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Android Wear Lollipop update is now official with official Watch Face API: Official Images

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Yesterday there was a big rumor about today’s official announcement for the Lollipop update in Android Wear and now things are going as per the schedule. Google has now officially announced the Android Wear Lollipop update and to our surprise, the good thing is that the company has announced an official Watch Face API too. All the features that were rumored yesterday are now included like the organized shortcut menu showing up most of your actions, dismissed card, quick sound/brightness modes that includes Theatre and Sunlight mode and some new options for viewing storage and battery info easily.

Some unexpected changes include a swipe-down gesture from the home screen. Earlier a bit of swiping down would show the date and battery info and a full swipe would result in muting your watch. Now this new swipe-down gesture shows up a quick settings menu to view in notifications and change few brightness settings. Muting notifications has now become easier from certain apps on the watch only instead of doing it from the Android Wear app on smartphones. Needless to say, the biggest update is the inclusion of the Android Wear Watch Face API. Your phone’s Android Wear app is updated making it easy to browse, swap the watch face and even download stuff. At the existing moment, there are a lot many watch faces all over the Play Store which needs to be updated to have compatibility with the official API. However, Google has warned developers to have patience before updating their watch faces until the Android 5.0 update gets completed or else the watch faces would become invisible.

The new API feature will help developers to pull background service data like calendar events and watch faces. An inclusion of universal settings options to change between 12 and 24 hours clock displays is also done. Moreover, developers would be able to put customizable watch faces in a single package and even make use of OpenGL graphics. The update is likey to arrive in the coming week and Google also has partnered for some special watch faces (images below) for options from Porsche, Plants vs Zombies, Hugh Turvey, Despicable Me, Pac-Man and others.

Android Wear Watch Face 1Android Wear Watch Face 2 Android Wear Watch Face 3 Android Wear Watch Face 4 Android Wear Watch Face 5 Android Wear Watch Face 6 Android Wear Watch Face 7 Android Wear Watch Face 8 Android Wear Watch Face 9 Android Wear Watch Face 10 Android Wear Watch Face 11 Android Wear Watch Face 12 Android Wear Watch Face 13 Android Wear Watch Face 14

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