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LG G Watch R2 with 4G connectivity could be expected at the MWC 2015

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According to the reports of Business Korea, LG is supposed to arrive with a 4G enabled smartwatch in 2015. The device is currently called as the LG G Watch R2 and would be a successor to the circular LG G Watch R launched earlier this year.

Faster networks, which is the demand of this generation would to allow large data transfers in very small time. However, the company might also bring in other goodies to its second generation G Watch R, but the news for the moment only confirms for the existence of 4G/LTE connectivity. Voice calls over data can also be another expected feature for the watch. The existing LG G Watch R supports Wi-Fi data and 3G but offers no calling feature. Samsung Gear S also comes with 3G connectivity on-board.

It is said that its home-town rival Samsung could also plan for a similar smartwatch with 4G connectivity, but one thing is sure that they already have a competition ahead with the Apple Watch. Well, 2015 is going to see some good heated competition in the wearable segment for sure,

source: Business Korea


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