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Hyetis Crossbrow smartwatch to arrive in February.

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Swiss watch makers are already known across the world for sheer elegance, finesse, class and their style quotient. Bring all these features to the smart world, it is soon that we get to see the Hyetis Crossbrow smartwatch in February. This Swiss watch comes with some amazing features that clubs the automatic analog movement with next gen smartwatch technology, and will even have biosensors. Let us take a look at its specs.


Hyetis Crossbrow comes with a high definition LCD dial and a crystal clear touch screen. A new thing that is observed is that the smartwatch screen will have an anti-reflective treatment. Further, the watch offers a 41MP camera with optical zoom and noise cancelling microphones for shooting movies.


The device consists of completely new sensors like altimeter to measure altitude, thermometer to measure temperature and hygrometer to measure humidity. It also consists of a light meter and new “biometric sensors” that help us to track the physical activity. Additionally, the smartwatch has a depth gauge for scuba diving with a 15,000 meters rating.


The Hyetis Crossbrow will offer connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi and NFC. The smartwatch will function with twin batteries that are integrated into the band mechanism. The battery is quite powerful offering 48 hours of seamless operation. The best news is that it will be compatible with all OS-iOS, Android and windows. The device will be available from February 11 with a price tag of $1200.

Take a look at its video to know the device more closely.



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