Moto 360 rumored to have a sapphire glass and wireless charging support

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    Last week Motorola unveiled its first smartwatch with a round face design in the name of Moto 360. However, at the moment the company is reluctant to give more details regarding the watch expect for that the Moto 360 will be based on the Android Wear platform.


    Now, rumors have started making the rounds of the device and the first is that Moto 360 might have an OLED screen and a sapphire glass protection making it an high-tech gadget. But no further information regarding the size and resolution of the device is available at the moment. Taking a dig into the battery life of the smartwatch, it is said to have wireless charging. So just droppint the watch on the charging pad would be enough!

    Motorola earlier revealed that there would be a secret charging method with no USB. So is there anything that it has in store beyond wireless charging?? Apart from this, no official figures for the battery life are provided and we have even not got a word for its pricing.

    Moto 360 is believed to arrive in summer with the first destination at US.



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