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Samsung releases SDK for the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Fit

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One of the major issues that Samsung had to face with its Galaxy Gear is that there was very little number of applications available on the device. Samsung always offered access to its few selected partners only and hence there was no scope for new developers to showcase their talent on a common platform like the Software Development Kit (SDK). With the launch of Gear 2 earlier this week at the CES 2014, the company also promised to release an SDK for its latest wearable and as declared, the company has delivered its promised word.

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There’s a bit of a difference between the Gear and the Gear Fit kits, however. The Tizen-based Gear SDK will make it possible for developers to create applications that run on both Gear 2 watches (using both Android apps and web apps), while the Gear Fit version offers an emulator and the ability to control the device from an Android app. We’ll continue to update you as we get more information at this morning’s keynote.

However, the Gear and the Gear Fit kits are a bit different. The Tizen SDK for Gear will allow developers to make applications which run on both Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches. The Gear Fit smart wearable will work on android app support. Check out the SDK here.


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