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Apple iWatch to come in two sizes with sapphire covered flexible displays. Likely to have a NFC based Digital Wallet

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The Apple iWatch is expected to be unveiled tomorrow at a press event held by the company along with its flagship iPhone 6. According to the reports coming from New York Times and Wall Street Journal, the upcoming iWatch would arrive with a sapphire covered screen with a flexible OLED display along with NFC connectivity for mobile payments.

The reports also showed that the iWatch will come in two different screen sizes of 1.3” and 1.5” flexible screen with a sapphire covering and would also feature wireless charging. The iWatch is also expected to coming with built-in sensors that would monitor the heart rate or the number of steps taken. It is said that the company has put huge amount of efforts to make accurate and precise sensors compared to those in existing devices for such measurements. All this data is expected to be shown through Apple’s HealthKit app. The iWatch is also expected to have a Handoff feature for data sharing.

One more big news coming from Wall Street Journal shows the iWatch would also host near-field communications NFC chip that would look after mobile payments. Along with iPhone, the Apple iWatch might be collaborating with American Express, Visa, and MasterCard for such payment method.

Its just a matter of day when things will get official and clear on our part. Here are the images showing plenty of iWatch concepts till date. Let’s see which one proves to be the real deal!

iWatch concept 1iWatch concept 2 iWatch concept 3iWatch concept 4 iWatch concept 6

source: WSJNY Times (paywalled)


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