NextONE surpasses Pebble as the cheapest smartwatch around

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    Unarguably one the crucial factors that led to Pebble’s success was its pricing in addition to its features and compatibility. However, a new competitor – NextONE has emerged in the market to give Pebble run-for-their money as the NextONE smartwatch from YiFang Digital will be available for just $99.99.


    The NextONE smartwatch is believed to launch in the first quarter Q1 of 2014. The device comes with some quite promising features like it sports a 1.55-inch TFT capacitive touch screen having 240×240 resolution, 1GHz low power MCU, 4GB on-board storage, 512MB RAM, built-in microphone, 290mAh battery and a Android 4.1 Jelly Bean support. The device is compatible with both iOS and Android interface.

    YiFang also announced that the smartwatch will be compatible with third party social apps like Facebook and Twitter and even fitness apps. The smartwatch will also connect to NextONE companion app that makes use of the built-in pedometer to track your fitness regime.

    An additional difference between NextONE and Pebble is that NextONE can act as a standalone device or can be paired with your smartphone whereas Pebble will only display time if it is unpaired. The watch would come preloaded with apps like recorder, calculator, calendar, clock and file manager. Let see how sooner we get the first glimpses of the smartwatch.


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