Qualcomm Toq Software Development Kit is out

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    Qualcomm seems to be making an added effort in order to encourage their customers experience in a better way. Qualcomm has released an official Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers. Thus users will soon get some good apps for their Qualcomm Toq and much better functionality. There was a recent app update previously and a BlackBerry 10 app is believed to be coming soon. Thus we will soon get some better applications working on the smartwatch. Talking about the SDK, here is what it has to offer.


    Toq SDK offers

    • Send notifications to the Toq watch
    • Request permission to become Toq-enabled (Permission required)
    • Install, update, or uninstall applets on the Toq watch

    Developers can straight away download the SDK from the website itself and try their hands on it. Below is the download link.

    Download SDK for Qualcomm Toq


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