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Pebble invites API Developers

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Just few days back, at the CES 2014 expo, Pebble officially declared its app store along with the Pebble steel. Now, the company seems to have started the work on a faster pace and is making every attempt to invite API Developers for its app store applications. ProgrammableWeb made a recent talk with Thomas Sarlandie, Developer Evangelist at Pebble regarding how API developers will play their role and contribute to the app store, deciding the company’s future.

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Here is what Sarlandie had to say.

“In general, our SDK and APIs are global to anyone at our developer website,” Sarlandie told ProgrammableWeb. “Anyone can build an integration, but for companies like Yelp and Foursquare we do give them a little more attention… we want them to also be a source of inspiration for developers. The amazing Pebble community already had an unofficial appstore, but the new official Pebble appstore will be a part of every user’s experience with Pebble. We will be focusing on supporting independent developers and looking at how they can build a strong user interface on Pebble. The goal is always to show end users what they can do with Pebble.”

Initially there will not be any paid apps on the app store. Sarlandie even encouraged third party developers to share their ideas to smartwatch lovers. On this, he further said “Right now we don’t support payment in the appstore, but we are considering it in the future. In the meantime, in the new Pebble appstore, developers can link to their companion iOS or Android apps in the iTunes and Google Play appstores. This gives them some publicity to their paid app on those platforms. Developers can also sell Pebble watches on their own website and we offer an interesting affiliate commission model for them.”

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Pebble app store is expected to go online this month end. Let’s see whether it gets the same appreciation and response like the Pebble smartwatch.


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