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Take the Pebble App Challenge and win $5000

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Just after the release of the Pebble App Store for Android, the makers of the smartwatch have gone open encouraging various developers across the globe and putting a price of $5000 for the best app voted. The company has released a new Pebble App Challenge which aims to get the best app on the smartwatch dais. The company has kept a price of whopping $5000 for the winner of the contest and its next 16 finalists will get Pebble Steel smartwatch as consolation prize. Well, one thing is sure that users of the Pebble Smartwatch are going to get a best app on their Pebble. The contest has begun just yesterday and will last till 23rd March (5PM PST).


The judge for the best app are users themselves and the winner will be decided on user voting. After 23rd March users will vote for the best 16 apps for next four days from 24th-27th. From April’s first week comparison between duels will take place where the better app proceeds ahead in the competition and the weaker one gets eliminated. In this way the app that remains undisputed till the last will be declared as the winner. Get more details moving to the official website here.


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