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A USD 600k scam by Healbe GoBe on Indiegogo

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The Healbe GoBe smartwatch promises to be revolutionary allowing for accurate calculation of caloric intake. Their video is actually something very superficial on the device capabilities, nonetheless the firm says they revealed the GoBe prototype and a fully functional software app at CES 2014.

Are this page and the prototype enough for me to believe in this project? Oh, and the video:

Of course not. This can be actually one of the biggest scams on crowd fund raising as this is something the biggest brands like Samsung and Sony are still aspiring to reach. Actually the guy in the video is not very convincing as he also needs to control his caloric intake to get..less fat! But I am not the only one trying to destroy this project. Have a look at some Reddit comments from people who really understand these smartwatches:

The part about measuring calorie intake is definitely a scam. Fat and protein don’t affect blood sugar levels much, a healthy person’s blood sugar levels don’t fluctuate very much and the last, and most damning fact: there a lot of money has been put into research to find an accurate way of measuring blood glucose without drawing blood. So far, no success. I doubt this team has succeeded and chose to go with a product launch on Indiegogo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noninvasive_glucose_monitor 

So, assuming that it’s not a straight-up scam and they are capable of delivering a product to market:1) It probably won’t be very accurate at detecting glucose levels2) Glucose levels aren’t a proxy for caloric intake; depending on the type of macronutrients in a meal, this can vary wildly

3) There will be a substantial delay before meals even impact the reading at all.

Given those limitations, it seems highly unlikely that such a device would be “good enough” to help anybody on a weight management program.












Guys, I worked with Healbe some time ago, evaluating their project as an outside expert. I’m willing to answer any questions you might have. I like these guys, but am in no way affiliated with them currently, so I will try to be as objective as I can. From the questions already asked ITT:

Yes, this device evaluates calories consumed with food from blood glucose levels.
Yes, it is able to measure glucose levels in blood.
No, it will NOT help diabetics, since the measurement is not accurate enough to compete with invasive glucometers, and FDA will not approve any device that can’t measure up to current “golden standard”.
Whether it measures accurately enough for dietary/fitness tracking remains to be seen. I have no definitive data on that.

Will be happy to answer any more questions you might have.

Source (This last answer seems to be from people who are really working at Healbe and using an alias to defend the product).

I won’t even say more. Take your own conclusions. We leave you with the pictures of the Healbe:


  1. My comment can be considered a bias one because I have worked with the Healbe Team. That being said, because I have worked with this team I know they are for real. I have seen the working prototypes in action, and I have seen the interest from the “Big Boys” on the block in trying to get their hands on Healbe’s Technology. The guy in the video is one of the smartest guys I have come across in my work, and he truely wants to make a difference in people’s lives. The fact that you would attack him personally, and attack this product with zero basis for your claims doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in your level of intelligence.

  2. For anybody thinking about buying a GoBe, strongly consider something else. I am one of the original Indigogo backers for the GoBe project and I am utterly disgusted with the entire campaign. The communication from HealBe throughout the campaign has been atrocious, the customer service non-existent, and the actual GoBe..well, at this point it’s non-existent too. My suggestion, buy a good health/fitness tracker like FitBit or Jawbone and pair the device with your smartphone…you’ll save yourself the headache and frustration you would experience with the HealBe GoBe.

  3. Definitely Paul. It was a scam back 1 year ago and it is still a scam. Fitbit and Jawbone are quite nice solutions. :)

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