JDI shows new reflective smartwatch screen with lower power consumption

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    Japan based JDI is one of the biggest company for making mobile displays and now the company ventured in making smartwatch screens.  In the image it shows a round screen and is of the reflective type. The display maker says that this could significantly result into lesser consumption of battery.

    JDI reflective display

    In comparison to the traditional LCD display the power consumption with reflective type screen will as low as 0.5%. In LCD panel 80% battery consumption takes place by the display.

    The smartwatch screen by JDI is of 1.34inch having 320×320 resolution and is said to undergo mass production in July this year. This means we can see many of the smartwatches coming next year to have these JDI display that majorly work for lower battery juice consumption.

    Source (in Japanese)


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