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Samsung Gear Fit will not use either Tizen or Android

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Last month at the MWC 2014, Samsung unveiled its second smartwatch the Gear 2 along with its fitness band the Samsung Gear Fit. However, it was pretty much sure that Samsung would run the Gear 2 with its own Tizen OS and not Android. But the recent news show that it health tracking wearable would neither run Android nor Tizen.

Galaxy Gear fit

The Samsung Gear Fit would rather feature a Real Time Operating System (RTOS). The reason behind this is that RTOS proves to be more beneficial over Tizen and Android because of its execution of predetermined and simple tasks without any delay. Moreover, with RTOs the Gear fit would operate for three to four days just on a single charge.

This news might not be convincing for the software developers who won’t get a chance to try different applications for the device. This means that the Gear Fit would be limited for applications like counting steps, monitor heart-rate and other health-related features.



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