Moto 360 view from different angles

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    Last week Motorola pitched its own Moto 360 based on Android Wear in the smartwatch raising the competition and heat further! Last time we heard news of the device to be having a Sapphire glass and now few images showing the smartwatch from different angles have appeared on the web. Taking a look at these images, what seems is that the device will have a splash of style along with its smart functionality.


    A first glimpse of the device makes it look much closer to the corporate world. The circular dial design with steel and leather straps fill the watch with elegance and class at the first look. The new Moto 360 will be customizable through different bands. The above photos makes us look at the Dolod Sit Amet, Consectetuer with a variety of shades and makes. Other customizations will depend ofcouse on the software itself.

    moto360back left

    Looking carefully at the watch from back, it seems that the Moto 360 has a purple undercarriage. The back piece shows it to be made up of hard plastic and hence there are chances that each watch sport its own unique shades. The microphone is placed at the left for voice command assistance.


    At the opposite end, there is a single physical button. This might lead you to think of twist this button to wind the watch along with its touch screen operation. This model also shows the battery percentage on click which is a slightly different hardware style.

    Know more about the Moto 360 here.



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