ASUS smartwatch might come with voice and motion controls

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    ASUS is planning to come with a smart wearable soon which will come with work some hands-free movements and voice commands for interacting with the smartphone remotely. Chairman Jonney Shih blamed the small display sizes that required an alternate method of control. Earlier Shih had confirmed to launch a wearable similar to a smartwatch and now the chairman focuses on different methods required to control big issues and said that ASUS would have to focus on these matters if it wants to stay ahead of the pack in now populated smartwatch market.


    Chairman Shih was quoted saying “There would be more natural user interfaces such as voice or movement controls, although more breakthroughs are needed in these areas.” A recent example of the voice command is Samsung’s S-Voice command that offers a limited speech control on smartwatch through some physical gesture control.

    Shih also added that ASUS is giving a significant attention to the power consumption of its smart wearable and aims to provide a battery which would suck the battery juice to one tenth the rate the phones do.

    The ASUS smartwatch is believed to arrive in the second half of this year.



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