Motorola unveils its new Moto 360 smartwatch based on Android Wear

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    Just when Google announced its Android Wear OS for smart wearables, Motorola soon banked upon this opportunity and unveiled its own smartwatch named the Moto 360 that is powered with the Android Wear.

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    Most of the smartwatches released till date seemed to have a square dial while Moto 360 offers the classic round face design and is made up with some premium quality materials to get the much needed elegance. The company says “Moto 360 is everything you need, with a look that you want”. The Moto 360 will keep users informed about notifications and subtle alerts. However, with a twist of the hand you will know who is calling or emailing, whats your friend’s latest social status and  much more.

    The latest timepiece from Motorola- the MotoActv comes with Google Now Integration which allows users to talk to their wristwatches. The “Ok Google” features activates the Google Now app through which you can send texts, schedule appointments, set an alarm or even make a note.

    When it comes to the design of the Moto 360, Wicks explained that Motorola wanted to make a round device that stood out from the sea of squares that make up the smartwatch market. Wicks also confirmed that users will be able to change the band on the Moto 360 and that there will be “several different options” available. One feature that won’t be present on the Moto 360 is a camera, as Wicks explained that Motorola didn’t think that a watch-mounted shooter was necessary.

    Yesterday the company has revealed some official specs of the device and released more images of the smartwatch. It is confirmed that the band on the Moto 360 is changeable with “several different options” available. The camera on the device is absent. Moreover a good thing is that users can wear it on either hands- the left or right and the screen display will reorient itself. Moreover, it is confirmed that the Moto 360 is compatible with all devices running Android 4.3 and above.

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    Moto-360-Smartwatch-Press-Heros-001-1280x740 Moto-360-Smartwatch-Press-Heros-002-1280x740Moto-360-Smartwatch-Press-Heros-003-1280x740Moto-360-Smartwatch-Press-Heros-004-1280x740Moto-360-Smartwatch-Press-Heros-005-1280x740Moto-360-Smartwatch-Promo-Screenshot-Screencap-036-1280x720Moto-360-Smartwatch-Promo-Screenshot-Screencap-037-1280x720Moto-360-Smartwatch-Promo-Screenshot-Screencap-038-1280x720Moto-360-Smartwatch-Promo-Screenshot-Screencap-039-1280x720Moto-360-Smartwatch-Promo-Screenshot-Screencap-040-1280x720Moto-360-Smartwatch-Promo-Screenshot-Screencap-041-1280x720Moto-360-Smartwatch-Promo-Screenshot-Screencap-048-1280x720Moto-360-Smartwatch-Promo-Screenshot-Screencap-047-1280x720Moto-360-Smartwatch-Promo-Screenshot-Screencap-046-1280x720Moto-360-Smartwatch-Promo-Screenshot-Screencap-045-1280x720Moto-360-Smartwatch-Promo-Screenshot-Screencap-044-1280x720Moto-360-Smartwatch-Promo-Screenshot-Screencap-043-1280x720Moto-360-Smartwatch-Promo-Screenshot-Screencap-042-1280x720


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