and Sony are still aspiring to reach. Actually the guy in the video is not very convincing as he also needs to control his caloric intake to get..less fat! But I am not the only one trying to destroy this project. Have a look at some Reddit comments from people who really understand these smartwatches:

The part about measuring calorie intake is definitely a scam. Fat and protein don’t affect blood sugar levels much, a healthy person’s blood sugar levels don’t fluctuate very much and the last, and most damning fact: there a lot of money has been put into research to find an accurate way of measuring blood glucose without drawing blood. So far, no success. I doubt this team has succeeded and chose to go with a product launch on Indiegogo 

So, assuming that it’s not a straight-up scam and they are capable of delivering a product to market:1) It probably won’t be very accurate at detecting glucose levels2) Glucose levels aren’t a proxy for caloric intake; depending on the type of macronutrients in a meal, this can vary wildly

3) There will be a substantial delay before meals even impact the reading at all.

Given those limitations, it seems highly unlikely that such a device would be “good enough” to help anybody on a weight management program.












Guys, I worked with Healbe some time ago, evaluating their project as an outside expert. I’m willing to answer any questions you might have. I like these guys, but am in no way affiliated with them currently, so I will try to be as objective as I can. From the questions already asked ITT:

Yes, this device evaluates calories consumed with food from blood glucose levels.
Yes, it is able to measure glucose levels in blood.
No, it will NOT help diabetics, since the measurement is not accurate enough to compete with invasive glucometers, and FDA will not approve any device that can’t measure up to current “golden standard”.
Whether it measures accurately enough for dietary/fitness tracking remains to be seen. I have no definitive data on that.

Will be happy to answer any more questions you might have.

Source (This last answer seems to be from people who are really working at Healbe and using an alias to defend the product).

I won’t even say more. Take your own conclusions. We leave you with the pictures of the Healbe:

In the tech industry and against all odds, the year wasn’t for Google Glass but yet for all the just released Smart Watches by several brands. We’ve chosen the best of them to help you in the buying decision or just for fun! This are of course the Top 10 Smart watches according to our opinion and therefore we are looking to hear from you!

10. Omate True Smart watch 2.0

The Omate Smart Watch is called the “True” Smartwatch because it can work independently from your Smartphone and has all the most known apps you use like Gmail, Facebook and other Social Networks. This is possible as it has its own SIM slot and therefore allowing to make calls without being connected via bluetooth to your smartphone. The watch is still in a pre-order stage and that is why we put it in the 10th place because we really can’t compare a watch that is not yet released with one that is going to be in the market god knows when. Prices range from 249$ to 299$ for Pre-Orders.

9. Burg Smart Watch

There is not a single Burg Smart Watch. The Burg company is recognized to develop and sell “watchphones” that are 100% smartphones with the dimensions of a watch. You can actually buy the Burg 12, 13, 14….up to 18! Different colors and different features, but the question is: Will a Burg Smartwatch fit your needs and relationship with your Smartphone? Eventually not and that is why the company is looking forward to release a new Burg!

8. Qualcomm Toq

This Qualcomm Toq an amazing SmartWatch but has been missing lots of attention from the media. This amazing watch can pair with Smart phones using Android 4.0.3 or higher available in the market and works perfectly. They use the Same Technology as E-Paper from Pebble but it is called Mirasol. If you are looking for performance and speed, this is the watch to chose.


7. Wellograph Smart Watch

A great release this last November. This SmartWatch is still in preview but the heart beat measuring capabilities turn this into a promise for 2014. Have a look at the Wellograph SW preview.

6. Z1 Android Smart Watch

Not many people heard of this Z1 Smart Watch one but it is an incredibly great machine because it is not that beautiful. The Z1 is powered by a Mediatek ARM9 with 426 MHz. The RAM memory is 256MB and holds a 2.0” display screen. It also has 300MB memory expandible to a 8GB. This one is available at Amazon for 229$.

5. MOTOACTV Smart Watch

Motorola worked hard into developing a fitness friendly smart watch. The result is the MOTOACTV. This is not competing directly with the other smart watches but can fit a particulary need of a smart watch user that is help while cycling or walking with high reliability. The MOTOACTV has a virtual competitor that runs with you, fights you and helps you to perform better every new day. This device is available at prices starting on the 250$. 

4. Kreyos Smart Watch

The Kreyos team was supposed to be competing with Pebble directly but surprisingly or not the sales are not that high. This one is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. This is the one and only watch really compatible with Windows Phone 8.It is also waterproof and holds a microphone and speaker. We chose this device for this position  due to its reliable voice commands and gesture features.  

3. Samsung Galaxy Gear

I believe the Samsung Galaxy Gear was the most famous Smart Watch in 2013 because it was being sold by Samsung and Samsung really invested a lot of money in this device marketing, hiring Cristiano Ronaldo to make the promotional video below, but they are not investing at all on having Applications running on the device such as Facebook, Gmail and others. If they don’t release them before CES 2014 the Gear can lose track to the competition.

2. Sony Smart Watch 2

The Sony Smart Watch 2 comes with Android 4.0 and has an astonishing battery life of 4 days under normal usage. We believe the brand behind the phone, the marketing given to this device, the number of apps specifically developed for this machine, the one-touch NFC connectivity and the variants available make it the 2nd place in the podium. 

1. Pebble Smart Watch

Because above all is price/quality ratio, the Pebble Smart Watch is the winner of 2013.

Now, tell us your thoughts and opinions on these watches!

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According to Android Authority sources, Pebble just spent 600.000$ in Pebble Smartwatches by giving them to omputer Scienge and Engineering students across the United States. According to the source above mentioned this is part of the Pebble Education Project and this, of course, will increase the number of students developing applications for the Pebble Smart Watch.

pebble givingaway smartwatches

The Spotlight is on Pebble Smartwatches

In the Smart Watch world, Pebble is being given lots of attention since crasy price reductions in their watches to out-of-stock versions of the machine and now speculation revolves on some big announcement at CES 2014.

The Pebble Education Project

The mentioned source, the Pebble team will offer the watches to the following universities:

  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Stanford University
  • Massachussets Institute of Technology
  • University of Illinois
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Virginia
  • Virginia Tech
  • And any other university who is interested in this program and applied at the Pebble website.

We pray that the Pebble SDK gets improved with the interaction in a research environment. Additionally we want to see what Sony and Samsung will be doing to increase the number of apps for their smartwatches – These are bigger and they are sitting on huge piles of cash.


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The Wellograph Smartwatch is a new prototype that combines both the already know smartwatch technology with fitness capabilities but it is a little bit more than an Activity Tracker. First of All, let’s watch this amazing presentation that will make you bristle!

This prototype will be presented at the upcoming CES 2014, so stay tunned for more information on this machine.

Wellograph smartwatch or fitness tracker?

Wellograph is a totally new concept: it has a heart sensor allowing you to know how hard was your exercise. It will also account your pulse, your steps, workouts and other infographics that can be interesting for your health. An interesting feature of the Wellograph is that it reminds you whenever you become idled, in other words if you are sit too much time, Wellograph won’t let it happen.

 Wellograph smartwatch design

While you need to click several buttons in the Samsung Galaxy Gear or the Sony Smartwatch, with the Wellograph you will have the pedometer starting to count your steps as soon as you start walking, without pressing a single button.

Wellograph – A confortable smartfitness smartwatch

It is very lightway (just have a glanss at the bracelet) – it’s genuine leather resistant to any temperature. It also holds nato strap options.

Wellograph bracelet


This smartwatch features a 1.26 inch low-power LCD with integrated front light, sapphire crystal, stainless still and aluminium as materials. The size is confortable for most men and women with 7 to 8.5 inches long. It has a Tri-LED heart sensor, that you can see in the image below, and a 9 Axis Motion Sensor. It features Bluetooth 4.0 LTE and records data for 4 months in the continuous use mode. A good news is regarding battery: it lasts 2 weeks per charge and a maximum of 3 months in the watch-only mode and this is just a 240 mAH battery.

Wellograph smartwatch

The watch dimensions are 1.65*1.30*0.5 inches and it weights 3.52 ounces. Let’s get real reviews of this toy on the CES 2014.


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In the last week we’ve written about the Pebble being out of stock. It turns out it is back into stores and at a lower price than in the Black Friday. Back then the best deal you could find would be a 149$ Pebble – Now the Pebble Smartwatch is only costing 119.99$, or 87.17€ or 73.6£, making it a nice Christmas deal.

pebble smartwatch

The Pebble is not the only smartwatch available but is one compatible with a multitude of devices and is one loved by consumers. I believe it would make an awesome Christmas gift. This deal is only available at Amazon and Best Buy stores. At Amazon you will find the device in 2 colours: black, and red while at Best buy you will only be able to buy the Black Version. The grey version is still much more expensive.

Here is the deal at Amazon for the Black version:

Here is the red version deal:

And here the grey version, much more expensive:

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We are hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Gear + Note 3 and we have made a quick video to show you how’s the felling of having a watch like this and therefore we’ve made the Samsung Galaxy Gear review where we show you how simple steps are accomplished in this device and why it is going to be so much popular.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Features

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is powered by a 800 MHz Exynos single-core processor (you don’t need multitasking here) and has a Super AMOLED touchscreen, with 320 pixel-wide and 277 PPI of pixel density. The camera has 2 megapixel with auto-focus, 720p video recording, a back-illuminated sensor, a speaker and noise cancelling microphones.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Review

An awesome feature of the Samsung Galaxy Gear is the 4GB of internal disk memory, 512 MB of Ram and the fact it has accelerometer and a gyroscope. The battery may work for 1 entire week as it has a 316 mAh battery. Nonetheless to put it charging you’d need to connect it to a special docking case. There is a lot to be improved in terms of battery.

The Gear Feeling

There are not many apps available for this smart watch as its recent, but one can speak a bit about the feeling of touching the device – and this is all these review is about. Samsung opted to make a simple machine that would conduct simple tasks like checking the time, the weather, read messages and quickly reply to missed calls or messages. At the same time Samsung left space for apps to be developed using this technology but even so, there are not many available in the market.

In what regards using the Galaxy Gear, you just have to be aware you can swipe in 4 directions, touch, long-press, press in the right button and long-press in the right button. Overall, these are 8 actions you can take besides touching in specific areas of the phone. These are enough tools to navigate in the menu, switch between messages, go back to the main menu, etc.

The Gear Price

The Galaxy Gear costs 300$ and is compatible with Samsung devices with NFC, like the Galaxy Note 3 or the Galaxy S4. You can get it via Amazon here:

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Many buyers have been trying to get the Pebble Smart Watch and the grey color tends to be a great fit for any type of cloths. Unfortunately and even with a 20$ discount for the last Black Friday on the Pebble, very few buyers were able to purchase the grey color Pebble as it was out of Stock.

pebble smart watch grey

If you are looking to know more about the Pebble watch, make sure you read the Pebble Smart Watch review and the comparison with the Galaxy Gear and others.

Is the Pebble Smart Watch Out of Stock or Overpriced?

The out of stock is referred to the main retailers offering the Pebble in the USA like AT&T, but online and in Europe, the Pebble is available in grey color, but it is overpriced as you can check here:

300$ for the Pebble is, indeed, very high and at this value you can get the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The best thing for now is to way a couple of weeks because the grey Pebble is on its way, or get one of the other colors, like these:


When will the Pebble Grey be available again?

Yes. The Pebble team just released a tweet announcing the Pebble Smart Watch in grey will be available in Mid-December in the main stores and in time for Christmas:

pebble grey christmas


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There are several projects pledging money on Kickstarter for Smart watches, but none of those have been so successful as the Pebble Smart watch. Have a look at this Pebble Review here and we bet you will be delighted with this watch that easily integrates with iOS and any Android devices. The breaking news are: Pebble is available at Amazon, ready to ship before Christmas.

pebble smart watch

Why should you get the Pebble Smart watch on Amazon?

If you opt for the Amazon website you can get the lowest price for this watch. Do notice that the Amazon price is 299.99$ but you should get the watch from other sellers such as “The Computer Guy” that offers the watch at 159$ – The characteristics are the same – the watch is brand new, it has full warranty and shipping is made in 24 hours.

pebble smart watch amazon

Pebble Smart Watch or the Galaxy Gear?

If you have not made your mind yet, then we believe you should check this comparison with the Galaxy Gear. To make the Pebble run with your device only minor tweaks are needed, while with the Galaxy Gear complete roots can be required even if we’re speaking about the Samsung Galaxy S4.

amazon pebble smart watch computer guy

 What customers think of the Pebble?

Out of 58 reviews, 36 gave 5 stars to this watch and an average ranking of 4.1 stars. Make sure you visit Amazon and check the 58 comments and only then decide!

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After 1 week of use, there are some tips we can show you with what we’ve been discovering with the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Make sure you read this one before you start using your Gear, or else, you may lose some time trying to figure out some very basic features of this smartwatch.

1. There is a right position to charge the Gear

The Samsung Galaxy Gear has to be charged from time to time but you need to insert it into a dock station and only then you’ll be able to connect it to a USB Charger. This is the way Samsung found to make the Galaxy Gear light and with less holes.

Charging Position Galaxy Gear

The problem is that you can dock your Galaxy Gear in 2 ways and sometimes you may not notice that you are putting in the wrong position as you must make the little gold pins from the smartwatch to connect with the dockstation.

We were 5 minutes trying to figure out why the Gear wasn’t connecting via USB to the computer, but only then we released it was in the opposite direction.

2. The NFC Tag is empty

To make the Gear connect with your Galaxy Note 3 you must ensure it will read the NFC tag from the dock station, or else it won’t make a connection. The issue comes when the NFC Tag is empty as it happened to us! We tried to manually install the Gear Manager but still, it was giving several errors. Well, if this is your case, make sure you return the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Galaxy Note 3 as they are both faulty.

nfc tag

That was what we did! Else, you’d have to root it and make some very complex things that can void the warranty of your device.

3. Enabling the USB Debug Mode with the Latest Firmware

We’ve googled a little bit until we were able to find a way to enable the USB Debugging mode. (PS: you must enable the Debugging if you want to connect the Gear to your computer). It took some minutes for us because our Galaxy Gear was featured with the latest firmware. In past firmwares you’d only have to go to “Settings” > “About” And then tick the USB Debugging box.

settings galaxy gear

With the new firmware you have to go to the “About”, click in the only available option and then click around 10 times in the Software version! That’s a real naughty trick and that’s the only way to enable the debugging mode in the latest firmware!

software version samsung galaxy gear

4. Make sure you charge the Gear from 3 to 3 days

The big issue with all smartwatches is the battery. If you use the Gear for some calls, to take some pictures and to quickly reply to some text messages your battery will deep very quickly.

Make sure you schedule in your calendar or a similar way to recharge the gear, or else you won’t have it working. Besides that, when the battery of the Galaxy Gear is very low, the device will start to restart a couple of times which can be annoying.

5. Make sure you turn off the sound of your Gear also

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone, but when you make changes in the sound of your smartphone, those are not immediately replicated in the watch, so we advise you to always long-press the right key button and takeout the sound.

Galaxy Gear Sound

It would be great if a future firmware makes these changes run synchronized.

6. Change the answers from the pre-defined messages

The Galaxy Gear doesn’t allow you to type any message in the smartwatch directly as it doesn’t have any keyboard and even if the keyboard was touchscreen it would not be easy at all to write, so what Samsung proposes is Pre-defines messages.

When you purchase your gear you will find some messages already predefined to be used in replies by clicking in the top-right corner. In the Galaxy Gear Manager you are able to change the pre-defined messages, create or delete messages!

7. Don’t try to take pictures in private establishments

Taking pictures can be forbidden in some places in your country by law, casinos are an example. Don’t try to cheat the system, or else, you can get caught and face jail.

The Gear can be useful to collect evidences when you get assaulted or kidnapped. On those dangerous situations the gear has in-built tools that we recommend you to explore and make the most use of them, but even so, be careful

8. Don’t get used to answer calls or reply to messages on the Gear while driving

That is dangerous! Even being a free-hands device and even if you are an awesome driver like Paul Walker, don’t even try to answer a call, make a call, read or reply to messages using the Gear.

You will feel somewhat balanced to the left (if you are using the Smartwatch on your left hand) and that can cause huge accidents. Personally, I’ve tried once, but it is really not recommended because you quickly lose focus!

9. Don’t get too many applications installed in the Gear

The Gear is a little piece of technology, little, piece, technology. Even though it is a good tech it doesn’t mean it will have all the features and storage you would need. Nano devices are only coming to land very recently! Only install the apps you will need or else the Samsung Galaxy Gear will get slow.

10. Don’t take pictures with the Gear if you can take them with the Note 3

The pictures in the Galaxy Gear are very bad as the camera is not that good. If you want to take a picture, make sure you do it with a real camera like the one from your Smartphone: The Galaxy Note 3 Camera is full of features such as beauty face (your face gets beautiful…yah) or best photo.

I think you should make use of them and get really HQ photos and pictures.

What about you? What is the tip or trick you have for the Samsung Galaxy Gear or other Smartwatches?



Hamilton Powell is the Founder of Crown & Caliber company – the make luxury watches for the elite, but he just got hands on the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Let’s find out how this watchmaker will react to the test of the Galaxy Gear – a totally different device  – a Smart Watch!

This is going to be an interesting analysis and a unique piece of content around the web. As far as I can remember no one compared a 300$ watch with a luxury one. But don’t worry, the Galaxy Gear can win this battle.


A Biased Review on Smartwatches?

I believe this could be a biased review because Hamilton is a Watch guy – that kind of people who evaluates watches not by their features, but by the coolness they have – but let’s hope he won’t get like that easily.

Analyzing the Gear – Pricing!

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is priced at 300$ (lowest you can find). A luxury watch would cost you more than 22.500$, like the Breguet Classique 7137. The Galaxy Gear Wins!


Hamilton believes Samsung has worked hard from outside to inside. The box is similar to those Luxury Brands tend to use and the design of the watch itself was made to give it a feel of simplicity and efficiency. In the other hand, the Breguet Classique holds the hand engraved dial which is something that, for obvious reasons, cannot be replicated in the Galaxy Gear.

galaxy gear vs luxury watch

All the other functions in the luxury deice like the moonphase, date and power reserve functions can easily be replicated on the Galaxy Gear.

Features & Functionality

The Galaxy Gear Can do almost anything and is very comfortable. Nontheless it must be charged at least weekly while the Breguet charges automatically with the hand movement. Hamilton adds that the Gear needs to be near the phone in order to the Bluetooth to work and he states this is a con – Personally I think it’s a pro as the Samsung Galaxy Gear will work if it’s far from the phone, but will “work even better” if it’s close to a phone.

Inside the Watches


Hamilton believes the best aspect of a watch is it’s movement – its engine. Okay, right here we must give him credit – the Breguet’s engine is beautiful, while the Galaxy Gear is just a mix of computer components.

In the end…

You can’t compare a Luxury Watch with a Smartwatch. It’s comparing a Computer with a blackboard. The Galaxy gear will make you passionate for it due to it’s technology, while the Breguet will make you passionate for it’s design and movement.

Solution: Get a Smartwatch and get a Breguet if you can afford.