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LG is likely to make flexible plastic OLED displays for the upcoming Apple Watch: Reports

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The Apple Watch is very likely to be announced anytime soon in April 2015 and now the latest news coming from the industry show that Apple has collaborated with LG for supplying of the Plastic OLED display for the Apple Watch. LG has already been supplying the displays for the iPads and this relation is said to extend even for the Apple Watch, as per JP Morgan analyst JJ Park.


LG is said to be the fore-runner as far as producing flexible lightning panels with plastic make, is considered. This means that LG will easily be able to meet the demands as the Cupertino giant is expecting to sell around a whopping 26 to 29 million watches this year with increased sales of 61million the following year. This means a huge business opportunity to LG. However, analysts have predicted that Apple could ship only around 8-10 million watches by this year, which too is a big number.

Just few days back, we told you about Apple asking Samsung for supplying some of the chipsets for the Apple Watch. We will get you with more details as things get official.

source: Barron’s Asia


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