Omate unveils two circular smartwatches – Racer and Roma

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    Circular dials are turning out to be pretty favorite for smartwatch makers these days and one more company Omate has announced two circular smartwatches – Racer and Roma. Both these smartwatches are said to have a MediaTek MT2502 chipset “Aster” and is said to be running the company’s own OS instead of Android Wear. Now much details regarding the specs of the device are available at the moment. In the image below, the watch to the extreme right is the Omate Racer and is available for pre-order at $100 till January 15th after which it is said to jump at $130 and the shipments are said to be in late February. Omate is said to have made a deal with Richline Group for its smartwatches to be made available in stores of UK and US.

    Omate circular watch

    The very next watch to the Omate Racer is the Omate Roma. Both the smartwatches are said to be coming with customizable watch faces, display notifications, activity tracking. The above mentioned chipset is said to offer 2G connectivity. This might be a bit disappointing as various competitors are said to be moving for 3G and even 4G models now. They are said to have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth too. The two smartwatches will support battery life lasting week long. The other two watches in the image above are the Omate X and Omate Lutetia.




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