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The new Apple iWatch concept is out

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Just we saw that LG has been confirmed for the production of initial 2million iWatch units, but designers across the globe are still trying on their imaginations with new concepts on the Apple iWatch. A California based designer-Todd Hamilton has worked on a sleeker and elegant design and taking inspiration from the fitness band concept, he has put forward his own concept for the iWatch.


The concept watch from Hamilton is just a circular band that can be put on the wrist and will have a circular touchscreen. The lockscreen comes in a basic black-white format which would display date and time as well and would also a button besides to activate the voice assistant Siri.

iWatch concept

The interface mimics the functionality of iPhone and iPad which means that it would swipe up to unlock, swipe down to check notifications and a double touch to open Siri. The watch is also believed to have some physical buttons for volume control as well as to navigate to the lockscreen.

Check out this video to know more:

iWatch concept 4

iWatch concept 3 iWatch concept 2

In the interview, here is what Todd Hamilton had to say further “One of the challenges I ran into was what to do about tabs.’ The iPhone and iPad has tabs across the bottom of the screen. A normal tab view across the bottom wasn’t going to work so I came up with a simple drop down control in the title bar, Tapping this would display a popover menu showing the other available pages. I also purposely left out several of the controls like Edit and Add Contact. On a device this small I think it makes more sense to manage apps, contacts, and media from a synced iPhone or Mac.”




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