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Steps to install watch faces on Pebble smartwatch

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Pebble has been one of the most successful smartwatch projects as on date! Managing the pace with other smartwatch competitors, Pebble has constantly brought new surprises for its users like the recent Pebble Steel and the Pebble App Store. With watchfaces, you can manage quick access to information like weather, fitness apps and calendar. Here are the few steps to install watch faces on your Pebble smartwatch both for Android and iOS.


Get your Pebble watchfaces on Android by searching for Pebble Apps on Google Play and the app for iOS is named as MyPebbleFaces. Moreover, you can also get the Pebble watchfaces at mypebblefaces.com, pebblebarn.com and Pebble Forums.

Watchface installation on Android


In the watch apps section, install watch faces via the Pebble App for Android. In the drop down menu ether watch apps and touch on the Get Watch Apps. You will enter the most popular watch faces for your device and tap on the one which you want to install.

In case if your watch file is installed from any third party provider, move to download file. If your Pebble smartwatch is already connected and the Pebble App is open, your watch face will be automatically installed via the Pebble app. If a direct link to install is there, just tap the link and it will automatically navigate Pebble app to allow installation. You might be asked for an authentication to allow installation from third party sources.

Watchface installation on iPhone

Installation process for the iPhone is quite similar to that of Android. On finding a watchface tap the link, and you will be prompted to Open in Pebble. One opened, it will install the watchface. In the Watch Apps section, you will find the list of all the watchfaces installed.

View your installed Watchfaces


Scroll through your installed watchfaces through the up-down button on the right side. Watch apps can be found in the main menu by pressing the middle button on the right side. A list of watchapps will be available here.

Enjoy the watchfaces with Pebble and even create your own watchface through your imagination.


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