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How Pebble smartwatch allows you to control music

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You as a user would always want the freedom of using smartwatch to control music on your smartphone and Pebble now gives you this freedom. Your Pebble smartwatch can really come in handy in order to change tracks and play/pause music. Moreover it also allows user to forward a track, rewind a track, go back a track with its default music function of Pebble. The process for music control remains the same for both the original Pebble and Pebble Steel. First of all, make sure to connect your device with your Pebble.


For iDevice users, Pebble will hook with the iOS7 music controls, thus facilitating you to control all your music apps through Pebble. And with Android, you will get a Music option in the Pebble app settings. You can specifically choose the music service/app that you want to be controlled through Pebble. Users will get this in Pebble app going to Settings>Music.

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In default, your Pebble can play/pause music, as well rewind the last played track and even switch to previous or next track in a very easy way with the help of three buttons provided on the right side. Pressing the top button once will get you to the beginning of the track and a double press will get you to the previous track. Pressing the middle button allows users to play/pause the music. Similarly, pressing the bottom button once makes you move one track ahead and when pressed twice, you go two track ahead.

For Android users, an app named Music Boss is a good recommendation for the controls.


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